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Shadehill Reservoir National Park

7 Activites Phone: (605)-374-5114 Email: Shadehill@state.sd.us Distance: 2.47 miles

The Shadehill Unit of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, consists of Shadehill Dam and Reservoir on the Grand River in the northwestern part of South Dakota, immediately downstream from the confluence of the North Fork and the South Fork of the Grand River. The reservoir has approximately 4,800 water surface acres, 8,358 land acres and 65 miles of shoreline. The South Dakota Department of Game...


Bowman Haley Lake National Park

8 Activites Phone: (701)-252-7666 Distance: 50.33 miles

Bowman-Haley Lake, ND formed at the confluence of Spring Creek, Alkali Creek, and North Fork Grand River; has 17 miles of scenic shoreline. The 1,740-acre V-shaped lake offers year-round recreational opportunities including camping, boating, and fishing. Surrounding the lake are 6,720 acres of prairie creeks and rolling uplands, which provide a haven for a wide variety of wildlife and waterfowl.


Heart Butte Reservoir National Park

5 Activites Phone: (701)-250-4242 Email: GPwebmaster@gp.usbr.gov Distance: 61.87 miles

The 142 foot high Heart Butte Dam, Heart Butte Project is on the Heart River in Grant County, North Dakota. Managed by the Dakotas Area Office, Bureau of Reclamation. The reservoir, Lake Tschida, is the only sizable body of water in the area and it has become a popular recreation center. The reservoir has approximately 3,397 water surface acres, 7,361 land acres and 55 miles of shoreline. Six...


Schnell Ranch Recreation Area National Park

7 Activites Phone: (701)-227-7700 Email: MT_North_Dakota_FO@blm.gov Distance: 78.22 miles

The 2,000-acre Schnell Recreation Area was once working cattle ranch that the Schnell family owned and operated for 80 of its 120 years. In 1993, the land became public property through the combined efforts of the Bureau of Land Management, the Conservation Fund, the Richard King Mellon Foundation, and the Schnell family. The native mixed-grass prairie, hardwood draws, and former pasture land cons...


Dickinson Reservoir - Edward Arthur Patterson Lake National Park

5 Activites Phone: (701)-456-2074 Email: dprd@dickinsonparks.org Distance: 81.66 miles

Dickinson Dam and Reservoir (Edward Arthur Patterson Lake), on the Heart River, store water for irrigating valley lands downstream from the dam, and for a municipal water supply for the city of Dickinson, North Dakota. The reservoir has approximately 1,191 water surface acres, 1,276 land acres and 22 miles of shoreline. Public use area open 7 days a week. Overnight camping, water and electric ho...


Native American Scenic Byway - South Dakota National Park

Phone: (605)-964-7812 Distance: 82.55 miles

The history of the Lakota and other cultures here offers a glimpse of a seemingly untouched land and a view of our homelands. This journey is only a piece of the incredible story of our nation, the stories are not only about our past but our dreams of the future.


Belle Fourche Reservoir - Rocky Point Recreation Area National Park

8 Activites Phone: (605)-584-3896 Email: RockyPoint@state.sd.us Distance: 99.66 miles

Belle Fourche Dam and reservoir are features of the Belle Fourche Project. The reservoir is located on Owl Creek, about 8 miles east of Belle Fourche, South Dakota. The name means "Beautiful Forks" in French and refers to the confluence of the Redwater and Belle Fourche Rivers. The primary historic site is Belle Fourche Dam, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. An interp...


Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Rank: 104 10 Activites Phone: (701)-623-4730 Email: thro_interpretation@nps.gov Distance: 101.45 miles

When Theodore Roosevelt came to Dakota Territory to hunt bison in 1883, he was a skinny, young, spectacled dude from New York. He could not have imagined how his adventure in this remote and unfamiliar place would forever alter the course of the nation. The rugged landscape and strenuous life that TR experienced here would help shape a conservation policy that we still benefit from today.


Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness National Park

1 Activites Distance: 105.13 miles

Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness now contains a total of 29,920 acres and is managed by the National Park Service. All of the Wilderness is in the state of North Dakota. In 1978 Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude...


Lake Ilo National Wildlife Refuge Park

5 Activites Phone: (701)-548-8110 Email: lakeilo@fws.gov Distance: 111.56 miles

Lake Ilo National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in the Missouri Slope region of western North Dakota, near the Killdeer Mountains. Established in the mid-1930s for migratory waterfowl, this unique Refuge encompasses slightly more than 4,000 acres and is home to approximately 226 bird species, 36 mammals, 9 reptiles/amphibians, and 11 different fish species.


Fort Meade Recreation Area National Park

10 Activites Phone: (605)-892-7000 Email: MT_South_Dakota_FO@blm.gov Distance: 112.37 miles

The Fort Meade Recreation Area is composed of approximately 6,700 acres of forest and grasslands. The area is managed to protect, preserve, and enhance its cultural, historic, recreational, and wildlife values. Attractions include the Fort Meade Cavalry Post, the Old Fort Meade CavalryMuseum, the Fort Meade Post Cemetery, and the Centennial Trail. Therecreation area also adjoins the Black Hills N...


Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge Park

2 Activites Phone: (701)-387-4397 Email: longlake@fws.gov Distance: 114.99 miles

Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), located in south-central North Dakota, was established in 1932 as a migratory bird refuge by President Herbert Hoover. The 22,300 acre refuge consists of a 15,000-acre saline basin that is 18 miles long and is appropriately named "Long Lake." Long Lake is relatively shallow; it is normally 3 to 4 feet deep. During extended wet periods, Long Lake reaches...


Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (605)-722-8798 Email: spearfishcanyon@rushmore.com Distance: 117.13 miles

The Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, located in the northern Black Hills, is unique because the view is always close to the visitor and always upward. The narrow canyon walls rise sharply skyward from Spearfish Creek and the highway sculpted along the canyon bottom. A forest of spruce, pine, aspen, birch, and oak covers much of the hillsides. Above these slopes, the skyline is topped with an exte...


Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

Rank: 340 4 Activites Distance: 118.46 miles

Earthlodge people hunted bison and other game, but were in essence farmers living in villages along the Missouri and its tributaries. The site was a major Native American trade center for hundreds of years prior to becoming an important market place for fur traders after 1750.


Long Lake Wetland Management District National Park

7 Activites Phone: (701)-387-4397 Email: longlake@fws.gov Distance: 122.03 miles

Long Lake Wetland Management District (WMD) encompasses three counties in south-central North Dakota; an area famed for its wealth of waterfowl-producing potholes and native prairie grasslands. The Long Lake WMD habitats are comprised of Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs), satellite refuges, Wildlife Development Areas (WDAs), wetland and grassland easements, and private lands agreements.


Sakakawea Lake National Park

14 Activites Phone: (701)-654-7411 Distance: 127.02 miles

Garrison Dam, ND is located 75 miles northwest of Bismarck on the Missouri River. Lake Sakakawea is 178 miles long with 1,340 miles of shoreline and extends from Riverdale to Trenton. There are 35 recreation areas around Lake Sakakawea offering outdoor recreation opportunities such as camping, boating, fishing, sailing and hunting. The lake is an important resting stop for whooping cranes and a...


Lake Oahe National Park

14 Activites Phone: (605)-224-5862 Distance: 128.02 miles

Oahe Dam, SD takes its name from the Oahe Indian Mission established among the Lakota Sioux Indians in 1874. Lake Oahe extends from Pierre, SD to Bismarck, ND. The lake is 231 miles long, and has 2,250 miles of shoreline. The 51 recreation areas located around the reservoir offer camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting, boating, water skiing, swimming, bird watching, hiking, biking, and photography...


Pactola Reservoir National Park

9 Activites Phone: (605)-343-1567 Distance: 131.69 miles

The Rapid Valley Unit of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program consists of Pactola Dam and Reservoir located on Rapid Creek about 15 miles west of Rapid City, South Dakota. The Dam is a zoned earthfill structure, 230 feet high, 40 feet wide at the crest, and 1,255 feet long. Numerous facilities associated with outdoor recreation are provided at Pactola Reservoir, including picnic grounds, campgr...


Badlands Wilderness National Park

1 Activites Distance: 132.53 miles

The Badlands Wilderness now contains a total of 64,144 acres and is managed by the National Park Service. All of the Wilderness is in the state of South Dakota. In 1976 the Badlands Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. In an age ...


Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Rank: 243 1 Activites Email: mimi_information@nps.gov Distance: 135.89 miles

The Cold War was the defining historical event of the last half of the 20th century. It led to fear, panic, and distrust symbolized by a nuclear arms race between the United States and Soviet Union. The Minuteman Missile was an iconic weapon in the American nuclear arsenal. It held the power to destroy civilization, but acted as a nuclear deterrent which maintained peace and prevented war.


Audubon National Wildlife Refuge Park

7 Activites Phone: (701)-442-5474 Email: audubon@fws.gov Distance: 136.11 miles

Audubon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in west-central North Dakota and is part of a landscape marked by numerous wetlands or "potholes" that remained after glaciers melted more than 10,000 years ago. This landscape is commonly called the "Prairie Pothole Region." The Prairie Pothole Region extends into Canada, Minnesota, western Iowa, South Dakota, and eastern Montana. The Refuge ...


Lonetree Wildlife Management Area National Park

11 Activites Phone: (701)-324-2211 Distance: 136.88 miles

The Lonetree Wildlife Management Area in central North Dakota comprises 33,000 acres of wildlife habitat owned by the Bureau of Reclamation and managed by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. There is a 32 miles segment of the North Country Trail that passes through Lonetree. It is designed for hiking but any non-motorized travel including mountain bikes or horseback riding is allowed. Th...


Badlands National Park

Rank: 77 6 Activites Email: badl_information@nps.gov Distance: 139.28 miles

The rugged beauty of the Badlands draws visitors from around the world. These striking geologic deposits contain one of the world's richest fossil beds. Ancient mammals such as the rhino, horse, and saber-toothed cat once roamed here. The park's 244,000 acres protect an expanse of mixed-grass prairie where bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, and black-footed ferrets live today.


Brekken-Holmes Recreation Area National Park

5 Activites Phone: (701)-250-4592 Email: citytl@westriv.com Distance: 139.68 miles

Site is one and one-half miles north of Turtle Lake in the center of North Dakota. The reservoir has approximately 675 water surface acres, 620 land acres and 10 miles of shoreline. Available species include trout, walleye, crappie, bluegill, and small mouth bass.


Florence Lake National Wildlife Refuge Park

Phone: (701)-387-4397 Email: longlake@fws.gov Distance: 140.40 miles

The 1,888-acre Florence Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) has almost 1,000 acres of virgin native mixed-grass prairie and a 132-acre lake. This high quality prairie habitat attracts grassland birds including grassland passerines that are sought by birders visiting the region. Florence Lake NWR is administered by Long Lake NWR as an unstaffed satellite refuge.