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Parks around Port Tobacco

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Thomas Stone National Historic Site

Rank: 356 Distance: 1.96 miles

Prior to the Revolutionary War, Thomas Stone led a very comfortable life as a planter and lawyer. After realizing war with Great Britain was inevitable, he risked everything he held dear-- life, fortune, and sacred honor-- to safeguard American rights. To that end, Thomas Stone became one of 56 men to sign one of the most important documents in World History; the Declaration of Independence.


Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge Park

4 Activites Phone: (703)-490-4979 Email: FW5RW_MSNNWR@fws.gov Distance: 11.54 miles

Mason Neck NWR was established in 1969 for the protection of nesting, feeding, and roosting habitat for the Bald eagles. It was the first federal refuge established specifically for the (then endangered) Bald eagle. The refuge is part of the Potomac River NWR Complex. The refuge, situated along the Potomac River on the Mason Neck peninsula, consists of 2277 acres of oak-hickory forest, f...


Piscataway Park

Rank: 191 3 Activites Email: Nace_fort_washington_park@nps.gov Distance: 13.57 miles

Piscataway Park is home to bald eagles, beavers, deer, foxes, ospreys, and many other species. To complement the surroundings, the park has, in addition to a public fishing pier and two boardwalks over fresh water tidal wetlands, a variety of nature trails, meadows, and woodland areas. The Park is also home to National Colonial Farm.


Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge Park

Phone: (703)-490-4979 Email: FW5RW_MSNNWR@fws.gov Distance: 14.03 miles

Featherstone NWR is located about 22 miles south of Washington D.C. at the confluence of Neabsco Creek and the Potomac River. The refuge is managed by staff of the Potomac River NWR Complex. Composed of wetlands and woodlands, the refuge is a narrow strip along the shore of the Potomac River and mouth of Neabsco Creek with a railroad right of way bordering the western edge. The refuge provides ...


Wood Thrush Trail National Park

5 Activites Phone: (703)-339-0410 Email: Theresa_Jefferson@es.blm.gov Distance: 14.62 miles

One mile loop trail on the 800 acres of the Meadowood SRMA on Mason Neck in Fairfax County, Virginia and plans to manage it to provide open space for recreation, environmental education, and wild horse and burro interpretation. The 800-acre Mason Neck peninsula, approximately 18 miles south of Washington, D.C., is also the site of Gunston Hall - historic home of George Mason IV, author of the Vi...


Meadowood Special Recreation Area National Park

9 Activites Phone: (703)-339-8009 Email: BLM_ES_Meadowood@blm.gov Distance: 14.86 miles

Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area was established on October 18, 2001 and is located on Mason Neck peninsula in Fairfax County, Virginia. Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area offers 13 miles of hiking, horseback riding and mountain bike trails including a universally accessible trail to Hidden Pond, two fishing ponds, 800 acres of forest and meadows, environmental education p...


Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge Park

5 Activites Phone: (703)-490-4979 Email: FW5RW_MSNNWR@fws.gov Distance: 15.10 miles

Occoquan Bay NWR was established in 1998 and is situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Occoquan Rivers. This 644 acre refuge was previously a military research site and is part of the Potomac River NWR Complex. The refuge has a unique mix of wetlands, forest, and native grasslands that provides a diversity of habitats for wide variety of species. Wetland habitats cover about 50% of the r...


Fort Washington Park

Rank: 123 5 Activites Phone: (301)-763-4600 Email: NACE_Fort_Washington_Park@nps.gov Distance: 16.94 miles

Built to defend the river approach to Washington, DC, Fort Washington has stood as silent sentry for over 200 years. As technologies advanced so did Fort Washington, from the brick and stone of the 19th century to the concrete and steel of the 20th century.


Prince William Forest Park

Rank: 144 6 Activites Distance: 16.95 miles

Prince William Forest Park is an oasis, a respite of quiet and calm. In 1936, Chopawamsic Recreation Area opened its gates to house children's 'relief' camps during the Great Depression. Renamed Prince William Forest Park in 1948, these fragrant woods and trickling streams have welcomed generations of campers, hikers, bikers and nature lovers. Discover Northern Virginia's best kept secret!


George Washington Birthplace National Monument Park

Rank: 205 5 Activites Email: GEWA_Superintendent@nps.gov Distance: 17.27 miles

In the heart of the Northern Neck of Virginia stands a tribute to America's founding father, George Washington. Although only here a short time, the ideas that Washington learned here, helped shape the man he would become and forever alter the destiny of the United States of America.


Harmony Hall National Park

Email: Nace_Fort_Washington_Park@nps.gov Distance: 17.39 miles

The 18th century Harmony Hall mansion is located on a 62.5-acre open pasture land estate along the Potomac River. This estate was purchased by the National Park Service in 1966, to preserve southern Maryland cultural heritage. Surrounded by a rich landscape, it offers visitors many chances to connect with Colonial History. The park also home to the remains of the Want Water House and canal.


