Johnstown Flood National Memorial Park

Rank: 214

Park Description

The South Fork dam failed on Friday, May 31, 1889 and unleashed 20,000,000 tons of water that devastated Johnstown, PA. The flood killed 2,209 people but it brought the nation and the world together to aid the "Johnstown sufferers." The story of the Johnstown Flood reminds us all, "...that we must leave nothing undone for the preservation and protection of our brother men."

Park Address

Johnstown Flood National Memorial 733 Lake Road

South Fork, PA, 15956

Species in Johnstown Flood National Memorial Park by Category

Here you can look up all the species found in Johnstown Flood National Memorial Park. Start by picking a category. From there you can see how many species have either the common name beggining with each letter or scientific name. It's a good place to start if you're looking for what kind of species are invasive to the park, or perhaps how common or rare a species is for that area.

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Bonaparte Weasel, Bonaparte's Weasel, Ermine, Short-tailed Weasel Mustela erminea Unconfirmed Native - -
Black Bear Ursus americanus Unconfirmed Native - -
big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus Probably Present Native - -
Boreal Redback Vole, Red-backed Mouse, Red-backed Vole, Southern Red-backed Vole, White-Mountain Red-backed Mouse Clethrionomys gapperi Present Native Rare
Brewer's Mole, Hairy-tailed Mole Parascalops breweri Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
coyote Canis latrans Unconfirmed Native - -
Common Muskrat, Muskrat, Musquash, Water Rat Ondatra zibethicus Unconfirmed Native - -
Chickaree, Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern red bat Lasiurus borealis Unconfirmed Native - -
Eastern Pipistrelle, Northern Georgian Bat Pipistrellus subflavus Unconfirmed Native - -
eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus Present Native Uncommon
eastern gray squirrel Sciurus carolinensis Present Native Rare
eastern chipmunk Tamias striatus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus Unconfirmed Native - -
Hedgehog, Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum Unconfirmed Native - -
house mouse Mus musculus Unconfirmed Non-native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata Probably Present Native - -
least weasel Mustela nivalis Unconfirmed Native - -
little brown bat Myotis lucifugus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mink Mustela vison Present Native Unknown
meadow jumping mouse Zapus hudsonius Probably Present Native - -
meadow vole Microtus pennsylvanicus Present Native Common
Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern bat Myotis septentrionalis Unconfirmed Native - -
Norway rat Rattus norvegicus Unconfirmed Non-native - -
northern short-tailed shrew Blarina brevicauda Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
prairie deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus Present Native Common
pygmy shrew Sorex hoyi Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red fox Vulpes vulpes Present Non-native Rare
raccoon Procyon lotor Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
striped skunk Mephitis mephitis Present Native Rare
southern bog lemming Synaptomys cooperi Present Native Rare
southern flying squirrel Glaucomys volans Unconfirmed Native - -
smoky shrew Sorex fumeus Unconfirmed Native - -
Star-nosed Mole Condylura cristata Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Virginia opossum Didelphis virginiana Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Present Native Uncommon
Woodland Jumping Mouse Napaeozapus insignis Unconfirmed Native - -
woodland vole Microtus pinetorum Unconfirmed Native - -
white-footed mouse Peromyscus leucopus Present Native Common
woodchuck Marmota monax Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
american woodcock Scolopax minor Present Native Rare
american kestrel Falco sparverius Present Native Uncommon
american crow Corvus brachyrhynchos Present Native Abundant
american tree sparrow Spizella arborea Present Native Abundant
american goldfinch Carduelis tristis Present Native Abundant
american redstart Setophaga ruticilla Present Native Rare
american robin Turdus migratorius Present Native Abundant
alder flycatcher Empidonax alnorum Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
broad-winged hawk Buteo platypterus Present Native Occasional
Belted Kingfisher, Eastern Belted Kingfisher Ceryle alcyon Present Native Uncommon
Brown Creeper Certhia americana Present Native Occasional
blue jay Cyanocitta cristata Present Native Abundant
barn swallow Hirundo rustica Present Native Occasional
Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus Present Native Rare
baltimore oriole Icterus galbula Present Native Uncommon
brown-headed cowbird Molothrus ater Present Native Common
brown thrasher Toxostoma rufum Present Native Occasional
Black-capped Chickadee Poecile atricapillus Present Native Common
black-throated blue warbler Dendroica caerulescens Present Native Occasional
bay-breasted warbler Dendroica castanea Probably Present Native - -
blackburnian warbler Dendroica fusca Present Native Rare
blackpoll warbler Dendroica striata Present Native Occasional
black-throated green warbler Dendroica virens Present Native Rare
black-and-white warbler Mniotilta varia Present Native Occasional
blue-winged warbler Vermivora pinus Present Native Occasional
blue-gray gnatcatcher Polioptila caerulea Present Native Rare
Blue-headed Vireo Vireo solitarius Present Native Occasional
barred owl Strix varia Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Common Mallard, Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Present Native Uncommon
Canada Goose, Eastern Canada Goose Branta canadensis Present Native Abundant
chimney swift Chaetura pelagica Probably Present Native - -
Canada Ruffed Grouse, Partridge, Ruffed Grouse, Timber Grouse Bonasa umbellus Present Native Occasional
cedar waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum Present Native Abundant
