Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Park

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Park Description

Beneath a grassy mountain valley in central Colorado lies one of the richest and most diverse fossil deposits in the world. Petrified redwood stumps up to 14 feet wide and thousands of detailed fossils of insects and plants reveal the story of a very different, prehistoric Colorado.

Park Address

PO Box 185

Florissant, CO, 80816

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Species in Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Park by Category

Here you can look up all the species found in Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Park. Start by picking a category. From there you can see how many species have either the common name beggining with each letter or scientific name. It's a good place to start if you're looking for what kind of species are invasive to the park, or perhaps how common or rare a species is for that area.

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American Beaver, Beaver, Canadian Beaver Castor canadensis Probably Present Native - -
Abert's Squirrel Sciurus aberti Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
bobcat Lynx rufus Present Native Uncommon
badger Taxidea taxus Present Native Occasional
Black Bear Ursus americanus Present Native Uncommon
big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus Probably Present Native - -
bushy-tailed woodrat Neotoma cinerea Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
coyote Canis latrans Present Native Common
Cougar, mountain lion, Puma Puma concolor Present Native Rare
Common Muskrat, Muskrat, Musquash, Water Rat Ondatra zibethicus Present Native Common
Chickaree, Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
elk, Red Deer (see comments), wapiti, wapiti or elk Cervus elaphus Present Native Common
Eastern Small-footed Myotis, Small-footed Myotis Myotis leibii Present Native Uncommon
eastern fox squirrel Sciurus niger Present Non-native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Gunnison's Prairie Dog Cynomys gunnisoni Present Native Common
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel Spermophilus lateralis Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus Present Native Uncommon
Hedgehog, Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata Present Native Uncommon
long-eared myotis Myotis evotis Present Native Uncommon
little brown bat Myotis lucifugus Probably Present Native - -
Long-legged Myotis Myotis volans Present Native Uncommon
Least Chipmunk Tamias minimus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mule deer Odocoileus hemionus Present Native Common
Mountain Cottontail, Nuttall's cottontail Sylvilagus nuttallii Present Native Uncommon
meadow vole Microtus pennsylvanicus Present Native Common
Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus Probably Present Native - -
Merriam's Shrew Sorex merriami Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Northern Pocket Gopher Thomomys talpoides Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
prairie deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red fox Vulpes vulpes Present Native Uncommon
raccoon Procyon lotor Present Native Common
Richardson's ground squirrel Spermophilus richardsonii Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
striped skunk Mephitis mephitis Present Native Uncommon
silver-haired bat Lasionycteris noctivagans Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Townsend's big-eared bat Plecotus townsendii Probably Present Native - -
thirteen-lined ground squirrel Spermophilus tridecemlineatus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
yellow-bellied marmot Marmota flaviventris Present Native Unknown

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Present Native Uncommon
American Rough-legged Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk Buteo lagopus Present Native Rare
American Pintail, Northern Pintail, Pintail Anas acuta Probably Present Native - -
American Wigeon, Baldpate Anas americana Present Native Uncommon
American Golden-eye, Common Goldeneye Bucephala clangula Probably Present Native - -
American Merganser, Common Merganser Mergus merganser Present Native Uncommon
American Peregrine Falcon, Duck Hawk, Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Probably Present Native - -
american kestrel Falco sparverius Present Native Common
American Coot, Northern American Coot Fulica americana Probably Present Native - -
American dipper Cinclus mexicanus Present Native Uncommon
american crow Corvus brachyrhynchos Present Native Uncommon
American magpie, black-billed magpie Pica hudsonia Present Native Common
american tree sparrow Spizella arborea Present Native Uncommon
american goldfinch Carduelis tristis Present Native Uncommon
American Pipit, American Water Pipit, Water Pipit Anthus rubescens Probably Present Native - -
american robin Turdus migratorius Present Native Common
Arkansas Kingbird, Western Kingbird Tyrannus verticalis Present Native Uncommon
American Three-toed Woodpecker Picoides dorsalis Probably Present Native - -
American Long-eared Owl, Long-eared Owl Asio otus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Blue-winged Teal Anas discors Present Native Uncommon
Bufflehead, Buffle-head Bucephala albeola Present Native Uncommon
Broad-tailed Hummingbird Selasphorus platycercus Present Native Common
Band-tailed Pigeon Patagioenas fasciata Probably Present Native - -
Belted Kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon Present Native Uncommon
Blue Grouse Dendragapus obscurus Probably Present Native - -
Black-headed Grosbeak Pheucticus melanocephalus Present Native Uncommon
Brown Creeper Certhia americana Present Native Uncommon
blue jay Cyanocitta cristata Present Native Uncommon
Brewer's Sparrow Spizella breweri Present Native Uncommon
Black Rosy-Finch Leucosticte atrata Probably Present Native - -
brown-capped rosy finch Leucosticte australis Probably Present Native - -
barn swallow Hirundo rustica Present Native Uncommon
Brewer's Blackbird Euphagus cyanocephalus Present Native Uncommon
Bullock's Oriole Icterus bullockii Present Native Uncommon
brown-headed cowbird Molothrus ater Present Native Uncommon
Black-capped Chickadee Poecile atricapillus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
cooper's hawk Accipiter cooperii Present Native Uncommon
Cinnamon Teal Anas cyanoptera Present Native Uncommon
Common Mallard, Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Present Native Common
Canada Goose, Eastern Canada Goose Branta canadensis Present Native Common
Calliope Hummingbird Stellula calliope Probably Present Native - -
common nighthawk Chordeiles minor Present Native Uncommon
