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Parks around Middlesboro

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Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Rank: 86 6 Activites Email: CUGA_Superintendent@nps.gov Distance: 2.84 miles

At Cumberland Gap, the first great gateway to the west, follow the buffalo, the Native American, the longhunter, the pioneer... all traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky. Modern day explorers and travelers stand in awe at this great gateway and the many miles of trails and scenic features found in the park.


Martins Fork Lake National Park

7 Activites Phone: (606)-573-7655 Distance: 25.15 miles

This water resource project lies entirely in Harlan County, Kentucky. Many local residents take advantage of the recreational opportunities offered at the Smith Recreation Area, which is operated under a cost-share agreement by the county.


Cherokee Lake National Park

12 Activites Phone: (423)-585-2120 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 37.90 miles

Cherokee Reservoir attracts millions of recreational visitors each year. Along its shorelines are public access areas, county and municipal parks, commercial boat docks and resorts, a state park, and a state wildlife management area. There are many tent and trailer sites for campers. Fishing is popular at Cherokee, and the reservoir's fish population is very similar to that found in other east ...


Douglas Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (423)-585-2120 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 37.90 miles

Douglas Reservoir is located among the rolling uplands of the Great Valley of east Tennessee. Set against the backdrop of the lush, green Smoky Mountain foothills, Douglas attracts two million recreation visitors a year. Picnicking, camping, boating, and fishing are all popular activities at the reservoir. Douglas and other TVA reservoirs built during World War II made a historic contribution,...


Laurel River Lake National Park

6 Activites Phone: (606)-864-6412 Distance: 38.73 miles

Laurel River Lake is situated within the boundaries of the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail passes through the Laurel damsite.


Daniel Boone National Forest Park

17 Activites Email: mailroom_r8_daniel_boone@fs.fed.us Distance: 40.87 miles

The Daniel Boone National Forest offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Camping, hiking and fishing are just a few of the many attractions that draw more than one million visitors to the forest each year. Other opportunities include Target Shooting, Caving and Geocaching. Abundant wildlife, lush vegetation, magnificent scenery, numerous recreation opportunities, and campground ev...


Beaver Creek Wilderness National Park

1 Activites Distance: 46.47 miles

The Beaver Creek Wilderness now contains a total of 4,753 acres and is managed by the Forest Service. All of the Wilderness is in the state of Kentucky. In 1975 the Beaver Creek Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. In an age of "...


Buckhorn Lake National Park

14 Activites Phone: (606)-398-7251 Distance: 49.58 miles

Buckhorn Lake, KY is situated in the Cumberland Plateau of eastern Kentucky. This is an area that possesses a landscape as rugged as any found in the State. The plateau is deeply traversed by a series of narrow, winding valleys separated by steep watersheds and covered by a network of continuously branching streams. Originating in the southeast and flowing generally northwestward, the Kentucky ...


East Tennessee Crossing National Park

Distance: 51.86 miles

Drive the East Tennessee Crossing Byway and soak in the richness of the Tennessee landscape. This route follows the original path of the Cherokee Warriors Path, the Wilderness Road across the Clinch Mountain and the Cumberland Gap, the Dixie Highway of the Civil War period and Thunder Road of moonshining lore. The byway begins with the nationally significant Cumberland Gap National Historical P...


Carr Creek Lake National Park

10 Activites Phone: (606)-642-3308 Distance: 53.22 miles

Carr Creek Lake, KY is located in the mountainous region of southeastern Kentucky, about 16 mile from Hazard and 18 miles from Whitesburg. The dam is located 8.8 miles above the mouth of Carr Fork, a tributary of the North Fork of the Kentucky River. Nearby attractions include Daniel Boone National Forest, Lilley Cornett Woods, Bad Branch Falls Nature Preserve, Red River Gorge Natural Scenic Area,...


Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area Park

Rank: 101 14 Activites Email: biso_information@nps.gov Distance: 56.86 miles

Encompassing 125,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area protects the free-flowing Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and its tributaries. The area boasts miles of scenic gorges and sandstone bluffs, is rich with natural and historic features and has been developed to provide visitors with a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.


Lake Cumberland National Park

14 Activites Phone: (606)-679-6337 Distance: 57.89 miles

Located on the Cumberland River, Wolf Creek Dam holds back waters producing the 100 mile long reservoir known as Lake Cumberland. The lake is one of the largest lakes east of the Mississippi River and is a cherished vacation destination for millions of visitors each year. The lake?s close proximity to major highways and interstates, breathtaking natural beauty, miles of open waters, hundreds of ...


Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Rank: 279 2 Activites Phone: (423)-639-3711 Email: Lizzie_Watts@nps.gov Distance: 58.38 miles

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site and National Cemetery interprets the life and legacy of the 17th President. Andrew Johnson's presidency, 1865-1869, illustrates the United States Constitution at work following President Lincoln's assassination and during attempts to reunify a nation torn by civil war. His presidency shaped the future of the United States and his influences continue today.


Obed Wild & Scenic River National Park

Rank: 178 10 Activites Email: obri_information@nps.gov Distance: 62.65 miles

The Obed Wild and Scenic River looks much the same today as it did when the first white settlers strolled its banks in the late 1700s. While meagerly populated due to poor farming soil, the river was a hospitable fishing and hunting area for trappers and pioneers. Today, the Obed stretches along the Cumberland Plateau and offers visitors a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.


Norris Lake National Park

14 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1320 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

Norris is a popular tourist and recreation destination, and in summer 2005 TVA opened a new visitor center at the dam. Visitors can learn about the history of Norris, hydropower operations, and TVA's management of the river system. The facility, located at the top of the dam, is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. It's staffed by TVA retiree volunteers. ...


Watts Bar Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1320 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

Watts Bar, located about midway between Knoxville and Chattanooga, is one of nine TVA dams on the Tennessee River. The reservoir attracts millions of recreation visits each year for boating, fishing, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities. A scenic overlook near the dam provides visitors with a panoramic view of the reservoir and surrounding countryside. The dam was completed in Januar...


Tellico Lake National Park

13 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1300 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

Tellico Reservoir was planned as an extension of nearby Fort Loudoun Reservoir. Tellico Dam serves to divert water through a short canal into Fort Loudoun, linking the two reservoirs in their joint functions of flood control, power production, and improved navigation. They help regulate flooding downstream, especially at Chattanooga. The canal also allows barges to enter the Little Tennessee River...


Fort Loudoun Lake National Park

9 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1300 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

More than two million outdoor enthusiasts visit Fort Loudoun Reservoir each year. The reservoir is known for its bass fishing, boating, and birdwatching. The wildlife viewing area is the best place to observe the seasonal bird population. Black-crowned night herons and osprey visit during the summer and late fall, and gulls migrate to the area in winter. Fort Loudoun is connected by a short ...


Melton Hill Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1320 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

Melton Hill Reservoir is on the Clinch River in east Tennessee. It extemds almost 57 miles upstream from Melton Hill Dam to Norris Dam. Unlike other TVA reservoirs, Melton Hill is not used for flood control. But because it's used for power production, the level of the water in the reservoir fluctuates about four feet throughout the year. The area around Melton Hill offers camping, sheltered pic...


Fontana Lake National Park

13 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1300 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

Fontana Reservoir occupies a site of particular splendor deep in the Great Smoky Mountains. Fishing, boating, and swimming are all popular at Fontana, but it is perhaps most appreciated by wilderness hikers and campers. The Appalachian Trail, which extends over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine, crosses the top of Fontana Dam. The hot showers available at the trail shelter maintained by TVA hav...


Great Falls Lake National Park

8 Activites Phone: (865)-632-1320 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 66.43 miles

Great Falls Dam, completed in 1916 by the Tennessee Electric Power Company for the purpose of power generation, was bought by TVA in 1939. The area surrounding Great Falls Reservoir is a scenic wilderness with numerous waterfalls, including the one that gives the reservoir its name. Whitewater rapids below the dam are world renowned for kayaking and canoeing and have been the site for national ...


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Rank: 3 8 Activites Distance: 66.83 miles

Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. World renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, and the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this is America's most visited national park.


North Fork Of Pound River Lake National Park

3 Activites Phone: (276)-796-5775 Distance: 67.36 miles

A hikers' paradise, lying adjacent to the wooded hills of Jefferson National Forest. From Pound, 1 mi SW on VA 630.


Fort Patrick Henry Lake National Park

13 Activites Phone: (423)-467-3800 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 69.25 miles

Fort Patrick Henry is named after the colonial fort, also known as Long Island Station, that was established nearby at the site of present-day Kingsport, Tennessee. The dam was built primarily for hydropower, but it is also used to regulate the flow of water downstream to ensure a reliable supply of water for local industry and for cooling water at TVA's John Sevier Fossil Plant. Fort Patrick H...


Boone Lake National Park

12 Activites Phone: (423)-467-3800 Email: tvainfo@tva.gov Distance: 69.25 miles

Boone Reservoir features a swimming area above the dam and a boat ramp including a courtesy pier for safe, convenient boat launching and retrieval. Water skiing and fishing are popular pastimes at Boone. The reservoir is operated for a number of purposes, including power production, flood control, water supply, water quality, and aquatic ecology. Compared with similar reservoirs on tributaries ...