Common Raven, Northern Raven, Raven Corvus corax Probably Present Native - -
chipping sparrow Spizella passerina Present Native Common
common grackle Quiscalus quiscula Present Native Abundant
chestnut-sided warbler Dendroica pensylvanica Present Native Common
cape may warbler Dendroica tigrina Probably Present Native - -
common yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas Present Native Abundant
Common Oven-bird, Ovenbird Seiurus aurocapillus Present Native Abundant
canada warbler Wilsonia canadensis Probably Present Native - -
carolina wren Thryothorus ludovicianus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
dark-eyed junco Junco hyemalis Present Native Uncommon
downy woodpecker Picoides pubescens Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern Savannah Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis Present Native Occasional
Eastern Towhee Pipilo erythrophthalmus Present Native Abundant
Eastern Snow Bunting, Snow Bunting, Snowflake Plectrophenax nivalis Present Native Rare
Eastern Vesper Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow Pooecetes gramineus Present Native Rare
eastern meadowlark Sturnella magna Present Native Uncommon
european starling Sturnus vulgaris Present Non-native Common
eastern bluebird Sialia sialis Present Native Common
eastern wood-pewee Contopus virens Probably Present Native - -
eastern phoebe Sayornis phoebe Present Native Rare
eastern kingbird Tyrannus tyrannus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
field sparrow Spizella pusilla Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
grasshopper sparrow Ammodramus savannarum Present Native Occasional
Great Gray Shrike, Northern Shrike Lanius excubitor Present Native Occasional
gray catbird Dumetella carolinensis Present Native Abundant
golden-winged warbler Vermivora chrysoptera Probably Present Native - -
golden-crowned kinglet Regulus satrapa Present Native Rare
great crested flycatcher Myiarchus crinitus Present Native Occasional
Great Blue Heron, Northern Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Present Native Occasional
great horned owl Bubo virginianus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Henslow's sparrow Ammodramus henslowii Present Native Occasional
house finch Carpodacus mexicanus Present Non-native Occasional
hooded warbler Wilsonia citrina Probably Present Native - -
house sparrow Passer domesticus Present Non-native Rare
house wren Troglodytes aedon Present Native Uncommon
hairy woodpecker Picoides villosus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
indigo bunting Passerina cyanea Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Killdeer, Northern Killdeer Charadrius vociferus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mourning dove Zenaida macroura Present Native Rare
magnolia warbler Dendroica magnolia Probably Present Native - -
mourning warbler Oporornis philadelphia Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Present Native Uncommon
northern rough-winged swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis Present Native Uncommon
northern parula Parula americana Probably Present Native - -
nashville warbler Vermivora ruficapilla Probably Present Native - -
northern flicker Colaptes auratus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
osprey Pandion haliaetus Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
purple finch Carpodacus purpureus Present Native Occasional
Pileated Woodpecker Dryocopus pileatus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red-tailed hawk Buteo jamaicensis Present Native Common
red-shouldered hawk Buteo lineatus Present Native Uncommon
ruby-throated hummingbird Archilochus colubris Present Native Rare
rock dove Columba livia Present Non-native Occasional
rose-breasted grosbeak Pheucticus ludovicianus Present Native Rare
red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus Present Native Abundant
red-breasted nuthatch Sitta canadensis Present Native Occasional
red-eyed vireo Vireo olivaceus Present Native Abundant
red-bellied woodpecker Melanerpes carolinus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
swamp sparrow Melospiza georgiana Present Native Common
song sparrow Melospiza melodia Present Native Abundant
scarlet tanager Piranga olivacea Present Native Uncommon
summer tanager Piranga rubra Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
turkey vulture Cathartes aura Present Native Uncommon
Tree Swallow Tachycineta bicolor Present Native Common
tufted titmouse Baeolophus bicolor Present Native Common
tennessee warbler Vermivora peregrina Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Wood Duck Aix sponsa Present Native Rare
Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo Present Native Occasional
white-throated sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis Present Native Rare
wilson's warbler Wilsonia pusilla Probably Present Native - -
white-breasted nuthatch Sitta carolinensis Present Native Uncommon
winter wren Troglodytes troglodytes Present Native Occasional
wood thrush Hylocichla mustelina Present Native Uncommon
willow flycatcher Empidonax traillii Present Native Common
white-eyed vireo Vireo griseus Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
yellow-billed cuckoo Coccyzus americanus Present Native Occasional
yellow-rumped warbler Dendroica coronata Present Native Uncommon
yellow warbler Dendroica petechia Present Native Abundant
yellow-throated vireo Vireo flavifrons Present Native Occasional

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
black racer Coluber constrictor Present Native Rare
brown snake Storeria dekayi Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
common snapping turtle Chelydra serpentina Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern hognose snake Heterodon platirhinos Unconfirmed Native - -
eastern garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis Present Native Common
eastern box turtle Terrapene carolina Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