Common Poorwill Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Probably Present Native - -
California Gull Larus californicus Present Native Uncommon
Common Raven, Northern Raven, Raven Corvus corax Present Native Common
Clark's Nutcracker Nucifraga columbiana Present Native Uncommon
Canada Gray Jay, Canada Jay, Gray Jay Perisoreus canadensis Present Native Uncommon
chipping sparrow Spizella passerina Present Native Common
Common Redpoll, Greater Redpoll, Mealy Redpoll Carduelis flammea Present Native Rare
Cassin's Finch Carpodacus cassinii Present Native Uncommon
Canadian Pine Grosbeak, Newfoundland Pine Grosbeak, Pine Grosbeak Pinicola enucleator Probably Present Native - -
Cliff Swallow, Eastern Cliff Swallow, Eave Swallow, Northern Cliff Swallow Petrochelidon pyrrhonota Present Native Uncommon
common grackle Quiscalus quiscula Present Native Uncommon
Cordilleran Flycatcher Empidonax occidentalis Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
dark-eyed junco Junco hyemalis Present Native Common
Dusky Flycatcher Empidonax oberholseri Present Native Common
downy woodpecker Picoides pubescens Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern Goshawk, Goshawk, Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis Probably Present Native - -
Eastern Pigeon Hawk, Merlin, Pigeon Hawk Falco columbarius Probably Present Native - -
Eastern Lark Sparrow, Lark Sparrow Chondestes grammacus Present Native Uncommon
Eastern Savannah Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis Present Native Uncommon
Eastern Vesper Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow Pooecetes gramineus Present Native Uncommon
evening grosbeak Coccothraustes vespertinus Present Native Uncommon
european starling Sturnus vulgaris Present Non-native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Ferruginous Hawk Buteo regalis Present Native Rare
Franklin's Gull Larus pipixcan Probably Present Native - -
Fox Sparrow Passerella iliaca Present Native Rare
Flammulated Owl Otus flammeolus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Green-winged Teal Anas crecca Present Native Uncommon
Gadwall Anas strepera Present Native Uncommon
Green-tailed Towhee Pipilo chlorurus Present Native Uncommon
Gray-crowned rosy-finch Leucosticte tephrocotis Probably Present Native - -
Great Gray Shrike, Northern Shrike Lanius excubitor Present Native Uncommon
golden-crowned kinglet Regulus satrapa Present Native Uncommon
Great Blue Heron, Northern Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Present Native Uncommon
great horned owl Bubo virginianus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
horned lark Eremophila alpestris Present Native Uncommon
house finch Carpodacus mexicanus Probably Present Native - -
house sparrow Passer domesticus Probably Present Non-native - -
house wren Troglodytes aedon Present Native Uncommon
hermit thrush Catharus guttatus Present Native Uncommon
Hammond's Flycatcher Empidonax hammondii Present Native Uncommon
hairy woodpecker Picoides villosus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Killdeer, Northern Killdeer Charadrius vociferus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Lesser Scaup, Lesser Scaup Duck Aythya affinis Probably Present Native - -
Lark Bunting Calamospiza melanocorys Present Native Rare
Lincoln's Sparrow, Northern Lincoln's Sparrow Melospiza lincolnii Present Native Uncommon
Lesser Goldfinch Carduelis psaltria Probably Present Native - -
loggerhead shrike Lanius ludovicianus Present Native Uncommon
Lewis' Woodpecker Melanerpes lewis Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mourning dove Zenaida macroura Present Native Common
Mountain Chickadee Poecile gambeli Present Native Common
MacGillivray's Warbler Oporornis tolmiei Probably Present Native - -
Mountain Bluebird Sialia currucoides Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern harrier Circus cyaneus Present Native Uncommon
Northern shoveler, Shoveller Anas clypeata Probably Present Native - -
Northern Ruddy Duck, Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis Probably Present Native - -
northern rough-winged swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis Present Native Uncommon
northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Present Native Uncommon
northern flicker Colaptes auratus Present Native Common
Northern Saw-whet Owl Aegolius acadicus Present Native Uncommon
Northern Short-eared Owl, Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus Present Native Rare
Northern Pygmy-Owl Glaucidium gnoma Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
osprey Pandion haliaetus Probably Present Native - -
orange-crowned warbler Vermivora celata Present Native Uncommon
Olive-sided Flycatcher Contopus cooperi Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Prairie Falcon Falco mexicanus Present Native Uncommon
Pine siskin Carduelis pinus Present Native Uncommon
Pygmy Nuthatch Sitta pygmaea Present Native Common
Plumbeous Vireo Vireo plumbeus Present Native Common
Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red-tailed hawk Buteo jamaicensis Present Native Common
Redhead Aythya americana Probably Present Native - -
Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris Probably Present Native - -
Rufous Hummingbird Selasphorus rufus Present Native Uncommon
Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis Present Native Uncommon
rock dove Columba livia Probably Present Native - -
Red Crossbill Loxia curvirostra Present Native Uncommon
red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus Present Native Uncommon
ruby-crowned kinglet Regulus calendula Present Native Uncommon
red-breasted nuthatch Sitta canadensis Present Native Uncommon
Rock Wren Salpinctes obsoletus Present Native Uncommon
Red-naped Sapsucker Sphyrapicus nuchalis Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
sharp-shinned hawk Accipiter striatus Present Native Uncommon
Swainson's Hawk Buteo swainsoni Present Native Rare
Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularia Present Native Uncommon
Steller's Jay Cyanocitta stelleri Present Native Uncommon
song sparrow Melospiza melodia Present Native Uncommon
Spotted Towhee Pipilo maculatus Present Native Uncommon
Sage Thrasher Oreoscoptes montanus Probably Present Native - -
swainson's thrush Catharus ustulatus Present Native Rare
Say's Phoebe Sayornis saya Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
turkey vulture Cathartes aura Present Native Common
Tree Swallow Tachycineta bicolor Present Native Uncommon
Townsend's Warbler Dendroica townsendi Probably Present Native - -
Townsend's Solitaire Myadestes townsendi Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Violet-green Swallow Tachycineta thalassina Present Native Common
