Pipe Spring National Monument Park

Rank: 269

Park Description

American Indians, Mormon pioneers, plants, animals, and many others have depended on the life-giving water found at Pipe Spring. Learn about pioneer and Kaibab Paiute life by exploring the museum, historic fort and cabins, garden, orchard, and Ridge Trail. Visit with rangers, ranch animals, and attend living history demonstrations and talks.

Park Address

Pipe Spring National Monument HC 65 Box 5

Fredonia, AZ, 86022

Species in Pipe Spring National Monument Park by Category

Here you can look up all the species found in Pipe Spring National Monument Park. Start by picking a category. From there you can see how many species have either the common name beggining with each letter or scientific name. It's a good place to start if you're looking for what kind of species are invasive to the park, or perhaps how common or rare a species is for that area.

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Allen's Big-eared Bat Idionycteris phyllotis Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
bighorn sheep, Bighorn Sheep Ovis canadensis Present Native Occasional
bobcat Lynx rufus Present Native Unknown
badger Taxidea taxus Present Native Unknown
Black Bear Ursus americanus Unconfirmed Native - -
big free-tailed bat Nyctinomops macrotis Unconfirmed Native - -
Brazilian Free-tailed Bat Tadarida brasiliensis Present Native Uncommon
big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus Present Native Uncommon
black-tailed jack rabbit, Black-tailed Jackrabbit Lepus californicus Present Native Uncommon
Botta's Pocket Gopher Thomomys bottae Present Native Unknown
Brush Mouse Peromyscus boylii Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
coyote Canis latrans Present Native Uncommon
common gray fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus Present Native Unknown
Cougar, mountain lion, Puma Puma concolor Unconfirmed Native - -
California leaf-nosed bat Macrotus californicus Unconfirmed Native - -
California Myotis Myotis californicus Present Native Uncommon
Chisel-toothed Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys microps Present Native Unknown
Canyon Mouse Peromyscus crinitus Present Native Uncommon
Cactus Mouse Peromyscus eremicus Present Native Uncommon
Cliff Chipmunk Neotamias dorsalis Present Native Uncommon
Crawford's Gray Shrew, Desert Shrew, gray shrew Notiosorex crawfordi Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
desert cottontail Sylvilagus audubonii Present Native Common
Desert Woodrat Neotoma lepida Present Native Unknown
Dwarf Shrew, Rocky Mountain dwarf shrew Sorex nanus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
fringed myotis Myotis thysanodes Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Great Basin Pocket Mouse Perognathus parvus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus Present Native Rare
Hedgehog, Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum Present Native Unknown
house mouse Mus musculus Unconfirmed Non-native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Kit Fox Vulpes macrotis Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata Probably Present Native - -
long-eared myotis Myotis evotis Unconfirmed Native - -
little brown bat Myotis lucifugus Present Native Unknown
Long-legged Myotis Myotis volans Present Native Uncommon
Long-tailed Pocket Mouse Chaetodipus formosus Present Native Unknown
Little Pocket Mouse Perognathus longimembris Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mule deer Odocoileus hemionus Present Native Uncommon
Mountain Cottontail, Nuttall's cottontail Sylvilagus nuttallii Unconfirmed Native - -
Merriam's Shrew Sorex merriami Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Neotamias minimus Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Ord's kangaroo rat Dipodomys ordii Present Native Unknown
orthern grasshopper mouse Onychomys leucogaster Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
pallid bat Antrozous pallidus Present Native Uncommon
prairie deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus Present Native Uncommon
Pinon Mouse Peromyscus truei Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red fox Vulpes vulpes Unconfirmed Native - -
Ringtail Bassariscus astutus Probably Present Native - -
raccoon Procyon lotor Unconfirmed Native - -
Rock Squirrel Spermophilus variegatus Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
striped skunk Mephitis mephitis Probably Present Native - -
Spotted Bat Euderma maculatum Probably Present Native - -
silver-haired bat Lasionycteris noctivagans Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Townsend's Big-eared Bat Corynorhinus townsendii Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Western Spotted Skunk Spilogale gracilis Probably Present Native - -
Western Red Bat Lasiurus blossevillii Unconfirmed Native - -
western small-footed bat Myotis ciliolabrum Present Native Uncommon
Western Pipistrelle Pipistrellus hesperus Present Native Uncommon
western harvest mouse Reithrodontomys megalotis Present Native Unknown
White-tailed Antelope Squirrel Ammospermophilus leucurus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Yuma Myotis Myotis yumanensis Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
American Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Present Native Rare
American Rough-legged Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk Buteo lagopus Present Native Unknown
American Peregrine Falcon, Duck Hawk, Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Present Native Occasional