five-lined skink Eumeces fasciatus Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
milk snake Lampropeltis triangulum Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern water snake Nerodia sipedon Present Native Rare
northern redbelly snake Storeria occipitomaculata Present Native Uncommon
northern fence lizard Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus Unconfirmed Native - -
northern copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
ringneck snake Diadophis punctatus Present Native Rare
rat snake Elaphe obsoleta Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
smooth green snake Opheodrys vernalis Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
timber rattlesnake Crotalus horridus Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
wood turtle Glyptemys insculpta Unconfirmed Native - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American toad Bufo americanus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
bullfrog Rana catesbeiana Present Unknown Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eastern Red-backed Salamander, Northern Redback Salamander, Red-backed Salamander Plethodon cinereus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Four-toed Salamander Hemidactylium scutatum Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Gray Treefrog, Rain Toad, Tree Toad Hyla versicolor Unconfirmed Native - -
green frog Rana clamitans Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Jefferson salamander Ambystoma jeffersonianum Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
longtail salamander Eurycea longicauda Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mole salamanders Ambystoma - - - - - -
marbled salamander Ambystoma opacum Unconfirmed Native - -
mountain dusky salamander Desmognathus ochrophaeus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern dusky salamander Desmognathus fuscus Present Native Rare
Northern Two-lined Salamander, Two-lined Salamander Eurycea bislineata Present Native Rare
northern spring salamander Gyrinophilus porphyriticus Present Native Rare
northern slimy salamander Plethodon glutinosus Present Native Common
northern red salamander Pseudotriton ruber Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
pickerel frog Rana palustris Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red-spotted newt Notophthalmus viridescens Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
spring peeper Pseudacris crucifer Present Native Abundant
spotted salamander Ambystoma maculatum Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
valley and ridge salamander Plethodon hoffmani Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
wood frog Rana sylvatica Present Native Common
Wehrle's Salamander Plethodon wehrlei Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
creek chub Semotilus atromaculatus Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern blacknose dace Rhinichthys atratulus Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
fantail darter Etheostoma flabellare Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
johnny darter Etheostoma nigrum Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mottled sculpin Cottus bairdii Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
white sucker Catostomus commersonii Present Native Common

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
asparagus Asparagus officinalis Present Non-native Uncommon
annual ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia Present Native Common
aster Aster - - - - - -
American pokeweed, common pokeweed, inkberry, pigeonberry, poke, pokeberry, pokeweed Phytolacca americana Present Native Unknown
arrowwood, arrow-wood viburnum, southern arrowwood Viburnum dentatum - - - - - -
arrow-wood Viburnum recognitum Present Native Common
Alfalfa, Lucerne Medicago sativa Present Non-native Uncommon
- - Alnus incana Present Native Common
American hornbeam Carpinus caroliniana Present Native Uncommon
American beech Fagus grandifolia Present Native Common
Allegheny monkey-flower Mimulus ringens Present Native Unknown
American speedwell, brooklime Veronica americana Present Native Uncommon
Appalachian violet Viola appalachiensis Present Native Rare
American basswood Tilia americana Present Native Unknown
Awl Sedge Carex stipata Present Native Uncommon
American Great Bulrush Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Present Native Uncommon
awnless brome, smooth brome Bromus inermis Present Non-native Unknown
autumn olive Elaeagnus umbellata Present Non-native Common
agrimony Agrimonia - - - - - -
Agrimony Agrimonia gryposepala Present Native Uncommon
avens Geum - - - - - -
Avens Geum canadense Present Native Common
apple Malus - - - - - -
Appalachian barren strawberry Waldsteinia fragarioides Present Native Uncommon
American elm Ulmus americana Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Black Snakeroot, Sanicle Sanicula marilandica Present Native Uncommon
blueeyed grass, blue-eyed grass Sisyrinchium - - - - - -
bursage, ragweed Ambrosia - - - - - -
Beggar Ticks, Stick-tight Bidens frondosa Present Native Common
bur-marifold, stick-tights Bidens laevis Not In Park Native - -
bull thistle Cirsium vulgare Present Non-native Uncommon
bigleaf aster Eurybia macrophylla Present Native Uncommon
blackeyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta Present Native Uncommon
blowball, common dandelion, dandelion, faceclock Taraxacum officinale Present Non-native Common
bittercress Cardamine - - - - - -
bouncingbet Saponaria officinalis Probably Present Non-native - -
Bladder Campion Silene vulgaris Present Non-native Uncommon
bitter doc Rumex obtusifolius Present Non-native Unknown
burningbush, winged burning bush, winged euonymus, winged spindletree Euonymus alatus Present Non-native Unknown
Bush Honeysuckle Diervilla lonicera - - - - - -
Black Huckleberry Gaylussacia baccata - - - - - -
Black Medick Medicago lupulina Probably Present Non-native - -
black locust Robinia pseudoacacia Present Unknown Common
black alder Alnus glutinosa Present Non-native Unknown