veery Catharus fuscescens Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
white-throated swift Aeronautes saxatalis Present Native Uncommon
Wilson's snipe Gallinago delicata Present Native Uncommon
Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo Present Non-native Uncommon
white-crowned sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys Present Native Uncommon
Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta Present Native Common
wilson's warbler Wilsonia pusilla Present Native Uncommon
white-breasted nuthatch Sitta carolinensis Present Native Uncommon
Western Tanager Piranga ludoviciana Present Native Uncommon
Western Bluebird Sialia mexicana Present Native Uncommon
western wood-pewee Contopus sordidulus Present Native Common
willow flycatcher Empidonax traillii Probably Present Native - -
warbling vireo Vireo gilvus Present Native Common
Williamson's Sapsucker Sphyrapicus thyroideus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Yellow-headed Blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus Present Native Uncommon
yellow-rumped warbler Dendroica coronata Present Native Common
yellow warbler Dendroica petechia Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Bullsnake, Gopher Snake Pituophis catenifer Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern Smooth Green Snake, Smooth Green Snake, Smooth-scaled Green Snake Liochlorophis vernalis Unconfirmed Native - -
eastern fence lizard Sceloporus undulatus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Prairie Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake Crotalus viridis Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake Thamnophis elegans Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Common Frog, Leopard Frog, Meadow Frog, Northern Leopard Frog Rana pipiens Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern tiger salamander Ambystoma tigrinum Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
western chorus frog Pseudacris triseriata Present Native Common

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Common Sucker, White Sucker Catostomus commersoni Present Non-native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Fathead Minnow Pimephales promelas Present Native Abundant

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
alpine pennycress, alpine pennygrass Thlaspi montanum var. montanum Present Native Common
arid goosefoot, aridland goosefoot, desert goosefoot, narrowleaf goosefoot Chenopodium desiccatum Present Native Unknown
American bistort Polygonum bistortoides Present Native Common
alpine bistort, serpent-grass, viviparous bistort Polygonum viviparum Present Native Unknown
American dogwood, red osier Cornus sericea ssp. sericea Present Native Common
alpine milkvetch Astragalus alpinus Present Native Unknown
Alfalfa, Lucerne Medicago sativa Present Non-native Uncommon
Alsike, Alsatian Clover Trifolium hybridum Present Non-native Uncommon
American deervetch, American purple vetch, American vetch Vicia americana Present Native Unknown
autumn dwarf gentian, autumn dwarfgentian, autumn dwarf-gentian Gentianella amarella ssp. acuta Present Native Uncommon
alpinebog swertia, felwort, star gentian Swertia perennis Present Native Unknown
alfilaria Erodium cicutarium Present Non-native Unknown
American dragonhead Dracocephalum parviflorum Present Native Unknown
American Germander Teucrium canadense Present Native Unknown
autumn waterstarwort, autumn water-starwort, northern waterstarwort, northern water-starwort, scarlet waterstarwort Callitriche hermaphroditica Present Native Unknown
awlleaf mudwort, awl-leaf mudwort, northern mudwort, water mudwort Limosella aquatica Present Native Uncommon
alpine penstemon, alpine sawsepal penstemon Penstemon glaber var. alpinus Present Native Unknown
alkali plantain, redwood plantain, redwool plantain, red-woolly plantain, saline plantain Plantago eriopoda Present Native Unknown
American speedwell, brooklime Veronica americana Present Native Unknown
arctic yellow violet Viola biflora Present Native Unknown
Autumn willow-herb Epilobium brachycarpum Present Native Unknown
American Willow-herb Epilobium ciliatum ssp. glandulosum Present Native Unknown
Analogue sedge Carex simulata Present Native Unknown
- - Agropyron cristatum Present Non-native Rare
American sloughgrass, slough grass Beckmannia syzigachne Present Native Unknown
Arizona fescue Festuca arizonica Present Native Unknown
alpine timothy Phleum alpinum Present Native Unknown
American pasqueflower, cutleaf anemone, sticky pasqueflower Pulsatilla patens ssp. multifida Present Native Common
arctic buttercup, high northern buttercup Ranunculus hyperboreus Present Native Unknown
alderleaf cercocarpus, alderleaf mountain-mahogany, birchleaf mountain-mahogany, mountain-mahogany, true mountain-mahogany Cercocarpus montanus Present Native Unknown
Arkansas rose, prairie rose, prairie wildrose, wild rose Rosa arkansana Present Native Unknown
American watermilfoil, shortspike watermilfoil, Siberian water-milfoil Myriophyllum sibiricum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
beargrass, Great Plains yucca, small soapweed, soapweed yucca, Spanish bayonet, yucca Yucca glauca Present Native Common
biennial sagewort, biennial wormwood Artemisia biennis Present Non-native Unknown
bull thistle Cirsium vulgare Present Non-native Uncommon
Beautiful daisy Erigeron formosissimus Present Native Unknown
broom snakeweed, broomweed, perennial snakeweed, stinkweed, turpentine weed, yellow top Gutierrezia sarothrae Present Native Unknown
burweed marshelder, carelessweed, false ragweed, giant marshelder, giant sumpweed, horseweed, marshelder, rag sumpweed Iva xanthifolia Present Non-native Unknown
Blue Flowering Lettuce Lactuca tatarica ssp. pulchella Present Native Common
Bigelow tansyaster, Bigelow's tansyaster Machaeranthera bigelovii var. bigelovii Present Native Common
Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrima Present Native Common
broom groundsel, broomlike ragwort, broom-like ragwort Senecio spartioides Present Native Unknown
baby goldenrod, gray goldenrod Solidago nana Present Native Unknown
blowball, common dandelion, dandelion, faceclock Taraxacum officinale Present Non-native Uncommon
Bellflower Campanula parryi Present Native Common
BRANCHED PEPPERWEED Lepidium ramosissimum Present Native Unknown
Bladder-pod Lesquerella montana Present Native Unknown
bog yellowcress, hispid yellowcress Rorippa palustris ssp. hispida Present Native Unknown
bee spiderflower, Rocky Mountain beeplant Cleome serrulata Present Native Common
burningbush, common kochia, fireweed, Mexican burningbush, Mexican fireweed, Mexican-fireweed, mock cypress, summercypress Kochia scoparia Present Non-native Unknown
