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James A Garfield National Historic Site

Rank: 320 Email: jaga_interpretation@nps.gov Distance: 1.39 miles

A front porch can serve many purposes. For some, a place to enjoy the breeze on a warm summer night. For others, a perch from which to keep eyes on what's happening in their neighborhood. In 1880, James Garfield used his front porch as a platform to greet thousands of well-wishers during his presidential campaign. Today, the porch serves as a gateway to the story of the Garfield family.


David Berger National Memorial Park

Distance: 16.31 miles

This site honors the memory of David Berger, an American citizen who was one of 11 Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. David had no expectations of winning a medal but joined the Israeli weightlifting team to realize his dream - a dream which ended tragically. The Memorial is dedicated to his memory and the memory of the ten other athletes.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Rank: 38 8 Activites Email: cuva_info@nps.gov Distance: 31.00 miles

Though a short distance from the urban areas of Cleveland and Akron, Cuyahoga Valley National Park seems worlds away. The park is a refuge for native plants and wildlife, and provides routes of discovery for visitors. The winding Cuyahoga River gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands. Walk or ride the Towpath Trail to follow the historic route of the Ohio & Erie Canal.


Michael J Kirwan Lake National Park

13 Activites Phone: (330)-358-2622 Distance: 38.36 miles

The reservoir and surrounding land are leased to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as West Branch State Park. Fishing at Michael J. Kirwan can be a very rewarding activity. The numerous deep feeder channels and shallow shoreline provide habitat for a variety of fish species. The reservoir has yielded many trophy size walleye, muskie, and striped bass.


Mosquito Creek Lake National Park

12 Activites Phone: (330)-637-1961 Distance: 39.44 miles

Mosquito Lake is renowned for its excellent walleye and crappie fishing. Anglers also have success catching bluegill,perch,bass,and flathead/Channel catfish. A feature unique to Mosquito Creek Lake is its use of an uncontrolled natural spillway. The natural spillway is located at the upper end of the lake in a low-lying reach of the Mosquito Creek-Grand River Divide. The elevation of the spillway ...


Berlin Lake National Park

8 Activites Phone: (330)-547-3781 Distance: 46.83 miles

A historic area with an old stagecoach station in Deerfield. John Brown was born near here.


Shenango River Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (724)-962-7746 Distance: 53.16 miles

Situated within the suburban Shenango Valley, Shenango River Lake provides an attractive setting for your enjoyment. Visitors choose to spend their day picnicking, camping, or enjoying nature?s beauty. History buffs will enjoy exploring the remnants of the Erie Extension Canal, sections of which are located on project property. The Erie Extension Canal played a key role in the economic developm...


First Ladies National Historic Site

Rank: 347 Email: mrhodes@firstladies.org Distance: 60.92 miles

Two properties, the home of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley and the seven story 1895 City Bank Building, are preserved at this site, which honors the lives and accomplishment of our nation's First Ladies. The site is managed by the National Park Service and operated by the National First Ladies Library.


Woodcock Creek Lake National Park

9 Activites Phone: (814)-763-4422 Distance: 63.47 miles

Provides a 333-acre summer pool with the largest recreation facility managed by Crawford County.


Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve Park

6 Activites Phone: (419)-433-4601 Email: info@oldwomancreek.org Distance: 64.58 miles

The national NERR program, a national network of protected estuaries where integrated research and education leads to coastal stewardship, works at each estuary with a local partner(s). Old Woman Creek Research Reserve, located in Ohio, is one of the 28 protected estuaries within the NERR system. In Ohio, the local partner is the ODNR Division of Wildlife. It is one of two research reserves loc...


Bolivar Dam National Park

3 Activites Phone: (330)-874-2121 Distance: 70.63 miles

Near the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, a state-operated historical facility, Fort Laurens, is nearby.


Erie National Wildlife Refuge Park

8 Activites Phone: (814)-789-3585 Email: fw5rw_ernwr@fws.gov Distance: 70.82 miles

Erie National Wildlife Refuge is located in Crawford County, 35 miles south of the City of Erie and 10 miles east of Meadville on the outskirts of Guys Mills village. The refuge consists of two separate land units. The Sugar Lake Division, containing 5,206 acres, is the unit closest to Guys Mills. The Seneca Division, containing 3,594 acres, is 10 miles north of the Sugar Lake Division and bord...


