Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Park

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Park Description

Along windswept beaches and cliffs, visitors experience where water meets land and sky, culture meets culture, and past meets present. The 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland host a unique blend of cultural and natural resources. Lighthouses shine over Lake Superior and the new wilderness areas. Visitors can hike, paddle, sail, or cruise to experience these Jewels of Lake Superior.

Park Address

415 Washington Ave

Bayfield, WI, 54814

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Species in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Park by Category

Here you can look up all the species found in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Park. Start by picking a category. From there you can see how many species have either the common name beggining with each letter or scientific name. It's a good place to start if you're looking for what kind of species are invasive to the park, or perhaps how common or rare a species is for that area.

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American marten Martes americana Present Native Rare
American Beaver, Beaver, Canadian Beaver Castor canadensis Present Native Common
Arctic Shrew, black-backed shrew, saddle-back shrew Sorex arcticus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Blackcat, Fisher, Pekan Martes pennanti Present Native Unknown
Bonaparte Weasel, Bonaparte's Weasel, Ermine, Short-tailed Weasel Mustela erminea Present Native Unknown
Black Bear Ursus americanus Present Native Common
big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus Present Native Unknown
Boreal Redback Vole, Red-backed Mouse, Red-backed Vole, Southern Red-backed Vole, White-Mountain Red-backed Mouse Clethrionomys gapperi Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
coyote Canis latrans Present Native Common
Common Muskrat, Muskrat, Musquash, Water Rat Ondatra zibethicus Present Native Unknown
Chickaree, Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern red bat Lasiurus borealis Present Native Unknown
Eastern Pipistrelle, Northern Georgian Bat Pipistrellus subflavus Probably Present Native - -
eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus Probably Present Native - -
eastern gray squirrel Sciurus carolinensis Probably Present Native - -
eastern chipmunk Tamias striatus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus Present Native Unknown
Hedgehog, Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum Present Native Unknown
house mouse Mus musculus Probably Present Non-native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata Present Native Unknown
little brown bat Myotis lucifugus Present Native Unknown
Least Chipmunk Tamias minimus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Moose Alces alces Present Native Occasional
mink Mustela vison Present Native Common
meadow jumping mouse Zapus hudsonius Present Native Uncommon
meadow vole Microtus pennsylvanicus Present Native Common
Mearns Flying Squirrel, Northern Flying Squirrel Glaucomys sabrinus Present Native Uncommon
Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern bat Myotis septentrionalis Present Native Unknown
Norway rat Rattus norvegicus Probably Present Non-native - -
northern short-tailed shrew Blarina brevicauda Present Native Unknown
Northern Water Shrew, Water Shrew, White-lipped Water Shrew Sorex palustris Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Otter, River Otter Lutra canadensis Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
pygmy shrew Sorex hoyi Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red fox Vulpes vulpes Present Native Common
raccoon Procyon lotor Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
striped skunk Mephitis mephitis Present Native Unknown
silver-haired bat Lasionycteris noctivagans Present Native Unknown
Snowshoe Hare, Varying Hare Lepus americanus Present Native Common
southern bog lemming Synaptomys cooperi Probably Present Native - -
Star-nosed Mole Condylura cristata Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
thirteen-lined ground squirrel Spermophilus tridecemlineatus Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Present Native Unknown
Woodland Jumping Mouse Napaeozapus insignis Probably Present Native - -
woodland deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus gracilis Present Native Common
woodchuck Marmota monax Unconfirmed Native - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Present Native Occasional
American Rough-legged Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk Buteo lagopus Present Native Unknown
American Pintail, Northern Pintail, Pintail Anas acuta Present Native Unknown
American Wigeon, Baldpate Anas americana Present Native Unknown
American Black Duck, Black Duck, Common Black Duck, Red-legged Black Duck Anas rubripes Present Native Unknown
American Golden-eye, Common Goldeneye Bucephala clangula Present Native Unknown
American Merganser, Common Merganser Mergus merganser Present Native Unknown
American Golden Plover, American Golden-Plover, Eastern American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica Present Unknown Unknown
American Black Tern, Black Tern Chlidonias niger Present Native Unknown
American Herring Gull, Herring Gull Larus argentatus Present Native Unknown
American Knot, Knot, Red Knot Calidris canutus Present Unknown Unknown
american woodcock Scolopax minor Present Native Unknown
American Peregrine Falcon, Duck Hawk, Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Present Native Unknown
american kestrel Falco sparverius Present Native Unknown
American Coot, Northern American Coot Fulica americana Present Native Unknown
american crow Corvus brachyrhynchos Present Native Unknown
american tree sparrow Spizella arborea Present Native Unknown
american goldfinch Carduelis tristis Present Native Unknown
American Pipit, American Water Pipit, Water Pipit Anthus rubescens Present Unknown Rare
Acadian Boreal Chickadee Poecile hudsonicus Present Native Unknown
american redstart Setophaga ruticilla Present Native Unknown
american robin Turdus migratorius Present Native Unknown
alder flycatcher Empidonax alnorum Present Native Unknown
Arkansas Kingbird, Western Kingbird Tyrannus verticalis Present Unknown Occasional
American Bittern Botaurus lentiginosus Present Native Unknown
American White Pelican, White Pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Present Unknown Unknown
Arctic Three-toed Woodpecker, Black-backed Three-toed Woodpecker, Black-backed Woodpecker Picoides arcticus Present Native Unknown
American Three-toed Woodpecker Picoides dorsalis Present Unknown Unknown
American Long-eared Owl, Long-eared Owl Asio otus Present Unknown Unknown
American Great Gray Owl, Great Gray Owl Strix nebulosa Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
broad-winged hawk Buteo platypterus Present Native Common
Bald Eagle, Northern Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus Present Native Unknown
Blue-winged Teal Anas discors Present Native Unknown