brittle cactus, brittle pricklypear, fragile cactus, jumping cactus, little pricklypear Opuntia fragilis Present Native Uncommon
Blunt-leaved or Grove Sandwort Moehringia lateriflora Present Native Unknown
black bindweed, wild buckwheat Polygonum convolvulus var. convolvulus Present Non-native Unknown
Bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Present Native Common
bog wintergreen Pyrola asarifolia ssp. asarifolia Present Native Uncommon
Black Medick Medicago lupulina Present Non-native Unknown
Butter-and-eggs Linaria vulgaris Present Non-native Unknown
beardlip beardtongue, beardlip penstemon Penstemon barbatus Present Native Unknown
blue water speedwell, water speedwell Veronica anagallis-aquatica Present Native Unknown
blue flax, Lewis' blue flax, Lewis' flax, prairie flax Linum lewisii Present Native Unknown
Balsam Poplar Populus balsamifera Present Native Unknown
Bristlecone pine Pinus aristata Present Native Unknown
blunt sedge, obtuse sedge Carex obtusata Present Native Unknown
Baltic rush Juncus balticus Present Native Unknown
black grass Juncus gerardii Present Native Unknown
blue grama Bouteloua gracilis Present Native Unknown
Bromegrass Bromus tectorum Present Non-native Unknown
bottlebrush squirreltail, squirreltail, western bottle-brush grass Elymus elymoides Present Native Unknown
bottlebrush squirreltail, squirreltail Elymus elymoides ssp. elymoides Present Native Unknown
Bearded Wheatgrass Elymus trachycaulus Present Native Unknown
Bluebunch fescue [Idaho fescue] Festuca idahoensis Present Native Unknown
broadleaf cattail Typha latifolia Present Native Unknown
Blister buttercup Ranunculus sceleratus var. multifidus Present Non-native Unknown
branched cinquefoil Potentilla effusa Present Native Unknown
bigflower cinquefoil Potentilla fissa Present Native Unknown
Beautiful cinquefoil Potentilla pulcherrima Present Native Unknown
black chokecherry, choke cherry Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa Present Native Common
Boulder Raspberry, delicious raspberry Rubus deliciosus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
common duckweed, least duckweed, lesser duckweed Lemna minor Present Native Unknown
Cow Parsnip Heracleum maximum Present Native Common
calypso orchid Calypso bulbosa Present Native Rare
common yarrow Achillea millefolium Present Native Unknown
Carruth's sagebrush, Carruth's sagewort Artemisia carruthii Present Native Unknown
cudweed sagewort, gray sagewort, Louisiana sagewort, Louisiana wormwood, mugwort wormwood, prairie sage, white sagebrush Artemisia ludoviciana Present Native Unknown
Canada Thistle Cirsium arvense Present Non-native Common
cutleaf daisy, dwarf mountain fleabane, fernleaf fleabane Erigeron compositus Present Native Unknown
curlycup gumweed, curlytop gumweed, gumweed, rosinweed, tarweed Grindelia squarrosa Present Native Unknown
Common Sunflower Helianthus annuus Present Native Unknown
Colorado rubber-plant Hymenoxys richardsonii var. richardsonii Present Native Common
Canada Goldenrod Solidago canadensis Present Native Common
caespitose four-nerve daisy Tetraneuris acaulis var. caespitosa Present Native Unknown
common salsify, goat's beard, goatsbeard, meadow goat's-beard, salsifis majeur, salsify, western goat's beard, western salsify, wild oysterplant, yellow goat's beard, yellow salsify Tragopogon dubius Present Non-native Common
calcareous catseye, calcareous cryptantha Cryptantha thyrsiflora Present Native Uncommon
coast wallflower, sand dune wallflower, western wallflower Erysimum capitatum Present Native Common
creeping nailwort, low nailwort, nailwort, stemless nailwort Paronychia sessiliflora Present Native Unknown
curltop ladysthumb, curlytop knotweed, curlytop smartweed, dock-leaf smartweed, nodding smartweed, pale smartweed Polygonum lapathifolium Present Native Unknown
common sheep sorrel Rumex acetosella Present Non-native Unknown
cliff Jamesia, cliffbush, fivepetal cliffbush Jamesia americana Present Native Unknown
cock's-head, field milkvetch, purple milkvetch Astragalus agrestis Present Native Unknown
clustered broomrape, clustered broom-rape, purple broomrape, tufted broomrape Orobanche fasciculata Present Native Unknown
Canada Lousewort Pedicularis canadensis ssp. fluviatilis Present Native Unknown
Crandall's beardtongue Penstemon crandallii Present Native Unknown
Common Plantain Plantago major Present Native Unknown
coyote willow, desert willow, narrowleaf willow, sandbar willow Salix exigua Present Native Unknown
Colorado blue spruce Picea pungens Present Native Unknown
clustered field sedge, slim sedge Carex praegracilis Present Native Unknown
Creeping Spike-rush Eleocharis palustris Present Native Unknown
Canada Bluejoint Calamagrostis canadensis Present Native Unknown
Common Darnel, Perennial Ryegrass Lolium perenne Present Non-native Unknown
Canada bluegrass Poa compressa Present Non-native Unknown
Columbian monkshood Aconitum columbianum Present Native Common
Colorado blue columbine Aquilegia caerulea Present Native Unknown
cursed buttercup Ranunculus sceleratus var. sceleratus Present Native Unknown
Common hops Humulus lupulus var. neomexicanus Present Native Unknown
chamaerhodos, little-rose, Nuttall's little rose Chamaerhodos erecta ssp. nuttallii Present Native Unknown
Cinquefoil Potentilla concinna Present Native Unknown
cinquefoil Potentilla pensylvanica Present Native Unknown
Colorado cinquefoil Potentilla subjuga Present Native Unknown
common alumroot, littleleaf alumroot, little-leaf alumroot Heuchera parvifolia Present Native Common
creeping jenny, European bindweed, field bindweed, perennial morningglory, smallflowered morningglory Convolvulus arvensis Present Non-native Unknown
cutleaf nightshade, cut-leaf nightshade Solanum triflorum Present Non-native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Douglas' waterhemlock, water hemlock, western water hemlock Cicuta douglasii Present Native Unknown
Drummond's campion, Drummond's catchfly Silene drummondii var. drummondii Present Native Unknown
Dooryard Knotweed Polygonum arenastrum Present Native Unknown
dense-flower dock, denseflowered dock Rumex densiflorus Present Native Unknown
Dark-throat shooting-star Dodecatheon pulchellum Present Native Common
Drummond's milkvetch Astragalus drummondii Present Native Unknown
drooping pointloco, hangpod crazyweed, nodding crazyweed, nodding locoweed, pendant-pod locoweed Oxytropis deflexa Present Native Unknown
deer ears, elkweed, green gentian, monument plant, monument-plant, showy frasera Frasera speciosa Present Native Common
Death Camas Zigadenus elegans ssp. elegans Present Native Common
dwarf marsh violet Viola epipsila ssp. repens Present Native Unknown
Dillen's oxalis, slender yellow woodsorrel Oxalis dillenii Present Native Unknown
