Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge Park

Park Description

Seal Island NWR is managed by the Petit Manan NWR complex. Seal Island lies 21 miles off the coast of Rockland. This 65 acre island was transferred by the Navy to the Fish and Wildlife Service in 1972 and at one time was used as a bombing range. Today, Seal Island is managed in cooperation with National Audubon Society for colonial nesting seabirds, including, Arctic and common terns, eiders, guillemots, and Atlantic puffins. Through its Project Puffin, the National Audubon Society successfully reintroduced Atlantic puffins to the island by transporting chicks from Newfoundland, Canada. Puffins now nest on the island after a 150 year absence. Seal Island also has grown in to one of the Guld of Maine's largest tern colonies, supporting more than 2,200 pairs of Arctic and common terns.

Park Address

PO Box 495

Rockport, ME, 04856