Beach City Lake National Park

2 Activites Phone: (330)-878-7391 Distance: 72.89 miles

The Wilmont Wilderness Center is located 3 mi W of dam


Union City Dam National Park

2 Activites Phone: (814)-763-4422 Distance: 75.48 miles

This is a dry-bed detention reservoir for flood control. It is located 3 mi W of Union City.


Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial Park

Rank: 193 4 Activites Phone: (419)-285-2184 Email: PEVI_Interpretation@nps.gov Distance: 77.27 miles

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial was established to honor those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie, during the War of 1812, and to celebrate the long-lasting peace between Britain, Canada and the U.S. The Memorial, a Doric column, rising 352 feet over Lake Erie is situated 5 miles from the longest undefended border in the world.


Dover Dam National Park

2 Activites Phone: (330)-343-5725 Distance: 77.57 miles

No permanent pool, but there are day-use facilities along the river. Restored village of Zoar is 5 miles North of the dam. Nearby attractions include Shoenbrunn State Park, operated by the Ohio Historical Society and Warther Museum with 56 hand-carved, operating, miniature locomotives.


Mohicanville Dam National Park

1 Activites Phone: (419)-368-4712 Distance: 78.52 miles

The lake has no permanent pool.


Atwood Lake National Park

3 Activites Phone: (330)-343-5611 Distance: 79.56 miles

Located on the Corps' Atwood Lake, Atwood Lake Lodge and extensive recreation facilities are operated by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. Check out their website at: www.mwcdlakes.com. Golden Age and Golden Access passports are not honored at MWCD facilites.


Amish Country Byway National Park

Phone: (330)-674-3975 Email: info@holmescountychamber.com Distance: 82.53 miles

Discover the cultural and historic treasures of the Amish and northern Appalachian people as you wend through curves and over the hills of the pastoral countryside. Experience simple living and sustainability along charming country roads, taking you to a bygone era still present, manifest in the people and their lifestyle.


Leesville Lake National Park

1 Activites Phone: (740)-269-2131 Distance: 83.86 miles

Recreation facilities at the Corps' Leesville Lake are operated by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. Visit their website at: www.mwcdlakes.com. Golden Age and Golden Access and other Federal passports are not honored at MWCD facilities. A popular camping spot for youth and church groups.


Charles Mill Lake National Park

3 Activites Phone: (419)-368-4334 Distance: 84.05 miles

At the Corps' Charles Mill Lake, extensive recreation facilities are operated by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. Visit their website at www.mwcdlakes.com. In Mansfield, see the Kingwood Center formal gardens bloom April through October. Johnny Appleseed Heritage Center will be opening Summer 2004 near the dam. A 1600 seat amphitheater will be open presenting an outdoor drama about Jo...


Oil Region National Heritage Area Park

Email: mblack@oilregion.org Distance: 85.61 miles

Oil Region National Heritage Area in northwestern Pennsylvania tells of the world's first successful commercial oil well and a legacy of petroleum that continues to shape industry, society, and politics. The Oil Region includes oil artifacts, scenic communities, farmlands and woodlands, and industrial landscapes, and offers visitors heritage attractions and four seasons of outdoor recreation.


Montgomery Locks And Dam - Ohio River National Park

1 Activites Phone: (724)-643-8400 Email: Montgomery@usace.army.mil Distance: 86.69 miles

This is an integral link in providing a navigation channel for the many industries located in the Ohio River Basin. This area is along the Lewis and Clark route.


Ohio River - New Cumberland Pool National Park

1 Activites Phone: (614)-537-2571 Distance: 87.69 miles

A modern structure with a 1,200- by 110-ft main chamber enables large tows to make quick passage through the lock.


Pleasant Hill Lake National Park

2 Activites Phone: (419)-938-5785 Distance: 90.56 miles

At the Corps Pleasant Hill Lake, extensive recreation facilities are operated by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. Visit their website at: www.mwcdlakes,com. Golden Age and Golden Access and other Federal recreation passports are not honored by MWCD. Louis Bromfield's home, Malabar Farm, is maintained by the State Historical Society at upper end of reservoir. Mohican State Park is down...