birch Betula - - - - - -
black birch, sweet birch Betula lenta Present Native Unknown
black oak Quercus velutina Present Native Uncommon
bitternut hickory Carya cordiformis Present Native Uncommon
butternut Juglans cinerea Not In Park Native - -
bedstraw Galium - - - - - -
border privet Ligustrum obtusifolium Present Non-native Unknown
Butter-and-eggs Linaria vulgaris Present Non-native Uncommon
Bird's Eye Speedwell Veronica chamaedrys Unconfirmed Non-native - -
bird-eye speedwell Veronica persica Present Non-native Uncommon
Blue Vervain Verbena hastata Present Native Common
bunchflower Veratrum virginicum Unconfirmed Native - -
bristly greenbrier Smilax tamnoides - - - - - -
broad looseflower sedge Carex laxiflora Present Native Uncommon
Beaded Broom Sedge Carex projecta - - - - - -
blunt spike-rush Eleocharis obtusa Present Native Uncommon
big bluestem Andropogon gerardii Present Native Unknown
broom-sedge Andropogon virginicus Present Native Common
bearded shorthusk Brachyelytrum erectum Probably Present Native - -
bluegrass, bluegrass spp. Poa - - - - - -
broadleaf cattail Typha latifolia Present Native Common
bracken fern Pteridium aquilinum Present Native Unknown
buttercup Ranunculus - - - - - -
bristly buttercup Ranunculus hispidus Present Native Uncommon
blisterwort Ranunculus recurvatus Present Native Uncommon
Black Cherry Prunus serotina Present Native Common
blackberry, brambles Rubus - - - - - -
bristly dewberry Rubus hispidus Present Native Common
black raspberry Rubus occidentalis Present Native Common
boxelder Acer negundo Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
calamus Acorus calamus Present Non-native Uncommon
common duckweed, least duckweed, lesser duckweed Lemna minor Present Native Common
Clayton's sweetroot Osmorhiza claytonii Present Native Uncommon
Common Blue-eyed Grass Sisyrinchium angustifolium Present Native Uncommon
common yarrow Achillea millefolium Present Unknown Common
Common Burdock Arctium minus Present Non-native Unknown
Canada Thistle Cirsium arvense Present Non-native Common
Canadian horseweed Conyza canadensis Probably Present Native - -
common boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum Present Native Common
cutleaf coneflower Rudbeckia laciniata Present Native Uncommon
Canada Goldenrod Solidago canadensis Present Native Common
common blue wood aster Symphyotrichum cordifolium Probably Present Native - -
calico aster Symphyotrichum lateriflorum Present Native Common
calico aster Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. lateriflorum Present Native Common
common salsify, goat's beard, goatsbeard, meadow goat's-beard, salsifis majeur, salsify, western goat's beard, western salsify, wild oysterplant, yellow goat's beard, yellow salsify Tragopogon dubius Present Non-native Uncommon
Coltsfoot Tussilago farfara Present Non-native Unknown
common mouse-ear chickweed Cerastium fontanum Present Non-native Common
Core's starwort Stellaria corei Unconfirmed Native - -
common chickweed Stellaria media Present Non-native Common
Carolina spring-beauty Claytonia caroliniana Present Native Uncommon
climbing false-buckwheat Polygonum scandens Present Native Unknown
common sheep sorrel Rumex acetosella Present Non-native Unknown
Curly dock Rumex crispus Present Non-native Unknown
common elderberry Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis Present Native Uncommon
crown-vetch Securigera varia Present Non-native Abundant
caryer, hickory Carya - - - - - -
Common Milkweed Asclepias syriaca Present Native Uncommon
common selfheal Prunella vulgaris Present Unknown Uncommon
clustered mountainmint Pycnanthemum muticum Probably Present Native - -
Common Plantain Plantago major Probably Present Non-native - -
corn speedwell Veronica arvensis Present Non-native Uncommon
Common Speedwell Veronica officinalis Present Non-native Unknown
Common Mullein Verbascum thapsus Present Non-native Unknown
Canada Lily Lilium canadense Present Native Uncommon
catbrier, common greenbriar, greenbriar, greenbrier, sarsaparilla Smilax - - - - - -
cucumber-tree Magnolia acuminata Present Native Uncommon
Common St. Johnswort Hypericum perforatum Present Non-native Unknown
Canadian white violet Viola canadensis Present Native Unknown
common blue violet Viola sororia Present Native Common
common evening primrose Oenothera biennis Probably Present Native - -
cutleaf grapefern Botrychium dissectum Present Native Uncommon
Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea Present Native Common
common yellow oxalis Oxalis stricta Present Native Unknown
Canadian wildginger Asarum canadense Present Native Uncommon
carex, sedge, sedge species, sedges Carex - - - - - -
common fox sedge Carex vulpinoidea Present Native Uncommon
common rush Juncus effusus Present Native Common
common woodrush Luzula multiflora Present Native Uncommon
Common Darnel, Perennial Ryegrass Lolium perenne Present Non-native Unknown
Canada bluegrass Poa compressa Present Non-native Uncommon
Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides Present Native Unknown
Common Shadbush Amelanchier arborea Present Native Unknown
cream avens Geum virginianum Unconfirmed Native - -
cinquefoil Potentilla - - - - - -
common cinquefoil Potentilla simplex Present Native Unknown
chokecherry, plum Prunus - - - - - -
Choke Cherry Prunus virginiana Present Native Uncommon
Common Blackberry Rubus allegheniensis Present Native Common
Canadian woodnettle Laportea canadensis Present Native Uncommon
Canadian clearweed Pilea pumila Present Native Uncommon
currant Ribes - - - - - -
creeping jenny, European bindweed, field bindweed, perennial morningglory, smallflowered morningglory Convolvulus arvensis Present Non-native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
devil's walkingstick Aralia spinosa Present Native Uncommon
dwarf ginseng Panax trifolius Present Native Uncommon
daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Dame's Rocket Hesperis matronalis Present Non-native Common
Deptford pink Dianthus armeria Present Non-native Common