american kestrel Falco sparverius Present Native Occasional
American Coot, Northern American Coot Fulica americana Probably Present Native - -
american crow Corvus brachyrhynchos Present Native Occasional
Abert's Towhee Pipilo aberti Present Native Occasional
american goldfinch Carduelis tristis Present Native Uncommon
American Pipit, American Water Pipit, Water Pipit Anthus rubescens Present Native Unknown
american redstart Setophaga ruticilla Present Native Occasional
american robin Turdus migratorius Present Native Common
Ash-throated Flycatcher Myiarchus cinerascens Present Native Common
Arkansas Kingbird, Western Kingbird Tyrannus verticalis Present Native Common
American White Pelican, White Pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Present Native Unknown
American Long-eared Owl, Long-eared Owl Asio otus Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Bald Eagle, Northern Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus Present Native Rare
Blue-winged Teal Anas discors Present Native Unknown
Bufflehead, Buffle-head Bucephala albeola Present Native Unknown
Black-chinned Hummingbird Archilochus alexandri Present Native Common
Broad-tailed Hummingbird Selasphorus platycercus Present Native Rare
Band-tailed Pigeon Patagioenas fasciata Probably Present Native - -
Bushtit Psaltriparus minimus Present Native Common
Blue Grosbeak Passerina caerulea Present Native Rare
Black-headed Grosbeak Pheucticus melanocephalus Present Native Rare
Brown Creeper Certhia americana Probably Present Native - -
Black-throated Sparrow Amphispiza bilineata Present Native Common
Black-chinned Sparrow Spizella atrogularis Present Native Occasional
Brewer's Sparrow Spizella breweri Present Native Common
barn swallow Hirundo rustica Present Native Occasional
Bullock's Oriole Icterus bullockii Present Native Rare
brown-headed cowbird Molothrus ater Present Native Common
Black-capped Chickadee Poecile atricapillus Present Native Occasional
black-throated blue warbler Dendroica caerulescens Probably Present Native - -
Black-throated Gray Warbler Dendroica nigrescens Present Native Rare
blue-gray gnatcatcher Polioptila caerulea Present Native Uncommon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher Polioptila melanura Present Native Occasional
Bewick's Wren, Eastern Bewick's Wren Thryomanes bewickii Present Native Uncommon
Black Phoebe Sayornis nigricans Present Native Unknown
Black-crowned Night Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron Nycticorax nycticorax Present Native Occasional
burrowing owl Athene cunicularia Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
cooper's hawk Accipiter cooperii Present Native Rare
California Condor Gymnogyps californianus Probably Present Native - -
Common Mallard, Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Present Native Occasional
Canada Goose, Eastern Canada Goose Branta canadensis Present Native Occasional
Costa's Hummingbird Calypte costae Unconfirmed Native - -
Calliope Hummingbird Stellula calliope Present Native Occasional
common nighthawk Chordeiles minor Present Native Uncommon
Common Poorwill Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Probably Present Native - -
Common Snipe, Wilson's Common Snipe, Wilson's Snipe Gallinago gallinago Present Native Unknown
cedar waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum Present Native Occasional
Common Raven, Northern Raven, Raven Corvus corax Present Native Uncommon
Clark's Nutcracker Nucifraga columbiana Probably Present Native - -
chipping sparrow Spizella passerina Present Native Common
Cliff Swallow, Eastern Cliff Swallow, Eave Swallow, Northern Cliff Swallow Petrochelidon pyrrhonota Present Native Occasional
Crissal Thrasher Toxostoma crissale Present Native Uncommon
common yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas Present Native Occasional
Canyon Wren Catherpes mexicanus Present Native Uncommon
Cordilleran Flycatcher Empidonax occidentalis Present Native Occasional
Cassin's Kingbird Tyrannus vociferans Present Native Uncommon
Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Dark-eyed Junco (Gray-headed) Junco hyemalis caniceps Present Native Occasional
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) Junco hyemalis hyemalis Present Native Uncommon
Dark-eyed Junco (Pink-sided) Junco hyemalis mearnsi Present Native Common
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) Junco hyemalis oreganus Present Native Common
Dusky Flycatcher Empidonax oberholseri Present Native Occasional
downy woodpecker Picoides pubescens Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Eurasian Collared-Dove Streptopelia decaocto Present Non-native Unknown
Eastern Lark Sparrow, Lark Sparrow Chondestes grammacus Present Native Rare
Eastern Savannah Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis Probably Present Native - -
Eastern Vesper Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow Pooecetes gramineus Present Native Rare
evening grosbeak Coccothraustes vespertinus Present Native Occasional
european starling Sturnus vulgaris Present Non-native Common
Eastern Green Heron, Green heron, Green-backed Heron Butorides virescens Present Native Unknown
Eared Grebe Podiceps nigricollis Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Green-winged Teal Anas crecca Present Native Unknown
Greater Yellowlegs, Greater Yellow-legs Tringa melanoleuca Present Native Uncommon
Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus Present Native Uncommon
Gambel's Quail Callipepla gambelii Present Native Common