Douglas spruce, Douglas-fir, Oregon pine, red fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Present Native Unknown
Douglas sedge, Douglas' sedge Carex douglasii Present Native Unknown
Drab buttercup Ranunculus inamoenus Present Native Common
diamondleaf saxifrage, diamond-leaf saxifrage Saxifraga rhomboidea Present Native Unknown
dense clubmoss, lesser spikemoss, small clubmoss Selaginella densa Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Elk Thistle Cirsium scariosum Present Native Uncommon
edible valerian, tobacco root, tobaccoroot Valeriana edulis Present Native Common
EXPLORERS GENTIAN Gentiana affinis Present Native Unknown
early woodbuttercup Ranunculus abortivus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
field sagewort Artemisia campestris ssp. borealis var. scouleriana Present Native Unknown
fringed sagebrush, fringed sagewort, prairie sagewort Artemisia frigida Present Native Unknown
Fendler's ragwort Packera fendleri Present Native Unknown
Falsegold groundsel Packera pseudaurea Present Native Unknown
flat-spine sheepburr, flatspine stickseed, western sticktight Lappula occidentalis Present Native Common
fendler rockcress, Fendler's rockcress Arabis fendleri Present Native Unknown
False Flax Camelina microcarpa Present Non-native Unknown
flaxweed tansymustard, flixweed, flixweed tansymustard, herb sophia, herb-sophia, pinnate tansymustard, tansymustard Descurainia sophia Present Non-native Unknown
Field Pennycress Thlaspi arvense Present Non-native Common
Fendler's sandwort Arenaria fendleri Present Native Uncommon
Fendler's sandwort Arenaria fendleri var. fendleri Present Native Common
field chickweed Cerastium arvense ssp. strictum Present Native Common
four o'clock, linearleaf four-o'clock, narrowleaf four o'clock, narrowleaf four-o'clock Mirabilis linearis Present Native Unknown
field horsetail Equisetum arvense Present Native Unknown
Front Range milkvetch Astragalus sparsiflorus Present Native Unknown
flowery pointloco, Nuttall's oxytrope Oxytropis multiceps Present Native Unknown
fragrant bedstraw Galium triflorum Present Native Unknown
fireweed Chamerion angustifolium ssp. circumvagum Present Native Unknown
Fly-away Grass Agrostis scabra Present Native Unknown
fowl mannagrass Glyceria striata Present Native Unknown
Foxtail Barley Hordeum jubatum ssp. jubatum Present Native Unknown
Foxtail muhly Muhlenbergia andina Present Native Unknown
Fowl Bluegrass Poa palustris Present Native Unknown
forked spleenwort Asplenium septentrionale Present Native Unknown
Fendler's false cloak fern, Fendler's falsecloak fern Argyrochosma fendleri Present Native Unknown
Fendler's lipfern Cheilanthes fendleri Present Native Unknown
Fendler's meadowrue, Fendler's meadow-rue Thalictrum fendleri Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Giant angelica Angelica ampla Present Native Common
Geyer onion, Geyer's onion Allium geyeri Present Native Unknown
green rabbitbrush, Parry's rabbitbrush Ericameria parryi var. parryi Present Native Unknown
Gumweed Grindelia subalpina Present Native Common
Geyer's aster Symphyotrichum laeve var. geyeri Present Native Unknown
Gray horsebrush, Spineless horsebrush Tetradymia canescens Present Native Common
golden crownbeard Verbesina encelioides ssp. exauriculata Present Native Rare
globed-podded hoarycress, heart-pod hoarycress, heart-podded hoarycress, hoary cress, peppergrass, pepperweed whitetop, whitetop, whiteweed Cardaria draba Present Non-native Unknown
green tansymustard, pinnate tansy mustard, pinnate tansymustard, tansymustard, western tansymustard Descurainia pinnata Present Native Common
Golden draba Draba aurea Present Native Unknown
Green Amaranth, Pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus Present Non-native Unknown
Ground Juniper Juniperus communis var. depressa Present Native Unknown
ground-plum, groundplum milkvetch Astragalus crassicarpus Present Native Unknown
Ground-plum Astragalus crassicarpus var. paysonii Present Native Common
giant red Indian paintbrush, great red Indian paintbrush, great red Indian-paintbrush, scarlet Indian paintbrush, scarlet paintbrush Castilleja miniata Present Native Unknown
golden-tongue owl-clover, yellow owlclover, yellow owl's-clover Orthocarpus luteus Present Native Uncommon
giant lousewort, gray lousewort Pedicularis procera Present Native Uncommon
Gunnison's mariposa Calochortus gunnisonii Present Native Unknown
golden sedge, golden-fruit sedge Carex aurea Present Native Unknown
grassyslope sedge, summit sedge Carex oreocharis Present Native Unknown
Great Bulrush Schoenoplectus acutus Present Native Unknown
green needlegrass Nassella viridula Present Native Unknown
glaucous bluegrass, white bluegrass Poa glauca Present Native Unknown
golden corydalis, scrambled eggs Corydalis aurea Present Native Common
Globeflower Trollius albiflorus Present Native Uncommon
golden currant Ribes aureum Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Hoary dusty-maiden Chaenactis douglasii Present Native Unknown
Hawksbeard Crepis runcinata Present Native Uncommon
hoary fleabane Erigeron canus Present Native Common
hairy false goldenaster Heterotheca villosa var. nana Present Native Unknown
Hall's ragwort Senecio bigelovii var. hallii Present Native Unknown
Harebell Campanula rotundifolia Present Native Unknown
Hairy Rock Cress Arabis hirsuta Present Native Common
Horseradish Armoracia rusticana Present Non-native Unknown
horsetail, smooth horsetail, smooth scouringrush, smooth scouring-rush Equisetum laevigatum Present Native Unknown
Hall's milkvetch Astragalus hallii Present Native Unknown
Hall's milkweed Asclepias hallii Present Native Common
hairy hedgenettle Stachys pilosa var. pilosa Present Native Unknown
Hare Figwort Scrophularia lanceolata Present Native Unknown
horned spurge Euphorbia brachycera Present Native Unknown
Hairy-throat evening-primrose Oenothera coronopifolia Present Native Common
hairy evening primrose, hairy eveningprimrose, hairy evening-primrose Oenothera villosa ssp. strigosa Present Native Unknown
hairy grama Bouteloua hirsuta Present Native Unknown
Hesperostipa, needle and thread, needleandthread Hesperostipa comata Present Native Unknown
Hudson's anemone Anemone multifida var. hudsoniana Present Native Unknown
hairy clematis Clematis hirsutissima var. hirsutissima Present Native Common
heartleaf buttercup, heart-leaf buttercup Ranunculus cardiophyllus Present Native Unknown
horse cinquefoil, woolly cinquefoil Potentilla hippiana Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Italian ryegrass Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum Present Non-native Unknown
intermediate wheatgrass Thinopyrum intermedium Present Non-native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
