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Overflow National Wildlife Refuge Park

2 Activites Phone: 87047328698 Email: felsenthal@fws.gov Distance: 9.10 miles

Located in southeast Arkansas in Ashley County, Overflow National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1980 to protect one of the remaining bottomland hardwood forests considered vital for maintaining mallard, wood duck, and other waterfowl populations in the Mississippi Flyway. This 13,000 acre plus wetland complex consists of seasonally flooded bottomland hardwood forests, impoundments, and cropl...


Handy Brake National Wildlife Refuge Park

1 Activites Phone: (318)-726-4400 Email: NorthLARefuges@fws.gov Distance: 26.76 miles

Handy Brake National Wildlife Refuge is located just north of Bastrop in Morehouse Parish, north central Louisiana. The refuge was established in 1988 with the southeast's first fee title transfer of a Farmer's Home Administration tract (466 acres) to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A free lease of 38 acres from International Paper Company increased the refuge to the current 501 acres. An ob...


Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-839-2638 Email: yazoo@fws.gov Distance: 31.29 miles

Welcome to Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge - the oldest national wildlife refuge in the State of Mississippi. This refuge was established in 1936 as one of the links in a chain of refuges that provide for the wintering needs of ducks and geese in the Mississippi Flyway. Yazoo NWR is also known as one of the premier hunting refuges in the southeastern U.S. For years, hunters have traditiona...


Ouachita-Black River - Felsenthal Pool National Park

7 Activites Phone: (318)-322-6391 Distance: 34.99 miles

Project has three public access points to Ouachita River and Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge with boating, fishing, camping, and day use. Pool extends from H.K. Thatcher Lock & Dam south to the Felsenthal Lock & Dam located 5 mi NE of Huttig, AR on county road.


Poverty Point National Monument Park

2 Activites Email: povertypoint@crt.state.la.us Distance: 36.70 miles

Now a nearly forgotten culture, Poverty Point at its peak 3,000 years ago was part of an enormous trading network that stretched for hundreds of miles across the continent. It was - and is - also an engineering marvel, the product of five million hours of labor. Explore the culture of a highly sophisticated people who left behind one of North America's most important archeological sites.


Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge Park

4 Activites Phone: (318)-726-4400 Email: northlarefuges@fws.gov Distance: 37.31 miles

The refuge provides excellent wintering habitat for tens of thousands of ducks and geese. The endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and the threatened Louisiana black bear are found on Upper Ouachita NWR. Other wildlife species that call the refuge home include alligators, deer, turkey, squirrels, bald eagles and beaver. Upper Ouachita NWR is one of the four refuges managed in the North Louisiana ...


Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge Park

8 Activites Phone: (870)-364-3167 Email: Felsenthal@fws.gov Distance: 37.39 miles

Established in 1975, Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in southeast Arkansas, approximately eight miles west of the town of Crossett. Named for a small community located at its southwest corner, this 65,000 acre refuge contains an abundance of water resources dominated by the Ouachita and Saline Rivers and the Felsenthal Pool. This low lying area is dissected by an intricate ...


Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (318)-387-1114 Email: northlouisianarefuges@fws.gov Distance: 47.23 miles

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1997 through a unique partnership with the city of Monroe, Louisiana. The 2,000 acre scenic lake is owned by the city and serves as its secondary water source. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a free ninety-nine year management lease on the lake. The Service purchased 2,200 acres of land surrounding the lake, which expanded the ...


National Forests In Mississippi Park

10 Activites Email: ckshedd@fs.fed.us Distance: 49.57 miles

What to Do?Explore the Outdoors . . .Recreation Opportunities Abound! The six National Forests in Mississippi provide excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation across the state. 1.2 million acres of forest land provide a diversity of terrain, diverse ecosystems, numerous lakes, rivers, and streams.  In addition to hosting native plant and animal communities, forests are also rich in cultural ...


Red River National Wildlife Refuge Park

Phone: (318)-726-4222 Email: northlarefuges@fws.gov Distance: 50.39 miles

The Red River National Wildlife Refuge Act was signed into law on October 13, 2001. According to legislation, the refuge shall consist of approximately 50,000 acres of Federal lands and water along that section of the Red River between Colfax, Louisiana and Arkansas state line, a distance of approximately 120 miles. Currently the Service has acquired approximatley 6,000 acres of the proposed 50,0...


Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-742-9331 Distance: 53.06 miles

Dahomey NWR is located 15 miles south west of Cleveland, Mississippi. It was established in 1990 when the Nature Conservancy (TNC) purchased 9,269 and leased the land back to the Service for management. In 1993, the Service completed acquisition of the TNC lands. One additional 162 acre tract was purchased by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and turned over to the Service in 19...


D'arbonne National Wildlife Refuge Park

6 Activites Phone: (318)-726-4222 Email: northlouisianarefuges@fws.gov Distance: 53.15 miles

D'Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge, located north of West Monroe, Louisiana, lies on the western edge of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. It was established in 1975 to protect bottomland hardwoods and provide wintering habitat for migratory waterfowl. Additionally the refuge provides habitat for alligators, bald eagles, the little known Rafinesque's big-eared bat and the endangered red-cockaded ...