Green-tailed Towhee Pipilo chlorurus Present Native Rare
Great Gray Shrike, Northern Shrike Lanius excubitor Probably Present Native - -
gray catbird Dumetella carolinensis Present Native Occasional
Gray Flycatcher Empidonax wrightii Present Native Uncommon
Gray Vireo Vireo vicinior Present Native Rare
Great Blue Heron, Northern Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Present Native Rare
great horned owl Bubo virginianus Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
horned lark Eremophila alpestris Present Native Unknown
Harris' Sparrow, Harris's Sparrow Zonotrichia querula Present Native Unknown
house finch Carpodacus mexicanus Present Native Common
hooded warbler Wilsonia citrina Present Native Occasional
house sparrow Passer domesticus Present Non-native Common
house wren Troglodytes aedon Present Native Occasional
hermit thrush Catharus guttatus Present Native Occasional
hairy woodpecker Picoides villosus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Juniper Titmouse Baeolophus ridgwayi Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Killdeer, Northern Killdeer Charadrius vociferus Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Least Sandpiper Calidris minutilla Present Native Uncommon
Long-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus scolopaceus Probably Present Native - -
Long-billed Curlew, Southern Long-billed Curlew Numenius americanus Probably Present Native - -
Lazuli Bunting Passerina amoena Present Native Unknown
Lark Bunting Calamospiza melanocorys Probably Present Native - -
Lincoln's Sparrow, Northern Lincoln's Sparrow Melospiza lincolnii Present Native Rare
Lesser Goldfinch Carduelis psaltria Present Native Uncommon
loggerhead shrike Lanius ludovicianus Present Native Rare
Lucy's Warbler Vermivora luciae Present Native Occasional
Least Bittern, Eastern Least Bittern Ixobrychus exilis Present Native Unknown
Ladder-backed Woodpecker Picoides scalaris Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mourning dove Zenaida macroura Present Native Common
Mountain Chickadee Poecile gambeli Present Native Rare
MacGillivray's Warbler Oporornis tolmiei Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
northern harrier Circus cyaneus Present Native Occasional
Northern shoveler, Shoveller Anas clypeata Present Native Unknown
Northern Ruddy Duck, Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis Present Native Unknown
Northern Virginia Rail, Virginia Rail Rallus limicola Present Native Unknown
northern rough-winged swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis Present Native Uncommon
northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Present Native Common
northern parula Parula americana Unconfirmed Native - -
Northern Waterthrush, Northern Water-Thrush Seiurus noveboracensis Present Native Occasional
nashville warbler Vermivora ruficapilla Present Native Occasional
northern flicker Colaptes auratus Present Native Uncommon
Northern Pygmy-Owl Glaucidium gnoma Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Prairie Falcon Falco mexicanus Unconfirmed Native - -
Pinyon Jay Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus Present Native Common
Pine siskin Carduelis pinus Present Native Uncommon
purple finch Carpodacus purpureus Present Native Unknown
Phainopepla Phainopepla nitens Present Native Occasional
Plumbeous Vireo Vireo plumbeus Present Native Occasional
Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
red-tailed hawk Buteo jamaicensis Present Native Rare
Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris Present Native Unknown
Rufous Hummingbird Selasphorus rufus Present Native Occasional
Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis Probably Present Native - -
Rufous-crowned Sparrow Aimophila ruficeps Present Native Occasional
red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus Present Native Rare
ruby-crowned kinglet Regulus calendula Present Native Common
red-breasted nuthatch Sitta canadensis Probably Present Native - -
Rock Wren Salpinctes obsoletus Present Native Uncommon
Red-naped Sapsucker Sphyrapicus nuchalis Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
sharp-shinned hawk Accipiter striatus Present Native Rare
Swainson's Hawk Buteo swainsoni Present Native Unknown
Sora Rail, Sora Porzana carolina Present Native Unknown
Steller's Jay Cyanocitta stelleri Present Native Uncommon
Sage Sparrow Amphispiza belli Present Native Rare
song sparrow Melospiza melodia Present Native Uncommon
Spotted Towhee Pipilo maculatus Present Native Uncommon
Scott's Oriole Icterus parisorum Present Native Rare
Sage Thrasher Oreoscoptes montanus Present Native Unknown
summer tanager Piranga rubra Present Native Unknown
swainson's thrush Catharus ustulatus Probably Present Native - -
Southwest Willow Flycatcher Empidonax traillii extimus Unconfirmed Native - -
Say's Phoebe Sayornis saya Present Native Uncommon
Snowy Egret Egretta thula Present Native Occasional
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
turkey vulture Cathartes aura Present Native Occasional
Tree Swallow Tachycineta bicolor Present Native Common
Townsend's Warbler Dendroica townsendi Present Native Occasional
Townsend's Solitaire Myadestes townsendi Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Violet-green Swallow Tachycineta thalassina Present Native Common
Virginia's Warbler Vermivora virginiae Present Native Occasional
Verdin Auriparus flaviceps Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Wood Duck Aix sponsa Present Native Unknown
white-throated swift Aeronautes saxatalis Present Native Common
Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor Present Native Unknown
Western Scrub-Jay Aphelocoma californica Present Native Common
white-throated sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis Present Native Unknown
white-crowned sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys Present Native Abundant
Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta Present Native Rare
wilson's warbler Wilsonia pusilla Present Native Rare
white-breasted nuthatch Sitta carolinensis Present Native Rare
Western Tanager Piranga ludoviciana Present Native Rare
winter wren Troglodytes troglodytes Unconfirmed Native - -
Western Bluebird Sialia mexicana Present Native Uncommon
western wood-pewee Contopus sordidulus Present Native Uncommon
warbling vireo Vireo gilvus Present Native Occasional
White-faced Ibis Plegadis chihi Present Native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
yellow-rumped warbler Dendroica coronata Present Native Common
yellow warbler Dendroica petechia Present Native Uncommon
yellow-breasted chat Icteria virens Present Native Rare

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Bullsnake, Gopher Snake Pituophis catenifer Present Native Uncommon
Big Bend Patch-nosed Snake Salvadora hexalepis Unconfirmed Native - -
Big Bend Tree Lizard Urosaurus ornatus Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Common Kingsnake Lampropeltis getula Probably Present Native - -
Central Texas Whipsnake Masticophis taeniatus Present Native Uncommon
Common Chuckwalla Sauromalus ater Unconfirmed Native - -
common sagebrush lizard Sceloporus graciosus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Desert Horned Lizard Phrynosoma platyrhinos Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Great Basin collared lizard Crotaphytus bicinctores Present Native Uncommon
Greater Short-horned Lizard, Hernandez's Short-horned Lizard, Mountain Short-horned Lizard Phrynosoma hernandesi Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
long-nosed leopard lizard Gambelia wislizenii Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
plateau lizard Sceloporus tristichus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
side-blotched lizard Uta stansburiana Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Texas Nightsnake Hypsiglena torquata Unconfirmed Native - -
Twin-spotted Spiny Lizard Sceloporus magister Present Native Abundant
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
western whiptail Cnemidophorus tigris Present Native Abundant
western rattlesnake Crotalus oreganus Present Native Uncommon

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
eastern tiger salamander Ambystoma tigrinum Present Native Common
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Great Basin spadefoot Spea intermontana Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Red-spotted Toad Bufo punctatus Unconfirmed Native - -
rocky mountain toad Bufo woodhousii Present Native Rare

 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
asparagus Asparagus officinalis Present Non-native Rare
annual bursage, bursage, bursage ragweed, flatspine bur ragweed, flatspine burr ragweed, flat-spine burr-ragweed, sand bursage Ambrosia acanthicarpa Present Native Uncommon
annual ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia Present Native Uncommon
African mustard Malcolmia africana Unconfirmed Non-native - -
arid goosefoot, aridland goosefoot, desert goosefoot, narrowleaf goosefoot Chenopodium desiccatum Unconfirmed Native - -
Adonis blazingstar, Adonis stickleaf, desert blazingstar, manyflowered mentzelia Mentzelia multiflora Present Native Uncommon
American licorice, licorice, wild licorice Glycyrrhiza lepidota Probably Present Native - -
Alfalfa, Lucerne Medicago sativa Probably Present Non-native - -
alfilaria Erodium cicutarium Present Non-native Common
Arctic rush Juncus arcticus Present Native Uncommon
- - Agropyron cristatum Probably Present Non-native - -
awnless brome, smooth brome Bromus inermis Probably Present Non-native - -
alkali muhly, scratchgrass Muhlenbergia asperifolia Present Native Uncommon
Apache plume Fallugia paradoxa Present Native Uncommon
American plum Prunus americana Present Non-native Uncommon
Anderson wolfberry, Anderson's wolfberry, water jacket Lycium andersonii Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
- - Berula erecta var. incisa Present Native Rare
Bigelow's sagebrush Artemisia bigelovii Present Native Uncommon
Budsage Artemisia spinescens Unconfirmed Native - -
Basin big sagebrush Artemisia tridentata var. tridentata Present Native Uncommon
broom snakeweed, broomweed, perennial snakeweed, stinkweed, turpentine weed, yellow top Gutierrezia sarothrae Present Native Common
Brown-plume wire-lettuce Stephanomeria pauciflora Present Native Uncommon
blowball, common dandelion, dandelion, faceclock Taraxacum officinale Present Non-native Uncommon
Baker's catseye, Baker's cryptantha Cryptantha bakeri Not In Park Native - -
Basin yellow cryptanth Cryptantha confertiflora Present Native Uncommon
Bindweed heliotrope Heliotropium convolvulaceum Not In Park Native - -
Blue mustard Chorispora tenella Present Non-native Uncommon
bee spiderflower, Rocky Mountain beeplant Cleome serrulata Unconfirmed Native - -
Barbwire Russian-thistle Salsola paulsenii Unconfirmed Non-native - -
brittle cactus, brittle pricklypear, fragile cactus, jumping cactus, little pricklypear Opuntia fragilis Probably Present Native - -
buffalo gourd Cucurbita foetidissima Present Native Uncommon