Doorweed, Common Knotgrass Polygonum aviculare Present Non-native Common
dock Rumex - - - - - -
dogbane Apocynum - - - - - -
dwarf St. Johnswort Hypericum mutilum Present Native Uncommon
Dog Violet Viola labradorica Unconfirmed Native - -
Dudley rush, Dudley's rush Juncus dudleyi Present Native Common
danthonia, oatgrass Danthonia - - - - - -
deertongue Dichanthelium clandestinum Present Native Uncommon
dutchman's breeches Dicentra cucullaria Present Native Uncommon
Dwarf Cinquefoil Potentilla canadensis Present Native Common
Deadly Nightshade Solanum dulcamara Present Non-native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern daisy fleabane Erigeron annuus Present Native Uncommon
early goldenrod Solidago juncea Present Native Common
elm-leaved goldenrod Solidago ulmifolia Unconfirmed Native - -
elderberry Sambucus - - - - - -
enchanter's-nightshade Circaea lutetiana Present Native Uncommon
evening primrose, eveningprimrose, evening-primrose Oenothera - - - - - -
European larch Larix decidua Present Non-native Unknown
eastern white pine Pinus strobus Present Native Unknown
Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Present Native Unknown
eastern woodland sedge Carex blanda - - - - - -
Evergreen Wood Fern Dryopteris intermedia Present Native Uncommon
early woodbuttercup Ranunculus abortivus Present Native Uncommon
early buttercup Ranunculus fascicularis Unconfirmed Native - -
eastern poison ivy Toxicodendron radicans Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
FIELD GARLIC Allium vineale Present Non-native Common
feathery false lily of the vally Maianthemum racemosum ssp. racemosum Present Native Uncommon
flat-topped white aster Doellingeria umbellata var. umbellata Present Native Common
Field Hawkweed, King Devil Hieracium caespitosum Present Non-native Unknown
Field Pennycress Thlaspi arvense Present Non-native Uncommon
Fuller's teasel Dipsacus fullonum Present Non-native Common
field horsetail Equisetum arvense Present Native Unknown
Fringed Loosestrife Lysimachia ciliata Present Native Common
field clover Trifolium campestre Probably Present Non-native - -
fan clubmoss Lycopodium digitatum Present Native Common
Flat-branch Groundpine Lycopodium obscurum Present Native Uncommon
flatsedge, nutgrass Cyperus - - - - - -
field rush Juncus tenuis Present Native Common
Fly-away Grass Agrostis scabra Present Native Uncommon
fowl mannagrass Glyceria striata Present Native Common
fanleaf hawthorn Crataegus flabellata Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Grass-leaved Goldenrod Euthamia graminifolia Present Native Common
golden ragwort Packera aurea Present Native Common
goldenrod Solidago - - - - - -
giant goldenrod Solidago gigantea Present Native Common
goat's beard Tragopogon pratensis - - - - - -
giant ironweed, tall ironweed Vernonia gigantea Probably Present Native - -
Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata Present Non-native Unknown
giant knotweed Polygonum sachalinense Present Non-native Common
gray dogwood Cornus racemosa - - - - - -
ground ivy Glechoma hederacea Present Non-native Common
green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Present Native Uncommon
groundcedar Lycopodium complanatum Not In Park Native - -
green bulrush Scirpus atrovirens Present Native Common
grape Vitis - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
hairy Solomon's seal Polygonatum pubescens Present Native Uncommon
Helleborine Epipactis helleborine Present Non-native Rare
hawkweed Hieracium - - - - - -
hairy white oldfield aster Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pilosum Present Native Uncommon
honeysuckle Lonicera X bella Present Non-native Common
hophornbeam Ostrya virginiana Present Native Unknown
hairy bedstraw Galium pilosum Present Native Uncommon
hoary mountainmint Pycnanthemum incanum Probably Present Native - -
halberd-leaved yellow violet Viola hastata Present Native Uncommon
hardstem bulrush, Tule bulrush Schoenoplectus acutus var. acutus Not In Park Native - -
hotsprings panicum, hotsprings rosette grass, tapered rosette grass Dichanthelium acuminatum - - - - - -
Hay-scented Fern Dennstaedtia punctilobula Present Native Unknown
hawthorns Crataegus - - - - - -
Hawthorn Crataegus crus-galli Probably Present Native - -
Hawthorn Crataegus pedicellata Unconfirmed Native - -
heartleaf foamflower Tiarella cordifolia Present Native Unknown
hedge false bindweed Calystegia sepium Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
ironweed Vernonia - - - - - -
Indian-tobacco Lobelia inflata Present Native Uncommon
Indianhemp Apocynum cannabinum Present Native Uncommon
Interrupted Fern Osmunda claytoniana Present Native Uncommon
Indiangrass, yellow indian-grass Sorghastrum nutans Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Jack in the pulpit Arisaema triphyllum Present Native Uncommon
Jack-in-the-pulpit Arisaema triphyllum ssp. stewardsonii Present Native Uncommon
Jack in the pulpit Arisaema triphyllum ssp. triphyllum Present Native Uncommon
Joe-Pye-weed Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus Present Native Common
Japanese knotweed Polygonum cuspidatum Present Non-native Common
jumpseed Polygonum virginianum Present Native Uncommon
jewelweed Impatiens capensis Present Native Common
Japanese barberry Berberis thunbergii Present Non-native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Kentucky bluegrass Poa pratensis Present Non-native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
late goldenrod Solidago altissima Present Native Common
Lowrie's aster Symphyotrichum lowrieanum Probably Present Native - -
- - Lobelia - - - - - -
Lesser Stitchwort Stellaria graminea Probably Present Non-native - -
low smartweed, oriental ladysthumb Polygonum cespitosum Present Non-native Unknown
lady's-thumb Polygonum persicaria Present Non-native Uncommon
Low Blueberry Vaccinium angustifolium Present Native Unknown
licorice bedstraw Galium circaezans Present Native Unknown