Fort Foote Park

3 Activites Phone: (301)-763-4600 Email: NACE_Fort_Washington_Park@nps.gov Distance: 18.83 miles

Fort Foote was constructedin 1863 atop Rozier's Bluff to strengthen the ring of fortifications that encircled Washington, D.C. Two of the Guns that prtoected Washington are still there along with the remains of the fort's earthworks.


Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm

4 Activites Email: vanessa_molineaus@nps.gov Distance: 21.25 miles

The diverse history of Maryland and our national heritage can be experienced at Oxon Cove Park. Through hands on activities, living history programs, and more, you can experience farm life and how its changed over time. Explore how the park evolved from a plantation home during the War of 1812, to a hospital farm, to the park you can visit today.


Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Rank: 273 2 Activites Email: julie_kutruff@nps.gov Distance: 25.52 miles

Walk the halls of Cedar Hill, home of the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery, Douglass escaped to spend his life fighting for justice and equality for all people. His tireless struggle, brilliant words, and inclusive vision of humanity continue to inspire and sustain people today.


National Capital Parks-East

Rank: 64 1 Activites Phone: (202)-690-5185 Distance: 25.73 miles

Welcome to National Capital Parks-East. We invite you to journey to parks Beyond the Capital of Washington, D.C. National Capital Parks-East is 13 park sites, parkways and statuary covering more than 8,000 acres of historic, cultural, and recreational parklands from Capitol Hill to the nearby Maryland suburbs


Suitland Parkway

Distance: 25.73 miles

Welcome to National Capital Parks-East! We invite you to journey to parks Beyond the Capital of Washington, D.C.  National Capital Parks-East is 13 park sites, parkways and statuary covering more than 8,000 acres of historic, cultural, and recreational parklands from Capitol Hill to the nearby Maryland suburbs.


National Capital Parks-East

Phone: (202)-690-5185 Distance: 25.73 miles

Welcome to National Capital Parks-East. We invite you to journey to parks Beyond the Capital of Washington, D.C. National Capital Parks-East is 13 park sites, parkways and statuary covering more than 8,000 acres of historic, cultural, and recreational parklands from Capitol Hill to the nearby Maryland suburbs


Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park

Rank: 78 3 Activites Phone: (540)-373-6122 Email: frsp_info@nps.gov Distance: 25.79 miles

Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania--this is America's battleground, where the Civil War roared to its bloody climax. No place more vividly reflects the War's tragic cost in all its forms. A town bombarded and looted. Farms large and small ruined. Refugees by the thousands forced into the countryside. More than 85,000 men wounded; 15,000 killed--most in graves unknown.


Green Springs National Park

1 Activites Phone: (540)-371-1112 Email: noel_harrison@nps.gov Distance: 25.79 miles

Green Springs National Historic Landmark District in Virginia's Piedmont encompasses over 14,000 acres. Its farmsteads offer a continuum of rural vernacular architecture in original context with minimal alteration. Landscapes and buildings, many predating the Civil War and connected to one another visually and through family relationships of early occupants, are today preserved through easements.


George Mason Memorial National Park

Distance: 26.47 miles

Dedicated on April 9, 2002, honors the little known but widely felt contributions of an important founding father.


Thomas Jefferson Memorial National Park

Rank: 30 1 Activites Distance: 26.59 miles

Author of the Declaration of Independence, Statesman and Visionary for the founding of a Nation.


National Capital Parks-Central

Rank: 46 2 Activites Phone: 20248598802 Email: National_Mall@nps.gov Distance: 26.61 miles

National Capital Parks - Central (NACC) was established in 1965 to administer the National Park Service units in the memorial core of our nation's capital. Today, NACC preserves and interprets more than a dozen NPS areas including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Ford's Theatre National Historic Site and the House Where Lincol...


National Mall & Memorial Parks

3 Activites Phone: (202)-426-6841 Distance: 26.62 miles

Each year, millions of people visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks to recreate, to commemorate presidential legacies, to honor our nation's veterans, to make their voices heard, and to celebrate our nation's commitment to freedom and equality.


Anacostia Park

6 Activites Distance: 26.70 miles

Listen! Beneath the bustle of Washington, DC, the song of a meadowlark joins the sounds of friends, families, and fun. Authorized almost a hundred years ago as a multiple use park, Anacostia Park serves as a playground while protecting the natural scenery and water quality of the Anacostia River. The park serves as an example of how far-sighted urban planning serves today's generation as well.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial National Park

Rank: 26 1 Activites Distance: 26.78 miles

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...." iconic words from an iconic president. Learn more about the man, his memorial and his lasting legacy to the Nation.