Bigelow's desert-trumpets Linanthus bigelovii Present Native Rare
black locust Robinia pseudoacacia Present Non-native Uncommon
Broadleaf milkweed Asclepias latifolia Not In Park Native - -
bigbract verbena, bracted vervain, carpet vervain, prostrate verbena, prostrate vervain Verbena bracteata Present Native Uncommon
blue weed, ground spurge, prostrate sandmat, prostrate spurge Chamaesyce prostrata Present Non-native Uncommon
bristle flax Linum aristatum Present Native Uncommon
black cottonwood, black poplar, Lombardy's poplar Populus nigra Probably Present Non-native - -
black grama Bouteloua eriopoda Present Native Uncommon
blue grama Bouteloua gracilis Present Native Uncommon
Bromegrass Bromus tectorum Present Non-native Common
burgrass, field sandbur, innocent-weed, longspine sandbur, mat sandbur, sandbur Cenchrus longispinus Present Native Rare
Barnyard Grass Echinochloa crus-galli Present Non-native Uncommon
bottlebrush squirreltail, squirreltail, western bottle-brush grass Elymus elymoides Present Native Uncommon
Bearded Wheatgrass Elymus trachycaulus Not In Park Native - -
bush muhly Muhlenbergia porteri Present Native Uncommon
Blister buttercup Ranunculus sceleratus var. multifidus Present Native Uncommon
Bur buttercup Ranunculus testiculatus Present Non-native Uncommon
Bastard toadflax Comandra umbellata var. pallida Not In Park Native - -
bullhead, caltrop, goathead, Mexican sandbur, puncture vine, Texas sandbur Tribulus terrestris Present Non-native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
common duckweed, least duckweed, lesser duckweed Lemna minor Present Native Unknown
Common Burdock Arctium minus Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Canadian horseweed Conyza canadensis var. glabrata Present Native Uncommon
Curly-cup gumweed Grindelia squarrosa var. serrulata Probably Present Native - -
Common sunflower Helianthus annuus ssp. lenticularis Present Native Uncommon
Common hyalineherb Hymenopappus filifolius var. cinereus Present Native Uncommon
China lettuce, prickly lettuce, wild lettuce Lactuca serriola Present Non-native Uncommon
CLUSTER TARWEED Madia glomerata Not In Park Native - -
Common Sow Thistle Sonchus oleraceus Present Non-native Uncommon
common salsify, goat's beard, goatsbeard, meadow goat's-beard, salsifis majeur, salsify, western goat's beard, western salsify, wild oysterplant, yellow goat's beard, yellow salsify Tragopogon dubius Present Non-native Uncommon
Canada cocklebur, Canada cockleburr, cocklebur, common cocklebur, rough cocklebur, rough cockleburr Xanthium strumarium var. canadense Not In Park Non-native - -
Cushion cryptanth Cryptantha circumscissa Not In Park Native - -
Corrugate phacelia Phacelia crenulata var. corrugata Not In Park Native - -
Crenulate phacelia Phacelia crenulata var. crenulata Present Native Uncommon
Clasping pepperwort Lepidium perfoliatum Present Non-native Uncommon
common lambsquarters, lambsquarters, white goosefoot Chenopodium album var. album Present Non-native Uncommon
Claretcup Echinocereus triglochidiatus var. melanacanthus Present Native Uncommon
Crisp-leaf wild buckwheat Eriogonum corymbosum var. corymbosum Present Native Uncommon
curltop ladysthumb, curlytop knotweed, curlytop smartweed, dock-leaf smartweed, nodding smartweed, pale smartweed Polygonum lapathifolium Present Non-native Rare
Curly dock Rumex crispus Present Non-native Uncommon
canaigre, canaigre dock Rumex hymenosepalus Present Native Uncommon
Cutler's ephedra Ephedra viridis var. viscida Present Native Uncommon
Cushion milkwort Polygala subspinosa Not In Park Native - -
Cooper's broomrape Orobanche ludoviciana var. cooperi Present Native Uncommon
Common Plantain Plantago major Present Non-native Rare
cottonwood, Fremont's cottonwood Populus fremontii Present Native Uncommon
Coyote willow Salix exigua var. stenophylla Present Native Uncommon
Common Mallow, Cheeses Malva neglecta Present Non-native Common
clustered field sedge, slim sedge Carex praegracilis Present Native Rare
chufa flatsedge, yellow nutgrass, yellow nutsedge Cyperus esculentus Present Native Uncommon
Canada bluegrass Poa compressa Present Non-native Rare
Chinese elm Ulmus pumila Present Non-native Uncommon
creeping jenny, European bindweed, field bindweed, perennial morningglory, smallflowered morningglory Convolvulus arvensis Present Non-native - -
California dodder Cuscuta californica var. californica Present Native - -
Coyote tobacco Nicotiana attenuata Present Native Rare
cutleaf nightshade, cut-leaf nightshade Solanum triflorum Present Native Uncommon
creosotebush Larrea tridentata Present Native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Datil yucca Yucca baccata Present Native Uncommon
dwarf blueeyed grass, dwarf blue-eyed grass, stiff blue-eyed grass, stiff blue-eyed-grass Sisyrinchium demissum Present Native Rare
Douglas' groundsel Senecio douglasii var. longilobus Present Native Uncommon
Dwarf cryptanth Cryptantha humilis Unconfirmed Native - -
Desert trumpet Eriogonum inflatum var. inflatum Present Native Uncommon
Doorweed, Common Knotgrass Polygonum aviculare Present Native Uncommon
dwarf blazingstar, dwarf mentzelia, golden blazingstar Mentzelia pumila Not In Park Native - -
devilsclaw, doubleclaw Proboscidea parviflora Present Native Unknown
Desert paintbrush Castilleja chromosa Present Native Uncommon
desert saltgrass, inland saltgrass, marsh spikegrass, saltgrass, seashore saltgrass Distichlis spicata Present Native Rare
Desert needlegrass Stipa speciosa Present Native Uncommon
Drab buttercup Ranunculus inamoenus Unconfirmed Native - -