Bufflehead, Buffle-head Bucephala albeola Present Native Unknown
Barrow's Goldeneye Bucephala islandica Probably Present Unknown - -
Blue Goose, Snow Goose Chen caerulescens Present Native Unknown
Black-bellied Plover Pluvialis squatarola Present Native Unknown
Bonaparte's Gull Larus philadelphia Present Native Unknown
Bartramian Sandpiper, Upland Plover, Upland Sandpiper Bartramia longicauda Present Native Unknown
Baird's Sandpiper Calidris bairdii Present Unknown Unknown
Buff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis Present Unknown Unknown
Belted Kingfisher, Eastern Belted Kingfisher Ceryle alcyon Present Native Unknown
Black-billed Cuckoo Coccyzus erythropthalmus Present Native Unknown
Bohemian Waxwing, Greater Waxwing Bombycilla garrulus Present Unknown Unknown
Brown Creeper Certhia americana Present Native Unknown
blue jay Cyanocitta cristata Present Native Unknown
barn swallow Hirundo rustica Present Native Unknown
Bank Swallow, Common Bank Swallow Riparia riparia Present Native Unknown
Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus Present Native Unknown
Brewer's Blackbird Euphagus cyanocephalus Present Native Unknown
baltimore oriole Icterus galbula Present Native Unknown
brown-headed cowbird Molothrus ater Present Non-native Unknown
brown thrasher Toxostoma rufum Present Native Unknown
Black-capped Chickadee Poecile atricapillus Present Native Abundant
black-throated blue warbler Dendroica caerulescens Present Native Unknown
bay-breasted warbler Dendroica castanea Present Native Unknown
blackburnian warbler Dendroica fusca Present Native Unknown
blackpoll warbler Dendroica striata Present Native Unknown
black-throated green warbler Dendroica virens Present Native Unknown
black-and-white warbler Mniotilta varia Present Native Unknown
Blue-headed Vireo Vireo solitarius Present Native Unknown
Black-crowned Night Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron Nycticorax nycticorax Present Unknown Unknown
barred owl Strix varia Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
cooper's hawk Accipiter cooperii Present Native Unknown
Common Mallard, Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Present Native Unknown
Canvasback Aythya valisineria Present Native Unknown
Canada Goose, Eastern Canada Goose Branta canadensis Present Native Unknown
chimney swift Chaetura pelagica Present Native Unknown
common nighthawk Chordeiles minor Present Native Unknown
Caspian Tern Sterna caspia Present Native Unknown
Common Tern, Northern Common Tern Sterna hirundo Present Native Unknown
Canada Ruffed Grouse, Partridge, Ruffed Grouse, Timber Grouse Bonasa umbellus Present Native Unknown
Common Loon, Greater Common Loon Gavia immer Present Native Unknown
cedar waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum Present Native Unknown
Common Raven, Northern Raven, Raven Corvus corax Present Native Unknown
Canada Gray Jay, Canada Jay, Gray Jay Perisoreus canadensis Present Native Unknown
Common Lapland Longspur, Lapland Longspur Calcarius lapponicus Present Native Unknown
Chestnut-collared Longspur Calcarius ornatus Present Unknown Unknown
Clay-colored Sparrow Spizella pallida Present Native Unknown
chipping sparrow Spizella passerina Present Native Unknown
Common Redpoll, Greater Redpoll, Mealy Redpoll Carduelis flammea Present Native Unknown
Canadian Pine Grosbeak, Newfoundland Pine Grosbeak, Pine Grosbeak Pinicola enucleator Present Native Unknown
Cliff Swallow, Eastern Cliff Swallow, Eave Swallow, Northern Cliff Swallow Petrochelidon pyrrhonota Present Native Unknown
common grackle Quiscalus quiscula Present Native Unknown
chestnut-sided warbler Dendroica pensylvanica Present Native Unknown
cape may warbler Dendroica tigrina Present Native Unknown
common yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas Present Native Unknown
connecticut warbler Oporornis agilis Present Native Unknown
canada warbler Wilsonia canadensis Present Native Unknown
Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Not In Park Non-native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Dunlin, Red-backed Dunlin, Red-backed Sandpiper Calidris alpina Present Native Unknown
Dowitchers Limnodromus - - - - - -
dark-eyed junco Junco hyemalis Present Native Unknown
downy woodpecker Picoides pubescens Present Native Common
Double-crested Cormorant, Northern Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern Goshawk, Goshawk, Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis Present Native Unknown
Eastern White-winged Scoter, White-winged Coot, White-winged Scoter Melanitta fusca Probably Present Unknown - -
Eastern Piping Plover, Piping Plover Charadrius melodus Present Native Unknown
Eastern Iceland Gull, Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides Unconfirmed - - - -
Eastern Willet, Willet Catoptrophorus semipalmatus Present Unknown Unknown
Eastern Dowitcher, Short-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus griseus Present Native Unknown
Eastern Solitary Sandpiper, Solitary Sandpiper Tringa solitaria Present Native Unknown
Eastern Pigeon Hawk, Merlin, Pigeon Hawk Falco columbarius Present Native Unknown
Eastern Lark Sparrow, Lark Sparrow Chondestes grammacus Present Unknown Occasional
Eastern Savannah Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis Present Native Unknown
Eastern Towhee Pipilo erythrophthalmus Present Native Unknown
Eastern Snow Bunting, Snow Bunting, Snowflake Plectrophenax nivalis Present Native Unknown
Eastern Vesper Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow Pooecetes gramineus Present Native Unknown
evening grosbeak Coccothraustes vespertinus Present Native Unknown
eastern meadowlark Sturnella magna Present Native Unknown
european starling Sturnus vulgaris Present Non-native Unknown
eastern bluebird Sialia sialis Present Native Unknown
eastern wood-pewee Contopus virens Present Native Unknown
eastern phoebe Sayornis phoebe Present Native Unknown
eastern kingbird Tyrannus tyrannus Present Native Unknown
Eastern Green Heron, Green heron, Green-backed Heron Butorides virescens Present Native Uncommon
Eastern Screech-Owl, Screech Owl Otus asio Probably Present Unknown - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Ferruginous Hawk Buteo regalis Present Native Unknown
Franklin's Gull Larus pipixcan Present Unknown Unknown
Forster's Tern Sterna forsteri Present Native Unknown
Fox Sparrow Passerella iliaca Present Native Unknown
field sparrow Spizella pusilla Present Unknown Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Green-winged Teal Anas crecca Present Native Unknown
Gadwall Anas strepera Present Native Unknown
Greater Scaup, Greater Scaup Duck Aythya marila Present Native Unknown
Greater Yellowlegs, Greater Yellow-legs Tringa melanoleuca Present Native Unknown
grasshopper sparrow Ammodramus savannarum Present Unknown Unknown
Great Gray Shrike, Northern Shrike Lanius excubitor Probably Present Native - -
gray catbird Dumetella carolinensis Present Native Unknown
golden-winged warbler Vermivora chrysoptera Present Native Unknown
golden-crowned kinglet Regulus satrapa Present Native Unknown
gray-cheeked thrush Catharus minimus Present Native Unknown
