Marietta Wild Burro Range National Park

Park Description

The Marietta townsite and borax works are largely on private lands. Visitors wishing to visit these locations should identify landowner and obtain permission before entry. Marietta is the nation's first formally recognized Wild Burro Range. The 68,000-acre site is home to about 85 burros. During the late 1800's, miners used burros as pack animals while prospecting for gold and silver in the Marietta Mining District. Some of these animals escaped or were released into the desert area surrounding Teels Marsh. The descendants of those burros now roam freely near the ruins of the historic Nevada mining town of Marietta, and through the marshlands. The Marietta herd is unique in Nevada, since this is one of the most northern burro populations of any size. Also, the animals themselves are larger than those encountered in areas to the south. In addition to up-close burro viewing, the range also offers opportunities for historical interpretation. The town of Marietta, which flourished when borax was in high demand, is now mostly old foundations and stone walls.

Park Address

Carson City District Office 5665 Morgan Mill Road

Carson City, NV, 89701

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