desert tobacco Nicotiana trigonophylla Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
evening snow Linanthus dichotomus Present Native Uncommon
Eastwood's paintbrush Castilleja scabrida var. scabrida Present Native Uncommon
- - Elymus elongatus Probably Present Non-native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
field sagewort Artemisia campestris var. scouleriana Probably Present Native - -
Fremont's dusty-maiden Chaenactis fremontii Unconfirmed Native - -
Filiform desert-dandelion Malacothrix glabrata Present Native Uncommon
flat-spine sheepburr, flatspine stickseed Lappula occidentalis var. cupulata Present Native Uncommon
fringed gromwell, fringed puccoon, narrowleaf gromwell, narrowleaf pucoon, narrowleaf stoneseed, trumpet stoneseed Lithospermum incisum Unconfirmed Native - -
flaxweed tansymustard, flixweed, flixweed tansymustard, herb sophia, herb-sophia, pinnate tansymustard, tansymustard Descurainia sophia Present Non-native Uncommon
Flax-leaved plainsmustard Schoenocrambe linifolia Unconfirmed Native - -
Four-wing saltbush Atriplex canescens var. canescens Present Native Common
Fremont's goosefoot Chenopodium fremontii var. fremontii Not In Park Native - -
Five-stamen tamarisk Tamarix chinensis Present Non-native Rare
Fendler's spurge Chamaesyce fendleri Present Native Uncommon
Feather finger grass Chloris virgata Present Native Unknown
Fluffgrass Erioneuron pulchellum Probably Present Native - -
False buffalograss Munroa squarrosa Present Native Rare
False nightshade Chamaesaracha coronopus Present Native Rare
Fendler's ground-cherry Physalis hederifolia var. fendleri Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Greenish rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. consimilis Present Native Common
Graystem rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. gnaphalodes Present Native Uncommon
Glabrate rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. graveolens Probably Present Native - -
Green rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus var. viscidiflorus Present Native Common
Greenstem paperflower Psilostrophe sparsiflora Not In Park Native - -
Golden crownbeard Verbesina encelioides var. exauriculata Present Native Uncommon
Goodding's phacelia Phacelia pulchella var. gooddingii Not In Park Native - -
Green Amaranth, Pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus Present Non-native Uncommon
Glen Canyon hedgehog cactus Echinocereus engelmannii var. variegatus Probably Present Native - -
Golden wild buckwheat Eriogonum corymbosum var. aureum Probably Present Native - -
Green ephedra Ephedra viridis var. viridis Present Native Uncommon
- - Gilia inconspicua var. sinuata Present Native Uncommon
Great Basin langloisia, moth langloisia Langloisia setosissima Not In Park Native - -
Galleta Hilaria jamesii Present Native Uncommon
Golden corydalis Corydalis aurea var. occidentalis Not In Park Native - -
golden currant Ribes aureum Present Native Uncommon
Ground-cherry nightshade Solanum sarrachoides Present Non-native Rare
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Horned Pondweed Zannichellia palustris Present Native Uncommon
Hoary dusty-maiden Chaenactis douglasii Unconfirmed Native - -
hoary tansyaster Machaeranthera canescens var. canescens Present Native Uncommon
Hoary townsendia Townsendia incana Present Native Uncommon
hound's-tongue Cynoglossum officinale Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Hairy-pod pepperwort Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpum Present Native Uncommon
Halogeton Halogeton glomeratus Unconfirmed Non-native - -
heart's-delight, prairie snowball, snowball sand verbena, sweet sand verbena Abronia fragrans Present Native Uncommon
horehound, white horehound Marrubium vulgare Present Non-native Uncommon
halfshrub sundrop, whitest evening primrose, whitest eveningprimrose, whitest evening-primrose, white-stem evening-primrose Oenothera albicaulis Not In Park Native - -
Hairy-throat evening-primrose Oenothera coronopifolia Unconfirmed Native - -
hairy crabgrass Digitaria sanguinalis Present Non-native Rare
hairy tridens Erioneuron pilosum Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Ives' phacelia Phacelia ivesiana Present Native Uncommon
Indianhemp Apocynum cannabinum Present Native Rare
Intermediate wheatgrass Elymus hispidus Probably Present Non-native - -
Indian ricegrass Stipa hymenoides Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Jones' popcorn-flower Plagiobothrys jonesii Present Native Uncommon
Jones' pepperwort Lepidium montanum var. jonesii Present Native Common
Jones' amsonia Amsonia jonesii Not In Park Native - -
Juniper mistletoe Phoradendron juniperinum Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
knotgrass Paspalum distichum Present Native Uncommon
Kentucky bluegrass Poa pratensis Present Non-native Unknown
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Louisiana wormwood Artemisia ludoviciana var. albula Present Native Uncommon
Long-beak fiddle-mustard Streptanthella longirostris Present Native Common
Large pricklypear Opuntia phaeacantha var. major Present Native Uncommon
ladder buckwheat, skeleton buckwheat Eriogonum deflexum var. deflexum Not In Park Native - -
Longflower gilia Ipomopsis longiflora Present Native Uncommon
Long-leaf phlox Phlox longifolia Unconfirmed Native - -
longcapsule suncup, long-capsule suncup, willowherb suncup Camissonia chamaenerioides Present Native Uncommon
Little Camissonia Camissonia parvula Not In Park Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