jeweled blazingstar Mentzelia speciosa Present Native Unknown
junegrass, prairie Junegrass Koeleria macrantha Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
King's ragwort Senecio eremophilus ssp. kingii Present Native Unknown
King's lupine Lupinus kingii Present Native Unknown
Kentucky bluegrass Poa pratensis Present Non-native Unknown
Kentucky bluegrass Poa pratensis ssp. pratensis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Lemmon's spring-parsley Pseudocymopterus montanus Present Native Common
littleleaf pussytoes, Rocky Mountain pussytoes, small leaf everlasting, smallleaf pussytoes Antennaria microphylla Present Native Common
little-leaf pussytoes, Rocky Mountain pussytoes, small leaf pussytoes, smalleaf pussytoes, small-leaf pussytoes Antennaria parvifolia Present Native Unknown
Louisiana wormwood Artemisia ludoviciana ssp. incompta Present Native Unknown
lanceleaf low rabbitbrush, lanceleaf rabbitbrush, yellow rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus ssp. lanceolatus Present Native Unknown
Longleaf daisy Erigeron lonchophyllus Present Native Unknown
La Veta daisy Erigeron vetensis Present Native Unknown
Low Cudweed Gnaphalium uliginosum Present Native Unknown
lanceleaf bluebells, prairie bluebells Mertensia lanceolata Present Native Unknown
Lamb's Quarters, Pigweed Chenopodium album Present Non-native Unknown
Long-leaved Stitchwort Stellaria longifolia Present Native Common
- - Linnaea borealis ssp. americana Present Native Unknown
leafy Jacob's-ladder, leafy polemonium, towering Jacob's-ladder Polemonium foliosissimum Present Native Unknown
looseflower milkvetch, loose-flower milk-vetch, pulse milkvetch Astragalus tenellus Present Native Unknown
Lambert's crazyweed, Lambert's locoweed, purple loco, purple locoweed, stemless loco, white woollyloco, whitepoint locoweed Oxytropis lambertii Present Native Common
locoweed, silky crazyweed, silvery oxytrope, white crazyweed, white locoweed, white pointloco Oxytropis sericea Present Native Unknown
Little skullcap Scutellaria galericulata var. epilobiifolia Present Native Unknown
leafy spurge, spurge, wolf's milk, wolf's-milk Euphorbia esula Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Lewis' flax, prairie flax Linum lewisii var. lewisii Present Native Common
long-tube evening primrose, long-tube evening-primrose, yellow evening primrose, yellow eveningprimrose, yellow evening-primrose Oenothera flava Present Native Unknown
Lodgepole Pine Pinus contorta ssp. latifolia Present Native Unknown
limber pine, Rocky Mountain white pine Pinus flexilis Present Native Unknown
loving sedge Carex pityophila Present Native Unknown
Longstyle rush Juncus longistylis Present Native Unknown
little bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium Present Native Unknown
large-leaved avens Geum macrophyllum ssp. perincisum Present Native Unknown
Lance-leaf stonecrop Sedum lanceolatum Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mountain blue eyedgrass Sisyrinchium montanum Present Native Common
Modoc bog orchid, slender bog orchid Platanthera stricta Present Native Unknown
Musk thistle Carduus nutans ssp. macrolepis Present Non-native Unknown
Missouri goldenrod, prairie goldenrod, Tolmie's goldenrod Solidago missouriensis Present Native Unknown
Mt. Albert goldenrod Solidago simplex ssp. simplex var. simplex Present Native Unknown
miner's candle Cryptantha virgata Present Native Unknown
manyflower stickseed, manyflowered stickseed, showy stickseed Hackelia floribunda Present Native Common
mountain tansy mustard, mountain tansymustard, mountain tansy-mustard Descurainia incana Present Native Unknown
mountain tansy mustard Descurainia incana ssp. incana Present Native Unknown
Mountain draba Draba rectifructa Present Native Unknown
mat amaranth, prostrate amaranth, prostrate pigweed Amaranthus blitoides Present Native Unknown
Mountain goosefoot Chenopodium atrovirens Present Native Unknown
Marsh Grass-of-Parnassus Parnassia palustris var. montanensis Present Native Unknown
Milkvetch; Locoweed Astragalus parryi Present Native Rare
mountain alder, speckled alder, thinleaf alder Alnus incana ssp. tenuifolia Present Native Uncommon
moss gentian Gentiana fremontii Present Native Unknown
- - Mentha arvensis Present Native Uncommon
mountain willow, park willow Salix monticola Present Native Unknown
mountain rush Juncus balticus var. montanus Present Native Unknown
millet woodrush, smallflower woodrush, smallflowered woodrush Luzula parviflora Present Native Unknown
mat grama, matted grama Bouteloua simplex Present Native Unknown
Mountain brome Bromus carinatus Present Non-native Unknown
Meadow Barley Hordeum brachyantherum ssp. brachyantherum Present Native Unknown
mountain muhly Muhlenbergia montana Present Native Unknown
Matted muhly Muhlenbergia richardsonis Present Native Unknown
Muttongrass Poa fendleriana Present Native - -
Macoun wildrye, Macoun's barley X Elyhordeum macounii Present Native Unknown
Maidenhair Spleenwort Asplenium trichomanes Present Native Unknown
Male fern Dryopteris filix-mas Present Native Unknown
mountain larkspur Delphinium ramosum Present Native Uncommon
Macoun's buttercup Ranunculus macounii Present Native Unknown
mountain ninebark Physocarpus monogynus Present Native Unknown
matted saxifrage Saxifraga bronchialis ssp. austromontana Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Northern Arrowgrass Triglochin palustre Present Native Unknown
nodding onion Allium cernuum Present Native Common
Newberry's hymenopappus, Newberry's woollywhite Hymenopappus newberryi Present Native Unknown
New Mexico groundsel Packera neomexicana Present Native Unknown
netseed lambsquarters, pigseed goosefoot, pitseed goosefoot, pit-seed goosefoot Chenopodium berlandieri Present Native Unknown
Narrow-leaf goosefoot Chenopodium leptophyllum Present Native Unknown
Nuttall's monolepis, Nuttall's povertyweed, Nuttall's poverty-weed, patata, patota Monolepis nuttalliana Present Native Unknown
nodding buckwheat, nodding eriogonum, nodding wild buckwheat Eriogonum cernuum Present Native Unknown
narrowleaf mountaintrumpet, narrow-leaf mountain-trumpet, slenderleaf collomia, tiny trumpet Collomia linearis Present Native Unknown
northern bedstraw Galium boreale Present Native Unknown
narrowleaf plantain Plantago lanceolata Present Non-native Unknown
New Mexico checker-mallow Sidalcea neomexicana Present Native Unknown
Northern Willow Herb Epilobium ciliatum Present Native Unknown
needleleaf sedge, spike-rush sedge Carex duriuscula Present Native Unknown
Nebraska sedge Carex nebrascensis Present Native Unknown
Northwest Territory Sedge Carex utriculata Present Native Unknown
narrowspike reedgrass, slim-stem reed grass, slimstem reedgrass Calamagrostis stricta Present Native Unknown