great crested flycatcher Myiarchus crinitus Present Native Unknown
Great Blue Heron, Northern Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Present Native Unknown
Great Egret Casmerodius albus Present Unknown Unknown
great horned owl Bubo virginianus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus Present Native Unknown
Hudsonian Godwit Limosa haemastica Present Unknown Unknown
Hudsonian Curlew, Hudsonian Whimbrel, Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus Present Unknown Unknown
horned lark Eremophila alpestris Present Native Unknown
Henslow's sparrow Ammodramus henslowii Present Unknown Unknown
Harris' Sparrow, Harris's Sparrow Zonotrichia querula Present Native Unknown
house finch Carpodacus mexicanus Present Non-native Unknown
hooded warbler Wilsonia citrina Present Unknown Occasional
house sparrow Passer domesticus Present Non-native Rare
house wren Troglodytes aedon Present Native Unknown
hermit thrush Catharus guttatus Present Native Common
hairy woodpecker Picoides villosus Present Native Unknown
Horned Grebe Podiceps auritus Present Native Unknown
Holboell's Grebe, Holboell's Red-necked Grebe, Red-necked Grebe Podiceps grisegena Present Unknown Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
indigo bunting Passerina cyanea Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Killdeer, Northern Killdeer Charadrius vociferus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Lesser Scaup, Lesser Scaup Duck Aythya affinis Present Native Unknown
Long-tailed Duck, Old Squaw, Oldsquaw Clangula hyemalis Present Unknown Unknown
Least Sandpiper Calidris minutilla Present Native Unknown
Long-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus scolopaceus Present Native Uncommon
Lesser Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellow-legs Tringa flavipes Present Native Unknown
Le Conte's Sparrow, LeConte's Sparrow Ammodramus leconteii Present Native Unknown
Lincoln's Sparrow, Northern Lincoln's Sparrow Melospiza lincolnii Present Native Unknown
loggerhead shrike Lanius ludovicianus Present Unknown Occasional
Long-billed Marsh Wren, Marsh Wren, Prairie Marsh Wren Cistothorus palustris Present Native Unknown
least flycatcher Empidonax minimus Present Native Unknown
Least Bittern, Eastern Least Bittern Ixobrychus exilis Present Unknown Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Mute Swan Cygnus olor Not In Park Non-native - -
Marbled godwit Limosa fedoa Present Unknown Unknown
mourning dove Zenaida macroura Present Native Unknown
magnolia warbler Dendroica magnolia Present Native Unknown
mourning warbler Oporornis philadelphia Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern harrier Circus cyaneus Present Native Unknown
Northern shoveler, Shoveller Anas clypeata Present Native Unknown
Northern Ruddy Duck, Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis Probably Present Unknown - -
Northern Phalarope, Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus Unconfirmed - - - -
Northern Virginia Rail, Virginia Rail Rallus limicola Present Native Unknown
northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Present Unknown Rare
northern rough-winged swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis Present Native Unknown
northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Present Unknown Unknown
northern parula Parula americana Present Native Unknown
Northern Waterthrush, Northern Water-Thrush Seiurus noveboracensis Present Native Unknown
nashville warbler Vermivora ruficapilla Present Native Unknown
northern flicker Colaptes auratus Present Native Unknown
Northern Saw-whet Owl Aegolius acadicus Present Native Unknown
Northern Short-eared Owl, Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus Probably Present Unknown - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
osprey Pandion haliaetus Present Native Unknown
Ovenbird Seiurus aurocapilla Present Native Abundant
orange-crowned warbler Vermivora celata Present Native Unknown
Olive-sided Flycatcher Contopus borealis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos Present Unknown Unknown
Pine siskin Carduelis pinus Present Native Unknown
purple finch Carpodacus purpureus Present Native Unknown
purple martin Progne subis Present Native Unknown
palm warbler Dendroica palmarum Present Native Unknown
pine warbler Dendroica pinus Present Native Unknown
Philadelphia vireo Vireo philadelphicus Present Native Unknown
Pileated Woodpecker Dryocopus pileatus Present Native Unknown
Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red-tailed hawk Buteo jamaicensis Present Native Unknown
red-shouldered hawk Buteo lineatus Present Native Unknown
Redhead Aythya americana Present Native Unknown
Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris Present Native Unknown
Red-breasted Merganser Mergus serrator Present Native Unknown
ruby-throated hummingbird Archilochus colubris Present Native Unknown
Ringed Plover, Semipalmated Plover, Semipalmated Ringed Plover Charadrius semipalmatus Present Native Unknown
Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis Present Native Unknown
Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres Present Unknown Unknown
rock dove Columba livia Present Non-native Unknown
Red-throated Loon Gavia stellata Present Native Unknown
rose-breasted grosbeak Pheucticus ludovicianus Present Native Unknown
Red Crossbill Loxia curvirostra Present Native Unknown
red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus Present Native Unknown
rusty blackbird Euphagus carolinus Present Native Unknown
ruby-crowned kinglet Regulus calendula Present Native Unknown
red-breasted nuthatch Sitta canadensis Present Native Unknown
red-eyed vireo Vireo olivaceus Present Native Unknown
red-bellied woodpecker Melanerpes carolinus Present Native Occasional
red-headed woodpecker Melanerpes erythrocephalus Present Unknown Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
sharp-shinned hawk Accipiter striatus Present Native Unknown
Swainson's Hawk Buteo swainsoni Probably Present Unknown - -
Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularia Present Native Unknown
Sanderling Calidris alba Present Native Unknown
Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla Present Native Unknown
Sandhill Crane Grus canadensis Present Native Unknown
Sora Rail, Sora Porzana carolina Present Native Unknown
swamp sparrow Melospiza georgiana Present Native Unknown
song sparrow Melospiza melodia Present Native Unknown
scarlet tanager Piranga olivacea Present Native Unknown
Sedge Wren, Short-billed Marsh Wren, Short-billed Sedge Wren Cistothorus platensis Present Native Unknown
swainson's thrush Catharus ustulatus Present Native Unknown
Snowy Owl Nyctea scandiaca Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
turkey vulture Cathartes aura Present Native Unknown
Tundra Swan, Whistling Swan Cygnus columbianus Present Native Unknown
Tree Swallow Tachycineta bicolor Present Native Unknown
tennessee warbler Vermivora peregrina Present Native Unknown
Townsend's Solitaire Myadestes townsendi Present Unknown Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