lesser snapdragon Misopates orontium Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Large-toothed Aspen, Popple Populus grandidentata Present Native Uncommon
Large-leaved White Violet Viola blanda var. palustriformis Present Native Unknown
Long Sedge Carex folliculata Present Native Uncommon
little bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium Present Native Uncommon
lady fern Athyrium filix-femina Present Native Common
longleaf groundcherry Physalis longifolia var. subglabrata Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mountain winterberry Ilex montana Present Native Uncommon
Morrow's Honeysuckle Lonicera morrowii Present Non-native Abundant
mockernut hickory Carya alba Present Native Uncommon
meadow closed gentian Gentiana clausa Present Native Uncommon
Marsh Bedstraw Galium palustre Present Native Unknown
Mad-dog Skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora Present Native Uncommon
Mullein Verbascum - - - - - -
Moth Mullein Verbascum blattaria Present Non-native Uncommon
Marsh Blue Violet Viola cucullata Present Native Uncommon
meadow fescue Festuca elatior - - - - - -
mannagrass Glyceria - - - - - -
meadow fescue Lolium pratense - - - - - -
milletgrass Milium effusum Present Native Uncommon
Muhly grass Muhlenbergia - - - - - -
Mexican muhly Muhlenbergia mexicana Present Native Uncommon
meadow fescue Schedonorus pratensis Present Native Uncommon
Marginal Shield Fern Dryopteris marginalis - - - - - -
mayapple Podophyllum peltatum Present Native Common
multiflora rose Rosa multiflora Present Non-native Abundant
Mountain Maple Acer spicatum Present Native Uncommon
morningglory, morning-glory Ipomoea - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Northern Blue Flag, Iris Iris versicolor Present Native Uncommon
Nodding Bur Marigold, Stick-tight Bidens cernua Present Native Common
noble goldenrod, showy goldenrod Solidago speciosa Unconfirmed Native - -
New England aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Present Native Uncommon
New York ironweed Vernonia noveboracensis Probably Present Native - -
Northern Red Oak Quercus rubra Present Native Common
Northern Bugleweed Lycopus uniflorus Present Native Common
narrowleaf plantain Plantago lanceolata Present Non-native Common
northern spicebush Lindera benzoin Present Native Common
Northern White Violet Viola macloskeyi ssp. pallens Probably Present Native - -
Northern Willow Herb Epilobium ciliatum Probably Present Native - -
Norway Spruce Picea abies Probably Present Non-native - -
northeastern sedge Carex cryptolepis Not In Park Native - -
Narrow-panicled Rush Juncus brevicaudatus Present Native Uncommon
Nepalese browntop Microstegium vimineum Not In Park Non-native - -
narrowleaf cattail Typha angustifolia Present Non-native Common
New York fern Thelypteris noveboracensis Present Native Common
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius Present Native Unknown
northern dewberry Rubus flagellaris Present Native Unknown
Norway maple Acer platanoides Present Non-native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
oxeye daisy Leucanthemum vulgare Present Non-native Common
Orchard Grass Dactylis glomerata Present Non-native Common
old switch panic grass, switchgrass Panicum virgatum Present Unknown Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Pearly Everlasting Anaphalis margaritacea Present Native Uncommon
Pilewort Erechtites hieraciifolia Probably Present Native - -
Philadelphia fleabane Erigeron philadelphicus Present Native Uncommon
prairie fleabane Erigeron strigosus Present Native Unknown
Panicled Aster Symphyotrichum lanceolatum - - - - - -
purplestem aster Symphyotrichum puniceum var. puniceum Present Native Common
Pennsylvania Bitter Cress Cardamine pensylvanica Present Native Uncommon
Pennsylvania knotweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, pinkweed, pinweed Polygonum pensylvanicum Present Native Uncommon
Pagoda Dogwood Cornus alternifolia Present Native Uncommon
pale touch-me-not Impatiens pallida Present Native Uncommon
perennial or garden phlox Phlox paniculata Present Native Uncommon
Purple Milkwort Polygala sanguinea Present Native Uncommon
Partridgeberry Mitchella repens - - - - - -
purple dead-nettle Lamium purpureum Present Non-native Uncommon
Purple-leaved Willow Herb Epilobium coloratum Present Native Common
pine Pinus - - - - - -
Pointed Broom Sedge Carex scoparia Present Native Uncommon
poverty oatgrass Danthonia spicata Present Native Uncommon
panicgrass, panicum Panicum - - - - - -
paradise apple Malus pumila Present Non-native Unknown
Pin Cherry, Fire Cherry Prunus pensylvanica Present Native Unknown
pear Pyrus - - - - - -
Purple-flowering Raspberry Rubus odoratus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Queen Anne's lace Daucus carota Present Non-native Common
Quaking Aspen Populus tremuloides Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Rough Hawkweed Hieracium scabrum Probably Present Native - -
rattlesnakeroot Prenanthes - - - - - -
Rattlesnake root Prenanthes alba Present Native Uncommon
rough-leaved goldenrod Solidago patula Present Native Uncommon
Rough-stemmed Goldenrod Solidago rugosa Present Native Abundant
red elderberry Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa Present Native Uncommon
Round-leaved Pyrola Pyrola americana Present Native Uncommon
rosebay Rhododendron maximum Present Native Uncommon
red clover Trifolium pratense Present Non-native Unknown
river birch Betula nigra Present Non-native Unknown
Rough Bedstraw Galium asprellum Present Native Common
roundleaf greenbrier Smilax rotundifolia Present Native Unknown
Round-branch Groundpine Lycopodium dendroideum Present Native Common
round-leaved violet Viola rotundifolia Present Native Uncommon
Red Pine Pinus resinosa Present Non-native Uncommon
rosy sedge Carex rosea Present Native Uncommon
Rhode Island Bent Agrostis capillaris Present Non-native Unknown
Redtop Agrostis gigantea Present Non-native Unknown
Redtop Agrostis stolonifera Present Non-native Uncommon
rosette grass Dichanthelium - - - - - -
riverbank wild-rye Elymus riparius Present Native Uncommon