Louisiana Wetland Management District National Park

Phone: (318)-726-4400 Email: northlarefuges@fws.gov Distance: 53.15 miles

The Louisiana Wetland Management District (WMD) was established in September 1990 in response to growing U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service responsibilities on lands that were off traditional refuges. These include Farmer's Home Administration (FmHA) and fee title tracts, leases and work on private lands. The WMD encompasses 20 parishes in the northern half of the state. Most of the 37 FmHA easemen...


Great River Road - Arkansas National Park

Phone: (870)-972-2803 Email: rhawkins@astate.edu Distance: 54.56 miles

The Arkansas Great River Road embodies a fading agricultural past with a growing modern society that utilizes new agricultural technology. From the first settlers who conquered the swamp to the sharecroppers and finally to a community embedded in pastoral rhythms, this rich heritage can be seen all along the road.


Ouachita-Black River - Calion Pool National Park

5 Activites Phone: (318)-322-6391 Distance: 56.72 miles

Ouachita-Black Rivers System in AR and LA has four locks and dams. There are boat ramps and picnicking facilities on the river. The Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge is located along the river near the AR and LA border.


J. Bennett Johnston Waterway National Park

3 Activites Phone: (318)-322-6391 Distance: 57.60 miles

The J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, formerly known as the Red River Waterway, LA, contains five locks and dams on the Red River: LD 1 L.C. - Boggs Lock and Dam; LD 2 - J.H. Overton Lock and Dam; LD 3 - Lock and Dam No. 3; LD 4 - Russell B. Long Lock and Dam; and, LD 5 - Joe D. Waggonner Jr. Lock and Dam. The project is operated by the Corps of Engineers and the Red River Waterway Commission. There...


Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-746-5060 Email: yazoo@fws.gov Distance: 58.76 miles

Welcome to Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge ... one of seven refuges in the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Established in 1978, Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 38,697 acres. Included in those acres is one of the largest blocks (21,000 acres) of bottomland forest in the lower Mississippi River alluvial floodplain. The upland areas or ridges oft...


Arkansas River - Wilbur D. Mills Pool National Park

7 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2291 Distance: 60.24 miles

Lock no. 2 is located on the man-made Arkansas Post Canal that connects the Arkansas River with the White River. Wilber D. Mills Dam is located on the main stem of the Arkansas River. Overnight camping is available in Merrisach Lake Park near Lock No. 2, Wilbur D. Mills Park downstream from the dam, and Pendleton Bend Park upstream from the dam. World-class bass and crappie fishing is found in ...


Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge Park

7 Activites Phone: (318)-574-2664 Email: tensasriver@fws.gov Distance: 62.05 miles

The Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge was established through Public Law 96-285 on June 28, 1980 to preserve one of the largest privately owned tracts of bottomland hardwoods remaining in the Mississippi Delta. The bottomland hardwood forest contains a diversity of plant and animal species. Over 400 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish can be found on the refuge. The re...


Arkansas Post National Memorial Park

Rank: 292 5 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2207 Distance: 62.07 miles

Located at the confluence of two rivers, Arkansas Post has served as a gathering place for many cultures throughout human history - it represents cultural cooperation, conflict, synthesis, and diversity.


Arkansas River - Norrell Pool National Park

3 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2291 Distance: 64.05 miles

Located about 50 mi S of Stuttgart. Anglers can fish for bass, crappie, catfish and bream from boats or the riverbanks.The Arkansas River is one of the Mississippi's largest tributaries. It flows 1,450 miles from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, through the Royal Gorge, on through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to its confluence with the Mississippi River. Four hundred and forty-five miles long ...


Vicksburg National Military Park

Rank: 99 5 Activites Phone: (601)-636-0583 Email: Vick_Interpretation@nps.gov Distance: 67.10 miles

Two statements, two Presidents, both aware of the importance of the city on the Mississippi River. President Davis knew it was vital to hold the city for the Confederacy to survive. President Lincoln wanted the key to gain control of the river and divide the South. Vicksburg National Military Park commemorates this campaign and its significance as a critical turning point of the Civil War.


Arkansas River - Pool 3 National Park

6 Activites Phone: (870)-534-0451 Distance: 71.82 miles

Overnight camping is available in Pool 3 at Rising Star Park, located about 4 mi N of Linwood off US 65. Boat launching is also available in Trulock Park and Sheppard Island Park. Excellent catfish fishing in the tailwaters of Joe Hardin Lock and Dam as well as Emmitt Sanders Lock and Dam at the upstream end of pool 3. Anglers also find excellent fishing for bass, crappie and bream.


Hillside National Wildlife Refuge Park

5 Activites Phone: (662)-235-4989 Email: yazoo@fws.gov Distance: 73.15 miles

This refuge is an oasis of wildlife habitat surrounded by agriculture. Bounded on the east side by the unique loess bluffs of eastern Mississippi, this 15,572-acre refuge was named to reflect its location at the base of the bluffs. The refuge was established in 1975 and provides important stop-over and nesting habitat for over 200 species of neotropical migratory birds. The refuge is also know...


Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-235-4989 Email: yazoo@fws.gov Distance: 74.27 miles

Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 2,418 acres in west-central Mississippi. Established in 1980, the refuge is one of seven national wildlife refuges in the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex. The primary habitat feature is Mathews Brake, the largest brake in Leflore County. Each winter the brake provides habitat for over 30,000 ducks. Neotropical migratory ...