veery Catharus fuscescens Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Wood Duck Aix sponsa Present Native Unknown
white-winged scoter Melanitta deglandi Probably Present Unknown - -
whip-poor-will Caprimulgus vociferus Present Native Unknown
White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis Present Unknown Unknown
Western Sandpiper Calidris mauri Present Unknown Unknown
Wilson's Snipe Gallinago delicata Present Native Unknown
Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor Present Unknown Unknown
white-throated sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis Present Native Unknown
white-crowned sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys Present Native Unknown
White-winged Crossbill Loxia leucoptera Present Native Unknown
Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta Present Unknown Occasional
wilson's warbler Wilsonia pusilla Present Native Unknown
white-breasted nuthatch Sitta carolinensis Present Native Unknown
winter wren Troglodytes troglodytes Present Native Unknown
wood thrush Hylocichla mustelina Present Native Uncommon
willow flycatcher Empidonax traillii Present Unknown Unknown
warbling vireo Vireo gilvus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
yellow-billed cuckoo Coccyzus americanus Present Unknown Unknown
Yellow-headed Blackbirds Xanthocephalus - - - - - -
Yellow-headed Blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus Present Native Unknown
yellow-rumped warbler Dendroica coronata Present Native Unknown
yellow warbler Dendroica petechia Present Native Unknown
Yellowthroats Geothlypis - - - - - -
yellow-bellied flycatcher Empidonax flaviventris Present Native Unknown
yellow-throated vireo Vireo flavifrons Present Native Unknown
yellow-bellied sapsucker Sphyrapicus varius Present Native Unknown

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Common Snapping Turtle Chelydra serpentina serpentina Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Northern Ringneck Snake Diadophis punctatus edwardsii Present Native Uncommon
Northern Red-bellied Snake Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
smooth green snake Opheodrys vernalis Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Western Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta bellii Present Native Common
Wood Turtle Clemmys insculpta Unconfirmed - - - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Boreal Chorus Frog Pseudacris maculata Present Native Unknown
bullfrog Rana catesbeiana Probably Present Native - -
Blue-spotted Salamander Ambystoma laterale Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Cope's gray treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis Probably Present Native - -
Common Frog, Leopard Frog, Meadow Frog, Northern Leopard Frog Rana pipiens Present Native Unknown
Common Mudpuppy Necturus maculosus maculosus Probably Present Native - -
Central Newt Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern American Toad Bufo americanus americanus Present Native Common
Eastern Red-backed Salamander, Northern Redback Salamander, Red-backed Salamander Plethodon cinereus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
FROG, GREEN Rana clamitans melanota Present Native Unknown
Four-toed Salamander Hemidactylium scutatum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Gray Treefrog, Rain Toad, Tree Toad Hyla versicolor Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Mink Frog Rana septentrionalis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Northern Spring Peeper Pseudacris crucifer crucifer Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
pickerel frog Rana palustris Unconfirmed - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
spotted salamander Ambystoma maculatum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
western chorus frog Pseudacris triseriata Present Native Unknown
wood frog Rana sylvatica Present Native Unknown

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Burbot, Eelpout Lota lota Present Native Unknown
brook stickleback Culaea inconstans Present Native Unknown
Brook Stickleback, Threespine Stickleback, Three-spined Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus Present Native Unknown
bloater Coregonus hoyi Present Native Unknown
Brown Trout, Loch Leven Brown Trout, Scotch Sea-trout Salmo trutta Present Non-native Unknown
Brook Trout, Native Brook Trout Salvelinus fontinalis Present Native Rare
black bullhead Ameiurus melas Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Common Sucker, White Sucker Catostomus commersoni Present Native Unknown
common carp Cyprinus carpio Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Common Shiner Luxilus cornutus Present Native Unknown
creek chub Semotilus atromaculatus Present Native Unknown
Common Smelt, Rainbow Smelt, Smelt Osmerus mordax Present Non-native Unknown
cisco, lake herring Coregonus artedii Present Native Unknown
Coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch Present Non-native Unknown
Chinook salmon, King salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Present Non-native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
deepwater sculpin Myoxocephalus thompsonii Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
emerald shiner Notropis atherinoides Present Native Unknown
eastern blacknose dace Rhinichthys atratulus Present Native Unknown
Eurasian ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuus Present Non-native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
fish, SHINER, SPOTTAIL Notropis hudsonius Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Great Lakes Whitefish, Lake Whitefish Coregonus clupeaformis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
johnny darter Etheostoma nigrum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
kiyi Coregonus kiyi Present Native Unknown
Kamloops Trout, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead Trout, Steel-head Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens Present Native Unknown
longnose sucker Catostomus catostomus Present Native Unknown
lake chub Couesius plumbeus Present Native Unknown
longnose dace Rhinichthys cataractae Present Native Unknown
logperch Percina caprodes Probably Present Native - -
lake lamprey, sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus Present Non-native Unknown
longjaw cisco, shortjaw cisco Coregonus zenithicus Present Native Rare
Lake Trout, Togue Salvelinus namaycush Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mottled sculpin Cottus bairdii Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Northern pike Esox lucius Present Native Unknown
Ninespine Stickleback, Ninespined Stickleback Pungitius pungitius Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Pygmy whitefish Prosopium coulterii Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
rock bass Ambloplites rupestris Probably Present Native - -
Round whitefish Prosopium cylindraceum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
suckers Catostomidae - - - - - -
Small Mouthed Black-bass, Smallmouth Bass, Small-mouthed Bass Micropterus dolomieu Present Native Unknown
silver lamprey Ichthyomyzon unicuspis Not In Park Native - -