mat amaranth, prostrate amaranth, prostrate pigweed Amaranthus blitoides Present Native Uncommon
Mohave hedgehog cactus, Mojave kingcup cactus Echinocereus triglochidiatus var. mojavensis Present Native - -
Mohave globemallow Sphaeralcea ambigua var. ambigua Present Native Uncommon
Mexican lovegrass Eragrostis mexicana Probably Present Native - -
Muttongrass Poa fendleriana Probably Present Native - -
Mesa dropseed Sporobolus flexuosus Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Navajo fleabane Erigeron pumilus var. concinnus Probably Present Native - -
Narrow-leaf goosefoot Chenopodium leptophyllum Present Native - -
Nodding wild buckwheat Eriogonum cernuum var. cernuum Not In Park Native - -
narrowleaf plantain Plantago lanceolata Probably Present Non-native - -
Northern Willow Herb Epilobium ciliatum Probably Present Native - -
Nebraska sedge Carex nebrascensis Present Native Rare
Needle-and-thread Stipa comata var. comata Present Native Uncommon
NORTHWEST CINQUEFOIL Potentilla gracilis var. elmeri Not In Park Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Oakleaf goosefoot Chenopodium glaucum var. salinum Unconfirmed Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
purplenerve springparsley Cymopterus multinervatus Present Native Uncommon
Pink funnel-lily Androstephium breviflorum Not In Park Native - -
Puberulent rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus var. puberulus Present Native Uncommon
Prairie sunflower Helianthus petiolaris ssp. fallax Unconfirmed Native - -
Poverty-weed Iva axillaris Present Native Uncommon
Plateau yellow cryptanth Cryptantha flava Probably Present Native - -
Plateau cryptanth Cryptantha fulvocanescens Not In Park Native - -
Prairie pepperwort Lepidium densiflorum var. ramosum Not In Park Native - -
Poor-man's pepperwort Lepidium virginicum var. pubescens Present Native Uncommon
prince's-plume Stanleya pinnata var. pinnata Present Native Uncommon
Prince-of-Wales feather, Prince-of-Wales-feather Amaranthus hypochondriacus Present Non-native Uncommon
Palmer's amaranth Amaranthus palmeri Present Native Rare
prickly Russian thistle, tumbleweed Salsola tragus Present Non-native Uncommon
Palmer's wild buckwheat Eriogonum palmerianum Present Native Uncommon
Purslane Portulaca oleracea Present Non-native Common
Painted milkvetch Astragalus ceramicus var. ceramicus Present Native Uncommon
Palmer's penstemon Penstemon palmeri var. eglandulosus Present Native Uncommon
Paria evening-primrose Oenothera caespitosa var. navajoensis Present Native Uncommon
Pale evening-primrose Oenothera pallida var. pallida Present Native Uncommon
Parish spikerush, Parish's spikerush Eleocharis parishii Present Native Rare
purple 3-awn, purple threeawn, purple three-awn, red threeawn Aristida purpurea Present Native Common
purple love grass, purple lovegrass, spreading lovegrass, tufted lovegrass Eragrostis pectinacea Present Native Uncommon
pygmy poppy Eschscholzia minutiflora Present Native Uncommon
Pale larkspur Delphinium andersonii var. scaposum Not In Park Native - -
pale desert-thorn, pale wolfberry Lycium pallidum Present Native Uncommon
Palmer's ground-cherry Physalis hederifolia var. palmeri Not In Park Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
rayless goldenhead Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus Unconfirmed Native - -
Rose-heath Chaetopappa ericoides Present Native Uncommon
Rush rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. junceus Present Native Uncommon
redroot cryptantha Cryptantha micrantha Not In Park Native - -
Recurved cryptanth Cryptantha recurvata Present Native Rare
repand wallflower Erysimum repandum Not In Park Non-native - -
redscale saltbush, redscale saltweed, tumbling orache, tumbling saltweed Atriplex rosea Present Non-native Rare
Rocky Mountain juniper Juniperus scopulorum Probably Present Native - -
rough menodora Menodora scabra Present Native Uncommon
rattlesnake weed, whitemargin euphorbia, whitemargin sandmat, whitemargin spurge Chamaesyce albomarginata Probably Present Native - -
ribseed sandmat, rib-seed sandmat, ridgeseed spurge Chamaesyce glyptosperma Present Native Common
Redtop Agrostis stolonifera Present Non-native Uncommon
ripgut brome Bromus diandrus Present Non-native Uncommon
red brome Bromus rubens Present Non-native Common
Rabbit barley Hordeum murinum Present Non-native Uncommon
rabbit-foot grass Polypogon monspeliensis Present Non-native Uncommon
Roundleaf buffaloberry Shepherdia rotundifolia Present Native Uncommon
- - Ribes sativum Probably Present Non-native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
sand sagebrush, sandhill sage, silvery wormwood Artemisia filifolia Present Native Uncommon
Siskiyou aster Aster hesperius Present Native Rare
Stevia dusty-maiden Chaenactis stevioides Present Native Rare
Slenderleaf rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus var. stenophyllus Present Native Common
Spreading daisy Erigeron divergens var. divergens Present Native Uncommon
slender gaillardia Gaillardia pinnatifida Present Native Uncommon
Setose crustweed Glyptopleura setulosa Not In Park Native - -
Slender goldenweed Haplopappus gracilis Present Native Rare
Sowthistle desert-dandelion Malacothrix sonchoides Not In Park Native - -
Scotch thistle Onopordum acanthium Present Non-native Uncommon
Spiny-leaved Sow Thistle Sonchus asper Present Non-native Uncommon
Scapose greenthread Thelesperma subnudum var. subnudum Present Native Uncommon
Slender cryptanth Cryptantha gracilis Present Native Uncommon