Rattlesnake Grass Glyceria canadensis Present Native Uncommon
Rice Cutgrass Leersia oryzoides Present Native Common
reed canary grass Phalaris arundinacea Present Non-native Common
red mulberry Morus rubra Present Native Uncommon
Rough Cinquefoil Potentilla norvegica Present Non-native Uncommon
roughfruit cinquefoil Potentilla recta Present Non-native Uncommon
red maple Acer rubrum Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Skunk Cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus Present Native Uncommon
spikenard Aralia - - - - - -
Spikenard Aralia racemosa Present Native Uncommon
Solomon's-seal Polygonatum biflorum Present Native Uncommon
spotted knapweed Centaurea biebersteinii - - - - - -
spotted knapweed Centaurea stoebe ssp. micranthos Present Non-native Unknown
spotted Joe-Pye-weed Eupatoriadelphus maculatus var. maculatus Present Native Uncommon
Spotted Joe-Pye Weed Eupatorium maculatum - - - - - -
sweet-scented Joe-Pye-weed Eupatorium purpureum Present Native Uncommon
Shepherd's Purse Capsella bursa-pastoris Probably Present Non-native - -
star chickweed Stellaria pubera Present Native Uncommon
swamp smartweed Polygonum hydropiperoides Present Native Uncommon
smooth alder Alnus serrulata Present Native Common
Spreading Dogbane Apocynum androsaemifolium Present Native Uncommon
swamp milkweed Asclepias incarnata Present Native Uncommon
stickywilly Galium aparine Present Native Common
Splitlip Hemp Nettle Galeopsis bifida Probably Present Non-native - -
Spearmint Mentha spicata Probably Present Non-native - -
scarlet beebalm Monarda didyma Present Native Uncommon
sassafras Sassafras albidum Present Native Uncommon
smooth carrionflower Smilax herbacea Present Native Uncommon
Shining Clubmoss Huperzia lucidula Present Native Uncommon
spotted St. Johnswort Hypericum punctatum Present Native Uncommon
Sweet White Violet Viola blanda Present Native Common
Selkirk's violet Viola selkirkii Unconfirmed Native - -
striped cream violet Viola striata Present Native Uncommon
spruce Picea - - - - - -
Scotch Pine Pinus sylvestris Present Non-native Common
sedge Carex appalachica Present Native Uncommon
sedge Carex crinita Present Native Unknown
sedge Carex debilis Present Native Unknown
sedge Carex digitalis Present Native Uncommon
Sickle-grass Carex gynandra Present Native Unknown
spreading sedge Carex laxiculmis - - - - - -
Sallow Sedge Carex lurida Present Native Common
sedge Carex swanii Present Native Uncommon
sedge Carex virescens Present Native Uncommon
straw-colored nutsedge Cyperus strigosus Present Native Uncommon
spikerush, spikesedge Eleocharis - - - - - -
Sharp-fruited Rush Juncus acuminatus Present Native Uncommon
Sweet Vernal Grass Anthoxanthum odoratum Present Non-native Common
shorthusk Brachyelytrum - - - - - -
small crabgrass Digitaria ischaemum Present Non-native Uncommon
Slender Mannagrass Glyceria melicaria Present Native Uncommon
smooth panic grass Panicum dichotomiflorum Present Native Uncommon
shiny wedgescale Sphenopholis nitida Present Native Uncommon
spinulose wood fern Dryopteris carthusiana Present Native Uncommon
Sensitive Fern, Beadfern Onoclea sensibilis Present Native Common
silver false spleenwort Deparia acrostichoides Present Native Uncommon
swamp buttercup Ranunculus hispidus var. nitidus Present Native Uncommon
sweet crabapple Malus coronaria Present Native Uncommon
sweet cherry Prunus avium - - - - - -
Steeplebush, Hardhack Spiraea tomentosa Present Native Abundant
staghorn sumac Rhus typhina Present Native Common
Striped Maple, Moosewood Acer pensylvanicum Present Native Uncommon
sugar maple Acer saccharum Present Native Common
summer grape Vitis aestivalis Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Thistle Carduus - - - - - -
Tall Blue Lettuce Lactuca biennis Probably Present Native - -
Tall White Lettuce Prenanthes altissima Probably Present Native - -
two-leaved toothwort Cardamine diphylla Present Native Uncommon
tearthumb Polygonum sagittatum Present Native Common
Tartarian honeysuckle Lonicera tatarica Present Non-native Unknown
touch-me-not Impatiens - - - - - -
Turtlehead Chelone glabra Present Native Uncommon
Trout Lily, Dogtooth Violet Erythronium americanum Present Native Uncommon
turk's-cap lily Lilium superbum Present Native Uncommon
trillium Trillium - - - - - -
three-seeded mercury Acalypha rhomboidea Present Native Uncommon
Tussock Sedge Carex stricta Present Native Common
twisted sedge Carex torta Present Native Uncommon
threeway sedge Dulichium arundinaceum Present Native Uncommon
timothy Phleum pratense Present Non-native Common
Tall Buttercup Ranunculus acris Present Non-native Uncommon
Tall Meadow Rue Thalictrum pubescens Present Native Uncommon
tall cinquefoil Potentilla arguta Unconfirmed Native - -
twoleaf miterwort Mitella diphylla Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Upland Bent Agrostis perennans Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Virginia springbeauty Claytonia virginica Present Native Uncommon
Velvetleaf Blueberry Vaccinium myrtilloides - - - - - -
Virginia Bulgleweed Lycopus virginicus Probably Present Native - -
violet Viola - - - - - -
Velvet Bent Agrostis canina Unconfirmed Non-native - -
velvetgrass Holcus lanatus Present Non-native Unknown
Virginia strawberry Fragaria virginiana Present Native Unknown
Virginia creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Wild Parsnip Pastinaca sativa Present Non-native Unknown
Wild Sarsaparilla Aralia nudicaulis Present Native Uncommon
Winterberry, Black Alder Ilex verticillata Present Native Uncommon
wild leek Allium tricoccum Present Native Uncommon
Wild Lily-of-the-valley Maianthemum canadense Present Native Common
white snakeroot Ageratina altissima var. altissima Present Native Common
white wood aster Eurybia divaricata Present Native Common
Whorled or Mountain Aster Oclemena acuminata Present Native Uncommon
wreath goldenrod Solidago caesia Present Native Uncommon
white panicle aster Symphyotrichum lanceolatum ssp. lanceolatum Present Native Uncommon
willowleaf aster Symphyotrichum praealtum Present Native Common