northern sweetgrass Hierochloe hirta ssp. arctica Present Native Unknown
Nuttall alkaligrass, Nuttall's alkaligrass Puccinellia nuttalliana Present Native Unknown
New Mexico cliff fern Woodsia neomexicana Present Native Unknown
northern buttercup, surefoot buttercup Ranunculus pedatifidus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
orange agoseris, orange-flowered false-dandelion Agoseris aurantiaca Present Native Unknown
Over's goosefoot Chenopodium overi Present Native Unknown
One-sided Pyrola Orthilia secunda Present Native Uncommon
oneside penstemon Penstemon unilateralis Present Native Unknown
Oats Avena sativa Present Non-native Unknown
Orchard Grass Dactylis glomerata Present Non-native Unknown
Oregon woodsia Woodsia oregana Present Native Unknown
Old-man's-whiskers Geum triflorum var. triflorum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
pale agoseris, pale goat-chicory Agoseris glauca var. dasycephala Present Native Common
Platte thistle, prairie thistle Cirsium canescens Present Native Common
Parry's goldenbush, Parry's rabbitbrush Ericameria parryi Present Native Unknown
Parry's dwarfsunflower, Parry's dwarf-sunflower Helianthella parryi Present Native Common
prairie sunflower, showy sunflower Helianthus petiolaris Present Native Unknown
Pineapple Weed Matricaria discoidea Present Native Unknown
prairie goldenrod Oligoneuron album Present Native Unknown
Parry's goldenrod Oreochrysum parryi Present Native Unknown
prairie coneflower, redspike Mexican hat, upright prairie coneflower Ratibida columnifera Present Native Common
pretty draba, pretty whitlowgrass Draba streptocarpa Present Native Unknown
Peppergrass Lepidium alyssoides var. alyssoides Present Native Common
prairie flameflower, sunbright, sunbright talinum Talinum parviflorum Present Native Rare
Pygmy-flower rock-jasmine Androsace septentrionalis Present Native Common
prairie milkvetch Astragalus laxmannii var. robustior Present Native Unknown
purple prairie clover, purple prairieclover, violet dalea, violet prairie clover, violet prairie-clover Dalea purpurea Present Native Unknown
pendantpod locoweed Oxytropis deflexa ssp. foliolosa Present Native Unknown
pine goldenpea, spreadfruit goldenbanner Thermopsis divaricarpa Present Native Unknown
pineywoods geranium, purple cluster geranium, tufted geranium Geranium caespitosum Present Native Unknown
purple-flower lousewort Pedicularis crenulata Present Native Unknown
Purslane Speedwell or Neckweed Veronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis Present Native Uncommon
Ponderosa pine Pinus ponderosa ssp. scopulorum Present Native Unknown
pine dropseed Blepharoneuron tricholepis Present Native Unknown
Pumpelly's brome Bromus inermis ssp. pumpellianus Present Native Unknown
Porter brome Bromus porteri Present Native Unknown
purple reedgrass Calamagrostis purpurascens Present Native Unknown
Parry danthonia, Parry oatgrass, Parry's danthonia, Parry's oatgrass Danthonia parryi Present Native Unknown
pubescent wheatgrass, western wheatgrass Pascopyrum smithii Present Native Unknown
plains bluegrass Poa arida Present Native Unknown
pinegrass Poa wheeleri Present Native Unknown
Platte River cinquefoil Potentilla plattensis Present Native Unknown
Pennsylvania Pellitory Parietaria pensylvanica Present Native Unknown
pineland dwarf mistletoe, ponderosa pine dwarf mistletoe Arceuthobium vaginatum ssp. cryptopodum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Quaking Aspen Populus tremuloides Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Rocky Mountain Indian parsley Aletes anisatus Present Native Unknown
Rocky Mountain hemlockparsley, Rocky Mountain hemlock-parsley Conioselinum scopulorum Present Native Unknown
Rocky Mountain iris, western blue flag, wild iris, wildiris Iris missouriensis Present Native Common
rosy pussytoes Antennaria rosea ssp. rosea Present Native Unknown
ragleaf bahia Bahia dissecta Present Native Unknown
rocky goldaster Heterotheca fulcrata Present Native Common
rush skeletonplant, rush skeleton-plant, rush skeletonweed, skeletonplant, skeletonweed Lygodesmia juncea Present Native Unknown
Red-seeded Dandelion Taraxacum laevigatum Present Native Unknown
Rocky Mountain phacelia, Rocky Mountain scorpionweed Phacelia denticulata Present Native Unknown
Rock Cress Arabis drummondii Present Native Unknown
Russian pigweed Axyris amaranthoides Present Non-native Unknown
Rusby's stickleaf Mentzelia rusbyi Present Native Common
Rocky Mountain juniper Juniperus scopulorum Present Native Unknown
Rydberg's weedy milkvetch Astragalus miser var. oblongifolius Present Native Unknown
Richardson's geranium Geranium richardsonii Present Native Common
ribseed sandmat, rib-seed sandmat, ridgeseed spurge Chamaesyce glyptosperma Present Native Unknown
Rocky Mountain willow-herb Epilobium saximontanum Present Native Unknown
Redtop Agrostis gigantea Present Non-native Unknown
Rocky Mountain fescue Festuca ovina var. rydbergii Present Native Unknown
Reed Meadow Grass Glyceria grandis Present Native Unknown
reed canary grass Phalaris arundinacea Present Non-native Unknown
Russian wildrye Psathyrostachys juncea Present Non-native Unknown
Reeves' bladderfern Cystopteris reevesiana Present Native Unknown
red baneberry Actaea rubra ssp. arguta Present Native Unknown
Rocky Mountain Maple Acer glabrum Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Seaside Arrowgrass Triglochin maritimum Present Native Unknown
small pondweed Potamogeton pusillus ssp. tenuissimus Present Native Unknown
Star-flowered Solomon's Seal Maianthemum stellatum Present Native Unknown
Spanish Needles; Beggar's Tick Bidens tenuisecta Present Native Uncommon
spreading daisy, spreading fleabane Erigeron divergens Present Native Uncommon
smooth white aster Symphyotrichum porteri Present Native Unknown
stemless Townsend daisy, stemless townsend-daisy, stemless townsendia Townsendia exscapa Present Native Common
Southwestern stoneseed Lithospermum multiflorum Present Native Common
southern marsh yellowcress Rorippa teres Present Native Unknown
strawberry blite Chenopodium capitatum Present Native Uncommon
smallhead goosefoot Chenopodium foliosum Present Native Unknown
Snowball cactus Pediocactus simpsonii Present Native Common
spreading sandwort Arenaria lanuginosa ssp. lanuginosa Present Native Unknown
spreading sandwort Arenaria lanuginosa ssp. saxosa Present Native Unknown
sharpleaf valerian Valeriana acutiloba var. acutiloba Present Native Unknown
sticky gilia Gilia pinnatifida Present Native Unknown
scarlet gilia, scarlet skyrocket Ipomopsis aggregata ssp. candida Present Native Common
Scarlet Gilia Ipomopsis aggregata ssp. collina Present Native Unknown
Sea Milkwort Glaux maritima var. angustifolia Present Native Unknown