Slimy sculpin Cottus cognatus Present Native Unknown
spoonhead sculpin Cottus ricei Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
trout-perch Percopsis omiscomaycus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
walleye Stizostedion vitreum vitreum Present Native Unknown
whitefishes Coregonus - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Yellow Perch Perca flavescens Present Native Unknown

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American water plantain, southern water plantain, waterplaintain Alisma subcordatum Probably Present Native - -
arumleaf arrowhead, arum-leaf arrowhead, nothern arrowhead, wapato Sagittaria cuneata Probably Present Native - -
asparagus Asparagus officinalis Present Non-native Uncommon
Arethusa, Swamp Pink Arethusa bulbosa Present Native Uncommon
annual ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia Present Native Rare
absinth wormwood Artemisia absinthium Not In Park Non-native - -
arrow butterbur, arrowleaf sweet coltsfoot, arrow-leaf sweet-colt's-foot Petasites sagittatus Probably Present Native - -
American yellowrocket, erectpod wintercress, wintercress Barbarea orthoceras Probably Present Non-native - -
American bugseed Corispermum americanum Present Native Uncommon
American Yew Taxus canadensis Present Native Uncommon
American cranberrybush, mooseberry Viburnum opulus var. americanum Present Non-native Rare
arrowwood viburnum Viburnum rafinesquianum Present Native Rare
American Fly Honeysuckle Lonicera canadensis Present Native Common
American twinflower, northern twinflower, twinflower Linnaea borealis Present Native Common
American hogpeanut Amphicarpaea bracteata Not In Park Native - -
Alfalfa, Lucerne Medicago sativa Present Non-native Uncommon
Alsike, Alsatian Clover Trifolium hybridum Present Non-native Common
American deervetch, American purple vetch, American vetch Vicia americana Present Native Uncommon
American hazelnut Corylus americana Present Native Unknown
American spurred gentian, spurred-gentian Halenia deflexa Present Native Uncommon
American dragonhead Dracocephalum parviflorum Present Non-native Rare
American squawroot Conopholis americana Present Native Uncommon
Allegheny monkey-flower Mimulus ringens Present Native Rare
American speedwell, brooklime Veronica americana Present Native Uncommon
Alpine Clubmoss Huperzia appalachiana Present Native Unknown
autumn willow Salix serissima Present Native Uncommon
American basswood Tilia americana Present Native Uncommon
American waterlily, American white waterlily, white waterlily Nymphaea odorata Present Native Uncommon
Adder's Tongue Ophioglossum pusillum Present Native Rare
Awl Sedge Carex stipata Present Native Common
American Great Bulrush Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Present Native Uncommon
Alpine Cotton-grass Trichophorum alpinum Present Native Rare
American sloughgrass, slough grass Beckmannia syzigachne Present Native Rare
awnless brome, smooth brome Bromus inermis Present Non-native Uncommon
annual bluegrass Poa annua Present Non-native Common
Alder Buckthorn Frangula alnus Not In Park Non-native - -
Avens Geum canadense Present Native Uncommon
American plum Prunus americana Present Native Uncommon
American Mountain Ash Sorbus americana Present Native Common
Appalachian barren strawberry Waldsteinia fragarioides Present Native Rare
American elm Ulmus americana Present Native Uncommon
American watermilfoil, shortspike watermilfoil, Siberian water-milfoil Myriophyllum sibiricum Present Native Uncommon
American nightshade Solanum ptychanthum Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
broad waterweed, Canada waterweed, Canadian waterweed Elodea canadensis Present Native Rare
Bigleaf Pondweed Potamogeton amplifolius Present Native Uncommon
baby pondweed, small pondweed Potamogeton pusillus Present Native Uncommon
Bulb-bearing Water Hemlock Cicuta bulbifera Present Native Uncommon
Black Snakeroot, Sanicle Sanicula marilandica Present Native Uncommon
Bristly Sarsaparilla Aralia hispida Present Native Common
Bog Solomonplume, Three-leaved Solomon's Seal Maianthemum trifolium Present Native Common
Broad-lipped Twayblade Listera convallarioides Present Native Uncommon
Blunt-leaved Orchis Platanthera obtusata Present Native Rare
bog orchid Platanthera X media Present Native Rare
biennial sagewort, biennial wormwood Artemisia biennis Present Non-native Rare
beach wormwood, tall wormwood Artemisia campestris var. caudata Present Native Common
Beggar Ticks, Stick-tight Bidens frondosa Present Native Common
Batchelor's Buttons Centaurea cyanus Not In Park Non-native - -
bull thistle Cirsium vulgare Present Non-native Common
burnweed Erechtites hieracifolia Present Native Unknown
bigleaf aster Eurybia macrophylla Present Native Common
blanket flower Gaillardia pulchella Present Non-native Unknown
balsam groundsel Packera paupercula Present Native Uncommon
blackeyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta Present Native Uncommon
blowball, common dandelion, dandelion, faceclock Taraxacum officinale Present Non-native Common
brook lobelia Lobelia kalmii Present Native Uncommon
Buckbean Menyanthes trifoliata Present Native Abundant
bog marshcress, bog yellowcress, common yellowcress, marsh yellowcress, marshcress, yellow watercress Rorippa palustris Present Native Uncommon
big chickweed Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare Present Non-native Common
bouncingbet Saponaria officinalis Present Non-native Uncommon
Balkan catchfly Silene csereii Present Non-native Rare
Bladder Campion Silene vulgaris Present Non-native Uncommon
black bindweed Polygonum convolvulus Present Non-native Uncommon
Bushy Knotweed Polygonum ramosissimum Present Native Uncommon
bitter doc Rumex obtusifolius Present Non-native Common
Bunchberry Cornus canadensis Present Native Common
Bush Honeysuckle Diervilla lonicera Present Native Common
Bog Rosemary Andromeda polifolia var. glaucophylla Present Native Uncommon
Bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Present Native Common
Black Huckleberry Gaylussacia baccata Present Native Common
bog Labrador tea, rusty Labrador tea Ledum groenlandicum Present Native Common
bog wintergreen, liverleaf wintergreen, pink wintergreen Pyrola asarifolia Present Native Occasional
bird's-eye primrose, Mistassini primrose Primula mistassinica Present Native Common
bushy vetchling, veiny pea, veiny peavine Lathyrus venosus Probably Present Native - -
Birdsfoot Trefoil Lotus corniculatus Present Non-native Common
Black Medick Medicago lupulina Present Non-native Uncommon
black locust Robinia pseudoacacia Present Non-native Rare
bog birch Betula pumila var. glandulifera Present Native Rare
Beaked Hazelnut Corylus cornuta Present Native Abundant
Bog Bedstraw Galium labradoricum Probably Present Native - -
bedstraw Galium tinctorium Present Native Common
bedstraw Galium trifidum Present Native Uncommon
Bicknell's Cranesbill Geranium bicknellii Present Native Uncommon
Black Ash Fraxinus nigra Present Native Common
Butter-and-eggs Linaria vulgaris Present Non-native Uncommon
blackseed plantain Plantago rugelii Not In Park Non-native - -