white arrowleaf aster Symphyotrichum urophyllum Probably Present Native - -
wingstem Verbesina alternifolia Present Native Common
Winter Cress, Yellow Rocket Barbarea vulgaris Present Non-native Unknown
Wild Peppergrass Lepidium virginicum Probably Present Native - -
watercress Nasturtium officinale Present Non-native Unknown
wild hydrangea Hydrangea arborescens Present Native Uncommon
Wild Cucumber Echinocystis lobata Probably Present Native - -
white clover Trifolium repens Present Non-native Common
white oak Quercus alba Present Native Uncommon
Wild Madder Galium mollugo Present Non-native Unknown
wood-mint Blephilia hirsuta Present Native Uncommon
wild-basil Clinopodium vulgare Present Non-native Unknown
water horehound, waterhorehound Lycopus - - - - - -
white bergamot Monarda clinopodia Present Native Uncommon
white ash Fraxinus americana Present Native Uncommon
White or Foxglove Beardtongue Penstemon digitalis Present Native Unknown
Wild Oats Uvularia sessilifolia Present Native Common
white clintonia Clintonia umbellulata Present Native Uncommon
Wood Lily Lilium philadelphicum Unconfirmed Native - -
wakerobin Trillium erectum Present Native Uncommon
willow Salix - - - - - -
willow Salix sericea Present Native Common
willow-herb Epilobium - - - - - -
Wooly Sedge Carex laevivaginata Present Native Uncommon
Wool Grass Scirpus cyperinus Present Native Common
Wild Oatgrass Danthonia compressa Present Native Unknown
Witchgrass, Quackgrass Elymus repens Present Non-native Uncommon
whitegrass Leersia virginica Present Native Uncommon
woodland bluegrass Poa alsodes Present Native Unknown
Wood Anemone, Windflower Anemone quinquefolia Present Native Uncommon
Wild Black Currant Ribes americanum Present Native Uncommon
witchhazel Hamamelis virginiana Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
yellow salsify Tragopogon lamottei Probably Present Non-native - -
yellow sweetclover Melilotus officinalis Present Non-native Uncommon
Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis Present Native Uncommon
yellow mandarin Prosartes lanuginosa Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
zig-zag aster Symphyotrichum prenanthoides Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
sphagnum Sphagnum - - - - - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Cambarus bartonii bartonii - - - - - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mimic lymnaea Pseudosuccinea columella - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Physidae - - - - - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Agonum melanarium Present - - - -
- - Antocha - - - - - -
- - Ameletus - - - - - -
- - Agrotis venerabilis Present - - - -
- - Agnetina - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Baetis - - - - - -
bristly cutworm Lacinipolia renigera Present - - - -
bronzed cutworm Nephelodes minians Present - - - -
Black Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes Present - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
click beetles Elateridae Present - - - -
- - Cladura flavoferruginea Present - - - -
- - Centroptilum - - - - - -
copper underwing, rearhumped caterpillar Amphipyra pyramidoides Present - - - -
Common woodnymph Cercyonis pegala Present - - - -
cabbage white Pieris rapae Present - - - -
- - Capnia - - - - - -
- - Clioperla - - - - - -
caddisflies, tric?ptero Trichoptera Present - - - -
- - Cheumatopsyche - - - - - -
- - Chimarra - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Dicranota - - - - - -
Dun skipper Euphyes vestris - - - - - -
- - Diplectrona - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Ephemerella - - - - - -
- - Ephemera - - - - - -
European skipper Thymelicus lineola Present - - - -
Eastern tiger swallowtail Papilio glaucus Present - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
false hemlock looper Nepytia canosaria Present - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Hexatoma - - - - - -
Hobomok skipper Poanes hobomok Present - - - -
- - Hydropsyche - - - - - -
- - Hydatophylax - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Ironweed borer Papaipema cerussata Present - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Lacinipolia teligera Present - - - -
Little wood satyr Megisto cymela Present - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Microcylloepus - - - - - -
midges Chironomidae - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Nebria pallipes Present - - - -
Northern Pearly-eye Enodia anthedon Present - - - -
- - Nigronia - - - - - -
- - Neophylax - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Optioservus - - - - - -
- - Orgyia definita Present - - - -
orange sulphur Colias eurytheme Present - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Platynus angustatus Present - - - -
- - Pterostichus adoxus Present - - - -
- - Promoresia - - - - - -
- - Psephenus - - - - - -
- - Prosimulium - - - - - -
- - Pedicia albivitta Present - - - -
- - Pseudolimnophila - - - - - -
- - Paraleptophlebia - - - - - -
- - Papaipema baptisiae Present - - - -
- - Papaipema impecuniosa Present - - - -
- - Papaipema inquaesita Present - - - -
pearl crescent Phyciodes tharos Present - - - -
- - Pycnopsyche - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Rhyacophila - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Silver-spotted skipper Epargyreus clarus Present - - - -
Spring azure Celastrina ladon Present - - - -
- - Spaelotis clanestina Present - - - -
- - Sialis - - - - - -
- - Sweltsa - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Tipula - - - - - -
- - Tipula tricolor Present - - - -
- - Tipula trivittata Present - - - -
- - Tipula ultima Present - - - -
- - Tolype velleda Present - - - -
- - Taeniopteryx - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Wormaldia - - - - - -

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
angleworms, earthworms, minhoca, night crawlers, oligochaetes, oligoqueto Oligochaeta - - - - - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Pisidium - - - - - -