showy crazyweed, showy locoweed, showy pointvetch Oxytropis splendens Present Native Unknown
Spreading Dogbane Apocynum androsaemifolium Present Native Common
small bedstraw Galium trifidum ssp. subbiflorum Present Native Unknown
Skullcap Scutellaria brittonii Present Native Unknown
squawfeather, wholeleaf Indian paintbrush Castilleja integra Present Native Unknown
sawsepal penstemon, western smooth beardtongue Penstemon glaber Present Native Unknown
sidebells penstemon Penstemon secundiflorus Present Native Unknown
Short-fruit willow Salix brachycarpa Present Native Unknown
scarlet beeblossom, scarlet gaura, Scarlet guara Gaura coccinea Present Native Common
Slender-beaked sedge Carex athrostachya Present Native Unknown
sun sedge Carex inops ssp. heliophila Present Native Unknown
SMALLWING SEDGE Carex microptera Present Native Unknown
Small-fruited Bulrush Scirpus microcarpus Present Native Unknown
sleepy grass, sleepygrass Achnatherum robustum Present Native Unknown
short foxtail, shortawn foxtail, short-awn meadow-foxtail Alopecurus aequalis Present Native Unknown
smooth brome Bromus inermis var. inermis Present Non-native Unknown
squirreltail Elymus elymoides ssp. brevifolius Present Native Uncommon
slimstem muhly Muhlenbergia filiculmis Present Native Unknown
sand dropseed Sporobolus cryptandrus Present Native Unknown
Seaside Crowfoot Ranunculus cymbalaria Present Native Unknown
silverberry Elaeagnus commutata Present Native Unknown
Silverweed Argentina anserina Present Native Unknown
shrubby cinquefoil Dasiphora floribunda Present Native Unknown
Slender Nettle Urtica dioica ssp. gracilis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Tall pussytoes Antennaria pulcherrima ssp. anaphaloides Present Native Unknown
Tassel-flower brickellbush Brickellia grandiflora Present Native Unknown
trailing daisy, trailing fleabane Erigeron flagellaris Present Native Unknown
threenerve fleabane Erigeron subtrinervis var. subtrinervis Present Native Unknown
three-tooth ragwort Packera tridenticulata Present Native Unknown
Tall fringe bluebells Mertensia ciliata Present Native Common
toadlily, water Indianlettuce, water miner's lettuce, water minerslettuce Montia chamissoi Present Native Unknown
twinberry honeysuckle Lonicera involucrata var. involucrata Present Native Uncommon
timber milkvetch, weedy milkvetch Astragalus miser Present Native Unknown
Torrey's penstemon Penstemon barbatus ssp. torreyi Present Native Unknown
Twisted Stalk Streptopus amplexifolius var. chalazatus Present Native Unknown
thymeleaf sandmat, thyme-leaf sandmat, thymeleaf spurge Chamaesyce serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia Present Non-native Unknown
tufted eveningprimrose Oenothera cespitosa ssp. macroglottis Present Native Unknown
Two-needle pinyon Pinus edulis Present Native Unknown
Two-seeded Sedge Carex disperma Present Native Unknown
Toad Rush Juncus bufonius Present Native Unknown
Tufted Hairgrass Deschampsia caespitosa Present Native Unknown
timothy Phleum pratense Present Non-native Unknown
timberline bluegrass Poa glauca ssp. rupicola Present Native Unknown
tumble grass, tumbleggrass, tumblegrass Schedonnardus paniculatus Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
upright blue beardtongue Penstemon virgatus Present Native Uncommon
Upland Brittle Fern Cystopteris fragilis Present Native Unknown
Underwood's spikemoss Selaginella underwoodii Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
velvetleaf Abutilon theophrasti Present Non-native Unknown
violet woodsorrel Oxalis violacea Present Native Unknown
Virginia strawberry Fragaria virginiana ssp. glauca Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Whisk-broom Parsley Harbouria trachypleura Present Native Unknown
whitewash cornflower Centaurea dealbata Present Non-native Unknown
woolly groundsel Packera cana Present Native Unknown
western aster Symphyotrichum ascendens Present Native Unknown
white prairie aster Symphyotrichum falcatum Present Native Unknown
white panicle aster Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var. hesperium Present Native Unknown
White scorpion-weed Phacelia alba Present Native Common
Wand phacelia Phacelia heterophylla Present Native Unknown
Woods draba Draba nemorosa Present Non-native Unknown
wing eriogonum, winged buckwheat Eriogonum alatum Present Native Unknown
winged buckwheat Eriogonum alatum var. alatum Present Native Common
western dock Rumex aquaticus var. fenestratus Present Native Unknown
Willow Dock Rumex salicifolius var. mexicanus Present Native Unknown
white clover Trifolium repens Present Non-native Common
Water birch Betula occidentalis Present Native Unknown
Wild Geranium Geranium atropurpureum var. atropurpureum Present Native Common
White River coraldrops Besseya plantaginea Present Native Common
Water Chickweed, Water starwort, Water-Starwort Callitriche palustris Present Native Unknown
Wolf's-milk [Leafy spurge] Euphorbia esula var. uralensis Present Non-native Common
Western St. Jonhnswort Hypericum scouleri ssp. nortoniae Present Native Unknown
Willow Herb Epilobium angustifolium Present Native Unknown
water sedge Carex aquatilis Present Native Unknown
woolly sedge Carex pellita Present Native Unknown
Water whorl grass Catabrosa aquatica Present Native Unknown
Witchgrass, Quackgrass Elymus repens Present Non-native Unknown
Weeping alkaligrass Puccinellia distans Present Native Unknown
Wheat Triticum aestivum Present Non-native Unknown
Windflower Anemone multifida var. multifida Present Native Unknown
White virgin's-bower Clematis ligusticifolia Present Native Unknown
White Water Buttercup Ranunculus trichophyllus Present Native Common
Woodland strawberry Fragaria vesca ssp. bracteata Present Native Common
Woods' rose Rosa woodsii Present Native Common
Wild Red Raspberry Rubus idaeus ssp. strigosus Present Native Unknown
wax currant Ribes cereum Present Native Common
Whitestem gooseberry Ribes inerme Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - X Agrohordeum macounii Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Yarrow, Milfoil Achillea millefolium var. occidentalis Present Native Common
yellowspine thistle Cirsium ochrocentrum Present Native Unknown
Yellow Cress Rorippa alpina Present Native Unknown
yellow sweetclover Melilotus officinalis Present Non-native Common
Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor Present Native Unknown
yellow willow Salix lutea Present Native Unknown

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Mannia pilosa Present Native Unknown
- - Marchantia polymorpha Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
pohlia moss Pohlia nutans Present Unknown Unknown

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Encyclometridae Present Native Unknown