Blue Vervain Verbena hastata Present Native Uncommon
Bluebead Lily Clintonia borealis Present Native Abundant
Butters' clubmoss Huperzia X buttersii Present Native Rare
Bog Clubmoss Lycopodiella inundata Present Native Uncommon
Bristly Clubmoss Lycopodium annotinum Present Native Common
Bristly Clubmoss Lycopodium clavatum Present Native Common
Balsam Poplar Populus balsamifera Present Native Common
blueleaf willow Salix myricoides Present Native Rare
bog willow Salix pedicellaris Present Native Common
Balsam Willow Salix pyrifolia Present Native Common
broadleaf enchanter's nightshade Circaea lutetiana ssp. canadensis Probably Present Native - -
bullhead lily, yellow pond-lily Nuphar luteum Present Native Common
Balsam Fir Abies balsamea Present Native Abundant
Black Spruce Picea mariana Present Native Common
Bebb sedge, Bebb's sedge Carex bebbii Present Native Rare
brownish sedge Carex brunnescens Present Native Common
Brown Sedge Carex buxbaumii Present Native Rare
bristleleaf sedge, bristle-leaf sedge Carex eburnea Present Native Rare
Bladder Sedge Carex intumescens Present Native Common
Bristle-stalked Sedge Carex leptalea Present Native Uncommon
Beaded Broom Sedge Carex projecta Present Native Common
beaked sedge Carex rostrata Present Native Uncommon
bald spikerush, bald spike-rush, spikesedge Eleocharis erythropoda Present Native Unknown
blunt spike-rush Eleocharis obtusa Present Native Uncommon
Brown Beak-rush Rhynchospora fusca Present Native Uncommon
blackgirdle bulrush Scirpus atrocinctus Present Native Uncommon
Beach Rush Juncus pelocarpus Present Native Uncommon
Beachgrass Ammophila breviligulata Present Native Common
bearded shorthusk Brachyelytrum erectum Present Native Uncommon
Barnyard Grass Echinochloa crus-galli Present Non-native Unknown
Bearded Wheatgrass Elymus trachycaulus Present Native Uncommon
Bur Reed Sparganium erectum Present Native Unknown
broadfruit burreed, broadfruit bur-reed, broad-fruit burr-reed, giant burreed Sparganium eurycarpum Present Native Uncommon
Bur Reed Sparganium fluctuans Present Native Unknown
broadleaf cattail Typha latifolia Present Native Common
bracken fern Pteridium aquilinum var. latiusculum Present Native Common
bulblet bladderfern Cystopteris bulbifera Present Native Rare
bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis Not In Park Native - -
bristly buttercup Ranunculus hispidus Present Native Common
bristly buttercup, bristly crowfoot Ranunculus pensylvanicus Present Native Common
blisterwort Ranunculus recurvatus Present Native Common
black hawthorn, river hawthorn Crataegus douglasii Present Non-native Rare
bristly dewberry Rubus hispidus Present Native Uncommon
bridal wreath Spiraea vanhouttei Present Non-native Rare
bastard toadflax Comandra umbellata Present Native Common
boxelder Acer negundo Present Native Uncommon
black currant, northern black currant Ribes hudsonianum Present Native Rare
broadleaf water-milfoil, changeleaf parrotfeather, twoleaf watermilfoil, two-leaf water-milfoil Myriophyllum heterophyllum Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
crested arrowhead Sagittaria cristata Probably Present Native - -
Common Arrrowhead Sagittaria latifolia Present Native Uncommon
common duckweed, least duckweed, lesser duckweed Lemna minor Present Native Common
common duckmeat, common duckweed, greater duckweed Spirodela polyrrhiza Present Native Rare
Common Naiad Najas flexilis Present Native Uncommon
Clasping-leaved Pondweed Potamogeton perfoliatus Present Native Rare
Caraway Carum carvi Present Non-native Uncommon
Canadian honewort Cryptotaenia canadensis Present Native Rare
cow parsnip Heracleum lanatum Present Native Uncommon
Clayton's sweetroot Osmorhiza claytonii Present Native Rare
clustered blacksnakeroot Sanicula odorata Probably Present Native - -
calypso orchid Calypso bulbosa Not In Park Native - -
Common Lady's Slipper, Moccasin Flower Cypripedium acaule Present Native Uncommon
Checkered Rattlesnake Plantain Goodyera tesselata Present Native Uncommon
Case's ladies'-tresses, Case's lady's tresses Spiranthes casei Probably Present Non-native - -
common yarrow Achillea millefolium Present Native Common
Cuman ragweed, perennial ragweed, western ragweed Ambrosia psilostachya Present Native Unknown
Common Burdock Arctium minus Present Non-native Uncommon
costmary, costmary chrysanthemum, mint geranium Balsamita major Present Non-native Unknown
Chicory Cichorium intybus Not In Park Non-native - -
Canada Thistle Cirsium arvense Present Non-native Common
Canadian horseweed Conyza canadensis Present Native Common
common boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum Present Native Uncommon
curlycup gumweed, curlytop gumweed, gumweed, rosinweed, tarweed Grindelia squarrosa Not In Park Non-native - -
Canada Hawkweed Hieracium kalmii Present Native Common
Canadian hawkweed, Kalm's hawkweed, narrowleaf hawkweed, narrow-leaf hawkweed, smooth hawkweed Hieracium umbellatum Probably Present Native - -
Canada lettuce Lactuca canadensis Present Native Common
cutleaf coneflower Rudbeckia laciniata Present Native Rare
Common Groundsel Senecio vulgaris Probably Present Non-native - -
Canada Goldenrod Solidago canadensis Present Native Abundant
calico aster Symphyotrichum lateriflorum Present Native Common
common salsify, goat's beard, goatsbeard, meadow goat's-beard, salsifis majeur, salsify, western goat's beard, western salsify, wild oysterplant, yellow goat's beard, yellow salsify Tragopogon dubius Present Non-native Rare
cocklebur Xanthium strumarium Present Non-native Rare
Creeping Bellfloweer Campanula rapunculoides Present Non-native Uncommon
Comfrey Symphytum officinale Present Non-native Unknown
Charlock Sinapis arvensis Present Non-native Unknown
common chickweed, longstem chickweed, nodding chickweed, nodding mouse-ear chickweed Cerastium nutans Present Native Rare
Chickweed Stellaria borealis Present Native Common
Carpetweed Mollugo verticillata Present Native Unknown
Carolina spring-beauty Claytonia caroliniana Present Native Uncommon
curltop ladysthumb, curlytop knotweed, curlytop smartweed, dock-leaf smartweed, nodding smartweed, pale smartweed Polygonum lapathifolium Present Native Uncommon
climbing false-buckwheat Polygonum scandens Present Native Uncommon
common sheep sorrel Rumex acetosella Present Non-native Common
Curly dock Rumex crispus Present Non-native Common
common hornwort, coon's tail, coon's-tail, coontail, hornwort Ceratophyllum demersum Present Native Uncommon
common juniper, dwarf juniper Juniperus communis Present Native Common
Creeping Snowberry Gaultheria hispidula Present Native Common
Canada milkvetch, Canadian milkvetch, Canadian milk-vetch Astragalus canadensis Not In Park Native - -
Crown Vetch Coronilla varia Present Non-native Unknown
Canada tickclover, showy ticktrefoil, showy tick-trefoil Desmodium canadense Not In Park Native - -
Cow Vetch, Tufted Vetch Vicia cracca Present Non-native Rare
Common Milkweed Asclepias syriaca Present Native Uncommon
common periwinkle Vinca minor Present Non-native Unknown
closed bottle gentian Gentiana andrewsii Present Native Rare
closed gentian Gentiana rubricaulis Present Native Unknown