Shepherd's Purse Capsella bursa-pastoris Not In Park Non-native - -
Spectacle-pod Dithyrea wislizeni Present Native Uncommon
Silver orach Atriplex argentea var. argentea Present Native Uncommon
Shadscale Atriplex confertifolia Unconfirmed Native - -
Summer-cypress Bassia scoparia Unconfirmed Non-native - -
Silvery goosefoot Chenopodium fremontii var. incanum Present Native Uncommon
Small-flower fishhook cactus Sclerocactus whipplei var. roseus Present Native Uncommon
Showy four-o'clock Mirabilis multiflora Present Native Uncommon
sandpuffs, smallflower sand verbena, small-flower sandpuffs Tripterocalyx micranthus Not In Park Native - -
Slender wild buckwheat Eriogonum microthecum var. simpsonii Present Native Uncommon
shy gilia Gilia inconspicua var. inconspicua Present Native Uncommon
Spreading gilia Ipomopsis polycladon Present Native Uncommon
Sheldon's milkvetch Astragalus amphioxys var. vespertinus Not In Park Native - -
Stinking milkvetch Astragalus praelongus var. praelongus Present Native Uncommon
Silvery lupine Lupinus argenteus var. argenteus Unconfirmed Native - -
showy milkweed Asclepias speciosa Unconfirmed Native - -
Spearmint Mentha spicata Present Non-native Rare
Smallflower bird's-beak Cordylanthus parviflorus Present Native Uncommon
Smooth penstemon Penstemon laevis Probably Present Native - -
Sinuous mariposa Calochortus flexuosus Present Native Uncommon
Small-leaf globemallow Sphaeralcea parvifolia Present Native Uncommon
scarlet beeblossom, scarlet gaura, Scarlet guara Gaura coccinea Not In Park Native - -
Small-flowered gaura Gaura parviflora Present Native Uncommon
sixweeks grama Bouteloua barbata Present Native Uncommon
sideoats grama Bouteloua curtipendula Present Native Uncommon
Stinkgrass, Skunkgrass Eragrostis cilianensis Present Non-native Uncommon
Six-weeks fescue Festuca octoflora Present Native Rare
Squirrel-tail Grass Hordeum jubatum Probably Present Native - -
spike dropseed Sporobolus contractus Present Native Uncommon
sand dropseed Sporobolus cryptandrus Present Native Uncommon
Squawbush Rhus aromatica var. simplicifolia Present Native Uncommon
Squawbush Rhus aromatica var. trilobata Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Tarragon Artemisia dracunculus ssp. glauca Probably Present Native - -
threadleaf snakeweed Gutierrezia microcephala Present Native Uncommon
Tidytips Layia glandulosa Present Native Uncommon
Takhoka-daisy, tanseyleaf aster, tanseyleaf goldenweed, tanseyleaf tansyaster Machaeranthera tanacetifolia Present Native Uncommon
Thick-sepaled cryptanth Cryptantha crassisepala var. elachantha Present Native Uncommon
Tumble Mustard Sisymbrium altissimum Present Non-native Uncommon
Tumbleweed Amaranthus albus Present Non-native Rare
Thurber's spineflower Centrostegia thurberi Not In Park Native - -
Torrey's ephedra Ephedra torreyana Present Native Rare
Thompson's peteria Peteria thompsoniae Present Native Rare
Turbinella live-oak Quercus turbinella Present Native Uncommon
Tomentose amsonia Amsonia tomentosa var. stenophylla Not In Park Native - -
Two-needle pinyon Pinus edulis Present Native Uncommon
Three-square bulrush Scirpus pungens var. longispicatus Present Native Rare
Tracy's rush Juncus ensifolius var. brunnescens Not In Park Native - -
Torrey rush, Torrey's rush Juncus torreyi Present Native Uncommon
tall fescue Festuca arundinacea Probably Present Non-native - -
tree-of-heaven Ailanthus altissima Present Non-native Uncommon
thickleaf ground-cherry Physalis crassifolia Probably Present Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Utah pricklypear Opuntia erinacea var. utahensis Present Native Common
Utah juniper Juniperus osteosperma Present Native Uncommon
Utah swertia Swertia utahensis Probably Present Native - -
Utah penstemon Penstemon utahensis Present Native Uncommon
Utah serviceberry Amelanchier utahensis Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Virgin stickleaf Mentzelia integra Not In Park Native - -
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
White-plume whire-lettuce Stephanomeria exigua Present Native Uncommon
Wing-nut cryptanth Cryptantha pterocarya var. cycloptera Not In Park Native - -
Wing-nut cryptanth Cryptantha pterocarya var. pterocarya Present Native Uncommon
Western tansy-mustard Descurainia pinnata var. intermedia Not In Park Native - -
Western tansy-mustard Descurainia pinnata var. osmiarum Present Native Uncommon
watercress Nasturtium officinale Present Non-native Uncommon
winterfat Krascheninnikovia lanata Unconfirmed Native - -
water knotweed, water smartweed Polygonum amphibium Probably Present Native - -
White-stem blazingstar Mentzelia albicaulis Present Native Uncommon
Woolly milkvetch Astragalus mollissimus var. thompsoniae Unconfirmed Native - -
white sweet-clover Melilotus albus Present Non-native Uncommon
Whorled milkweed Asclepias subverticillata Present Native Uncommon
White-margined swertia Swertia albomarginata Not In Park Native - -
Wyoming paintbrush Castilleja linariifolia Present Native Uncommon
woolly Indianwheat, woolly plantain Plantago patagonica Unconfirmed Native - -
Western wheatgrass Elymus smithii Probably Present Native - -
Water polypogon Polypogon semiverticillatus Present Non-native Rare
Wheat Triticum aestivum Present Non-native Rare
Woods' rose Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana Present Native Uncommon
Wright's jimsonweed Datura wrightii Present Native Uncommon
 Name(s)  Scientific Name  Occurrence  Nativeness  Abundance
Yellow beeplant Cleome lutea Present Native Uncommon
yellow sweetclover Melilotus officinalis Present Non-native - -