Catnip Nepeta cataria Present Native Uncommon
common selfheal Prunella vulgaris Present Native Common
common butterwort Pinguicula vulgaris Present Native Unknown
Common Bladderwort Utricularia macrorhiza Present Native Uncommon
Common Lilac Syringa vulgaris Present Non-native Unknown
Cowwheat Melampyrum lineare Present Native Common
clammy hedgehyssop, clammy hedge-hyssop, drug hedgehyssop, hedge hyssop, neglected hedgehyssop Gratiola neglecta Not In Park Native - -
Common Plantain Plantago major Present Non-native Common
corn speedwell Veronica arvensis Present Non-native Uncommon
Common Speedwell Veronica officinalis Present Non-native Uncommon
Common Mullein Verbascum thapsus Present Non-native Uncommon
Cypress Spurge Euphorbia cyparissias Present Non-native Uncommon
Common St. Johnswort Hypericum perforatum Present Non-native Common
Common Flax Linum usitatissimum Not In Park Non-native - -
coyote willow, desert willow, narrowleaf willow, sandbar willow Salix exigua Present Non-native Uncommon
Crack Willow Salix fragilis Present Non-native Rare
common blue violet Viola sororia Present Native Uncommon
Common Mallow, Cheeses Malva neglecta Present Non-native Rare
coast willowweed, fringed willowherb Epilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatum Present Native Common
common evening primrose Oenothera biennis Probably Present Native - -
cutleaf grapefern Botrychium dissectum Present Native Rare
Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea Present Native Common
Common Wood Sorrel Oxalis montana Present Native Uncommon
common yellow oxalis Oxalis stricta Present Native Uncommon
- - Carex brachyglossa Present Native Unknown
chestnut sedge Carex castanea Present Native Uncommon
creeping sedge, rope-root sedge Carex chordorrhiza Present Native Rare
Crawford's Sedge Carex crawfordii Present Native Common
Coast Sedge Carex exilis Present Native Unknown
- - Carex lasiocarpa ssp. americana Present Native Common
- - Carex magellanica var. irrigua Present Native Common
Cyperus Sedge Carex pseudocyperus Present Native Rare
common fox sedge Carex vulpinoidea Present Native Uncommon
chufa flatsedge, yellow nutgrass, yellow nutsedge Cyperus esculentus Probably Present Native - -
Creeping Spike-rush Eleocharis palustris Present Native Unknown
Chamisso's cottongrass, Chamisso's cotton-grass, russet cottonsedge Eriophorum chamissonis Present Native Unknown
cotton-grass Eriophorum tenellum Present Native Common
common rush Juncus effusus Present Native Common
common woodrush Luzula multiflora Present Native Rare
Canada Bluejoint Calamagrostis canadensis Present Native Common
Common Hairgrass Deschampsia flexuosa Present Native Common
Canada wildrye Elymus canadensis Present Native Common
Common Darnel, Perennial Ryegrass Lolium perenne Present Non-native Uncommon
Common Reed Phragmites australis Present Native Uncommon
Canada bluegrass Poa compressa Present Non-native Common
Crested Wood Fern Dryopteris cristata Present Native Uncommon
Canada anemone, Canadian anemone Anemone canadensis Present Native Uncommon
Common Buckthorn Rhamnus cathartica Probably Present Non-native - -
Common Shadbush Amelanchier arborea Probably Present Native - -
common cinquefoil Potentilla simplex Present Native Uncommon
Canada Plum Prunus nigra Probably Present Native - -
Choke Cherry Prunus virginiana Present Native Uncommon
Common Blackberry Rubus allegheniensis Present Native Common
Canadian woodnettle Laportea canadensis Present Native Uncommon
Canadian clearweed Pilea pumila Present Native Rare
common pricklyash, common pricky-ash, toothachetree Zanthoxylum americanum Probably Present Native - -
Canadian gooseberry Ribes oxyacanthoides Present Native Unknown
creeping jenny, European bindweed, field bindweed, perennial morningglory, smallflowered morningglory Convolvulus arvensis Present Non-native Unknown
clammy ground-cherry Physalis heterophylla Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Duckweed Lemna trisulca Present Native Rare
dwarf ginseng Panax trifolius Present Native Common
discoid beggarticks, small beggarticks, swamp beggar-ticks Bidens discoidea Probably Present Native - -
Devil's Paintbrush, Orange Hawkweed Hieracium aurantiacum Present Non-native Abundant
Dame's Rocket Hesperis matronalis Not In Park Non-native - -
Dooryard Knotweed Polygonum arenastrum Present Non-native Unknown
Doorweed, Common Knotgrass Polygonum aviculare Present Non-native Uncommon
Doorweed, Common Knotgrass Polygonum buxiforme Probably Present Native - -
dotted smartweed Polygonum punctatum Present Native Uncommon
Dock Rumex longifolius Present Non-native Unknown
dwarf scouringrush Equisetum scirpoides Present Native Uncommon
Dalmation toadflax Linaria dalmatica Probably Present Non-native - -
Dog Violet Viola labradorica Probably Present Native - -
downy yellow violet Viola pubescens Present Native Uncommon
Dwarf Enchanter's Nightshade Circaea alpina Present Native Common
Dwarf Grapefern Botrychium simplex Present Native Rare
Drooping Wood Sedge Carex arctata Present Native Common
Dewey's Sedge Carex deweyana Present Native Common
drooping sedge Carex prasina Present Native Uncommon
dioecious sedge Carex sterilis Present Native Unknown
Dudley rush, Dudley's rush Juncus dudleyi Present Native Uncommon
Dwarf Yellow-eyed Grass Xyris montana Present Native Uncommon
dutchman's breeches Dicentra cucullaria Present Native Rare
devil's darning needles Clematis virginiana Present Native Uncommon
dotted hawthorn Crataegus punctata Present Native Rare
Dwarf Cherry Prunus pumila Present Native Common
Dwarf Raspberry Rubus pubescens Present Native Common
Dewberry Rubus setosus Present Native Common
Dwarf Mistletoe Arceuthobium pusillum Present Native Uncommon
ditch stonecrop, Virginia penthorum Penthorum sedoides Probably Present Native - -
Deadly Nightshade Solanum dulcamara Present Non-native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Early Coralroot Corallorrhiza trifida Present Native Uncommon
eastern daisy fleabane Erigeron annuus Present Native Common
elegant groundsel Packera indecora Present Native Rare
eastern cottonwood, plains cottonwood Populus deltoides ssp. monilifera Present Native Rare
Evening Primrose Oenothera parviflora Present Native Rare
eastern white pine Pinus strobus Present Native Common
Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Present Native Uncommon
Emory's sedge Carex emoryi Present Native Rare
eggbract sedge Carex ovalis Present Non-native Uncommon
Eastern Star Sedge Carex radiata Present Native Unknown
elliptic spike-rush Eleocharis elliptica Present Native Unknown
eastern bottlebrush grass Elymus hystrix Present Native Rare
Evergreen Wood Fern Dryopteris intermedia Present Native Abundant
eastern marsh fern, marsh fern, meadow fern Thelypteris palustris Present Native Uncommon
early woodbuttercup Ranunculus abortivus Present Native Uncommon
early meadow-rue Thalictrum dioicum Present Native Uncommon
European crab apple, European crabapple Malus sylvestris Present Non-native Unknown
Eurasian watermilfoil, Eurasian water-milfoil, spike watermilfoil, spiked water milfoil Myriophyllum spicatum Not In Park Non-native - -
eastern swamp saxifrage Saxifraga pensylvanica Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
flat-stalk pondweed, Fries' pondweed Potamogeton friesii Probably Present Native - -
Floating Pondweed Potamogeton natans Present Native Uncommon
Flatstem Pondweed Potamogeton zosteriformis Present Native Uncommon
False Solomon's Seal Maianthemum racemosum Present Native Uncommon
Frog Orchid Coeloglossum viride var. virescens Present Native Rare
Flat-topped Aster Doellingeria umbellata Present Native Uncommon
Field Hawkweed, King Devil Hieracium caespitosum Present Non-native Uncommon
Fragrant everlasting Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium Probably Present Native - -
Field Sow Thistle Sonchus arvensis Present Non-native Unknown
field sowthistle, field sow-thistle, marsh sowthistle, moist sowthistle, perennial sowthistle, sowthistle Sonchus arvensis ssp. uliginosus Present Non-native Common
Forget-me-not Myosotis arvensis Present Non-native Uncommon
Field Mustard, Rape Brassica rapa Present Non-native Uncommon
flaxweed tansymustard, flixweed, flixweed tansymustard, herb sophia, herb-sophia, pinnate tansymustard, tansymustard Descurainia sophia Not In Park Non-native - -
Field Pennycress Thlaspi arvense Present Non-native Unknown
Field Chickweed Cerastium arvense Present Native Rare
fringed bindweed Polygonum cilinode Present Native Common
field horsetail Equisetum arvense Present Native Common
Ferriss' horsetail Equisetum X ferrissii Present Native Uncommon
Fringed Loosestrife Lysimachia ciliata Present Native Uncommon
flat pea Lathyrus sylvestris Present Non-native Unknown
fragrant bedstraw Galium triflorum Present Native Common
Flat-leaved Bladderwort Utricularia intermedia Present Native Uncommon
Foxglove Digitalis purpurea Present Non-native Uncommon
fan clubmoss Lycopodium digitatum Present Native Uncommon
Flat-branch Groundpine Lycopodium obscurum Present Native Unknown
flat-leaved willow Salix planifolia Present Native Rare
False Heather, Beach Heath Hudsonia tomentosa Present Native Common
fireweed Chamerion angustifolium Present Native Abundant
Fibrous-rooted Sedge Carex communis Present Native Common
Fernald's sedge Carex merritt-fernaldii Present Native Rare
Few-seeded Sedge Carex oligosperma Present Native Uncommon
Few-flowered Sedge Carex pauciflora Present Native Rare
field rush Juncus tenuis Present Native Common
Fly-away Grass Agrostis scabra Present Native Common
Fringed Brome Bromus ciliatus Present Native Uncommon
fowl mannagrass Glyceria striata Present Native Common
Fowl Bluegrass Poa palustris Present Native Common
false melic, false melic grass Schizachne purpurascens Present Native Rare
Fernald's false mannagrass Torreyochloa pallida var. fernaldii Present Native Unknown
False Spiraea Sorbaria sorbifolia Present Non-native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Goutweed Aegopodium podagraria Present Native Unknown
Golden Alexanders Zizia aurea Present Native Rare
Grass Pink Calopogon tuberosus Present Native Uncommon
greater yellow lady's slipper Cypripedium parviflorum var. makasin Present Native Unknown
green-leaved rattlesnake plantain Goodyera oblongifolia Present Native Uncommon
Green Adder's Mouth Malaxis unifolia Present Native Uncommon
Green Wood Orchis Platanthera clavellata Present Native Common
Green Fringed Orchis Platanthera lacera Present Native Uncommon
Grass-leaved Goldenrod Euthamia graminifolia Present Native Common
giant sunflower Helianthus giganteus Present Native Rare
golden ragwort Packera aurea Present Native Rare
giant goldenrod Solidago gigantea Present Native Uncommon
Gray Goldenrod Solidago nemoralis Present Native Uncommon
Garden Forget-me-not Myosotis sylvatica Present Non-native Rare
Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata Not In Park Non-native - -
Green Amaranth, Pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus Present Non-native Unknown
giantchickweed Myosoton aquaticum Present Non-native Uncommon
Garden Catchfly Silene armeria Present Non-native Rare
garden rhubarb Rheum rhabarbarum Present Non-native Uncommon
Great Water Dock Rumex orbiculatus Present Native Uncommon
gray dogwood Cornus racemosa Present Native Rare
Greenish-flowered Pyrola Pyrola chlorantha Present Native Uncommon
Garden Lupine Lupinus polyphyllus Present Non-native Unknown
Green Alder, Mountain Alder Alnus viridis ssp. crispa Present Native Common
ground ivy Glechoma hederacea Present Non-native Occasional
green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Present Native Uncommon
Groundcedar Diphasiastrum tristachyum Present Native Rare
groundcedar Lycopodium complanatum Present Native Rare
great St. Johnswort Hypericum ascyron Probably Present Native - -
Gray Willow Salix humilis Present Native Common
golden sedge, golden-fruit sedge Carex aurea Present Native Common
Graceful Sedge Carex gracillima Present Native Uncommon
Green Sedge Carex viridula Present Native Uncommon
Great Bulrush Schoenoplectus acutus Present Native Uncommon
green bulrush Scirpus atrovirens Present Native Uncommon
Garden Columbine Aquilegia vulgaris Present Non-native Unknown
gold thread Coptis groenlandica Present Native Common
greater creeping spearwort, spearwort buttercup Ranunculus flammula Present Native Uncommon
grass, hashish, hemp, marijuana, Mary Jane, pot Cannabis sativa Present Non-native Rare
Gaspe Shadbush Amelanchier sanguinea Present Native Common
Gooseberry Ribes hirtellum Present Native Uncommon
Garden Currant Ribes rubrum Present Non-native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
hairy Solomon's seal Polygonatum pubescens Present Native Common
hooded coralroot, striped coralroot Corallorrhiza striata Present Native Uncommon
Heart-leaved Twayblade Listera cordata Present Native Uncommon
Hooded Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes romanzoffiana Present Native Uncommon
hairy hawkbit, lesser hawkbit Leontodon taraxacoides Present Non-native Uncommon
Hairy Goldenrod Solidago hispida Present Native Uncommon
Heath Aster Symphyotrichum pilosum Present Native Rare
Harebell Campanula rotundifolia Present Native Common
hairy rockcress Arabis hirsuta Present Native Rare
Horseradish Armoracia rusticana Present Non-native Rare
Hedge Mustard Sisymbrium officinale Not In Park Non-native - -
hairy honeysuckle Lonicera hirsuta Present Native Rare
horsetail, scouring horsetail, scouringrush, scouringrush horsetail, tall scouring-rush, western scouringrush Equisetum hyemale Present Native Uncommon
horsetail, smooth horsetail, smooth scouringrush, smooth scouring-rush Equisetum laevigatum Present Native Unknown
hairy clover Trifolium arvense Present Non-native Unknown
Hop Clover, Yellow clover Trifolium aureum Present Non-native Occasional
Hairy Vetch Vicia villosa Present Non-native Uncommon
hophornbeam Ostrya virginiana Present Native Uncommon
Hill's oak Quercus ellipsoidalis Present Native Rare
Hemp Nettle Galeopsis tetrahit Present Non-native Common
Horned Bladderwort Utricularia cornuta Present Native Common
Hare Figwort Scrophularia lanceolata Present Native Common
Hickey's tree clubmoss Lycopodium hickeyi Present Native