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Parks around Helena

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St. Francis Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (870)-295-5278 Distance: 6.62 miles

The St. Francis Scenic Byway is located atop Crowley's Ridge for more than 21 miles and is part of the designated Great River Road. This winding route, located in the St. Francis National Forest between the cities of Marianna and Helena/West Helena follows Arkansas Highway 44 and Forest Service Road 1900. The St. Francis National Forest lies in the Delta region of southeastern Arkansas with its...


White River National Wildlife Refuge Park

5 Activites Phone: (870)-282-8200 Email: whiteriver@fws.gov Distance: 23.74 miles

White River NWR, was established in 1935 for the protection of migratory birds. The refuge lies in the floodplain of the White River near where it meets the mighty Mississippi River. White River NWR is one of the largest remaining bottomland hardwood forests in the Mississippi River Valley. Approximately two-thirds of the bird species found in Arkansas can be seen at White River NWR. Many of ...


Arkabutla Lake National Park

10 Activites Phone: (662)-562-6261 Distance: 37.43 miles

Arkabutla Lake, MS, on the Coldwater River, is known for its large crappie and excellent sailing conditions. Located near Memphis, TN, the lake has camping, swimming and picnicking facilities.


Coldwater River National Wildlife Refuge Park

1 Activites Phone: (662)-226-8286 Email: yazoo@fws.gov Distance: 40.77 miles

The Coldwater National Wildlife Refuge is located in northwest Mississippi, 4 ý miles south of the town of Crowder. Established in 2000, this small refuge consists of 2,069 acres within an acquisition boundary of 16,000 acres. The centerpiece of the refuge is 25 old catfish ponds ranging in size from 9 to 21 acres and totaling 495 acres. These ponds are intensively managed for migrating water...


Arkansas River - Norrell Pool National Park

3 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2291 Distance: 42.54 miles

Located about 50 mi S of Stuttgart. Anglers can fish for bass, crappie, catfish and bream from boats or the riverbanks.The Arkansas River is one of the Mississippi's largest tributaries. It flows 1,450 miles from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, through the Royal Gorge, on through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to its confluence with the Mississippi River. Four hundred and forty-five miles long ...


Arkansas River - Wilbur D. Mills Pool National Park

7 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2291 Distance: 49.07 miles

Lock no. 2 is located on the man-made Arkansas Post Canal that connects the Arkansas River with the White River. Wilber D. Mills Dam is located on the main stem of the Arkansas River. Overnight camping is available in Merrisach Lake Park near Lock No. 2, Wilbur D. Mills Park downstream from the dam, and Pendleton Bend Park upstream from the dam. World-class bass and crappie fishing is found in ...


Arkansas Post National Memorial Park

Rank: 292 5 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2207 Distance: 49.16 miles

Located at the confluence of two rivers, Arkansas Post has served as a gathering place for many cultures throughout human history - it represents cultural cooperation, conflict, synthesis, and diversity.


Great River Road - Arkansas National Park

Phone: (870)-972-2803 Email: rhawkins@astate.edu Distance: 50.18 miles

The Arkansas Great River Road embodies a fading agricultural past with a growing modern society that utilizes new agricultural technology. From the first settlers who conquered the swamp to the sharecroppers and finally to a community embedded in pastoral rhythms, this rich heritage can be seen all along the road.


Sardis Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (662)-563-4531 Distance: 51.10 miles

Sardis Lake, MS, on the Tallahatchie River, is known for its sand beaches and fishing opportunities. A State Park with swimming pool, recreation hall, cabins and a golf course is located at Sardis Lake.


Cache River National Wildlife Refuge Park

1 Activites Phone: (870)-347-2614 Email: cacheriver@fws.gov Distance: 52.54 miles

Cache River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established in 1986 to protect significant wetland habitats and provide feeding and resting areas for migrating waterfowl. As one of the few remaining areas in the Lower Mississippi River Valley not drastically altered by channelization and drainage, the Cache River basin contains a variety of wetland communities including some of the most intact ...


Enid Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (662)-563-4571 Distance: 53.54 miles

Enid Lake, MS, on the Yocona River, is known for its family camping facilities. Located in the Hills Region of Mississippi on Interstate-55 just 56 miles south of Memphis, TN, the lake offers an accessible fishing pier below the dam and an equestrian trail.


Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-742-9331 Distance: 53.74 miles

Dahomey NWR is located 15 miles south west of Cleveland, Mississippi. It was established in 1990 when the Nature Conservancy (TNC) purchased 9,269 and leased the land back to the Service for management. In 1993, the Service completed acquisition of the TNC lands. One additional 162 acre tract was purchased by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and turned over to the Service in 19...


Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-226-8286 Email: robert_barkley@fws.gov Distance: 56.65 miles

The Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1990 and consists of 4,083 acres in Grenada and Tallahatchie Counties. Topography is relatively flat and land has been subject to extensive clearing and drainage. Upon acquisition the refuge lands consited mostly of agricultural fields. Since then, nearly 1,300 acres have been reforested. The unit's largest continuous tract is a patchw...


Arkansas River - Pool 3 National Park

6 Activites Phone: (870)-534-0451 Distance: 60.67 miles

Overnight camping is available in Pool 3 at Rising Star Park, located about 4 mi N of Linwood off US 65. Boat launching is also available in Trulock Park and Sheppard Island Park. Excellent catfish fishing in the tailwaters of Joe Hardin Lock and Dam as well as Emmitt Sanders Lock and Dam at the upstream end of pool 3. Anglers also find excellent fishing for bass, crappie and bream.


Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge Park

7 Activites Phone: (870)-347-2614 Email: glen_miller@fws.gov Distance: 66.31 miles

Wapanocca NWR located 20 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee, in Crittenden County, Arkansas was established in 1961 to provided habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl. The refuge is located four miles west of the Mississippi River and protected from the river by the river levee. Prior to establishment of the refuge, it was the site of the Wapanocca Outing Club which was formed in 1886....


Grenada Lake National Park

14 Activites Phone: (662)-226-5911 Distance: 69.20 miles

Grenada Lake, MS, on the Yalobusha and Skuna Rivers, is home to the "Thunder on Water" festival held annually in June. A visitor center, fitness trail and tennis courts are just some of the recreation opportunities located on the lake in addition to camping, boating and picnicking facilities. Civil War redoubts are located on Grenada Lake project lands and Civil War reenactments take place here.


Arkansas River - Pool 4 National Park

6 Activites Phone: (870)-534-0451 Distance: 71.37 miles

The Pine Bluff area abounds with history. White Bluff is the natural geographic boundary where the Western Gulf Coastal Plain and Mississippi Delta meet. Visitors can spend their time at Pine Bluff like the pioneers did or they are welcome to partake of more modern conveniences. Parks along the river provide boat launching ramps, drinking water, camping areas, picnic sites and other facilities for...


Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (501)-724-2458 Email: baldknob@fws.gov Distance: 74.35 miles

Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established in 1993 to protect and provide feeding and resting areas for migrating waterfowl. Acquired as part of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, this refuge provides a winter home for large concentrations of a number of species of ducks and geese, although it was purchased specifically for pintail management due to its identification as ...


Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (662)-235-4989 Email: yazoo@fws.gov Distance: 79.79 miles

Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 2,418 acres in west-central Mississippi. Established in 1980, the refuge is one of seven national wildlife refuges in the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex. The primary habitat feature is Mathews Brake, the largest brake in Leflore County. Each winter the brake provides habitat for over 30,000 ducks. Neotropical migratory ...


Arkansas River - Pool 5 National Park

7 Activites Phone: (870)-534-0451 Distance: 81.14 miles

Overnight camping and boat launching are available in Tar Camp Park, located about 6 mi E of Redfield. Bank fishing is best in Dam Site 5 Park, located about 6 mi E of Jefferson off US 65.


Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway National Park

Phone: (479)-968-2354 Distance: 82.57 miles

The "Scenic 7," Arkansas State Highway 7, runs from the Louisiana state line near El Dorado, Arkansas to Diamond City, Arkansas near the Missouri state line. Approximately 60 miles of the highway that passes through the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests has been designated by the US Forest Service as part of the National Forest Scenic Byways system. Distinctive mountain scenery and outstanding f...


Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (479)-754-2864 Distance: 82.57 miles

The Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway includes 35 miles of Arkansas State Scenic Highway 21 from the Ozark National Forest southern boundary north of Clarksville in Johnson County to the northern boundary near the Upper Buffalo Wilderness and Buffalo National River in Newton County. Arkansas State Highway 16 from Fallsville to Edwards Junction in Newton County joins this route for eight and one h...


Sylamore Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (870)-269-3228 Distance: 82.57 miles

The Sylamore Scenic Byway is made up of a 26.5 mile portion of Arkansas State Highways 5 and 14 and Forest Service Road 1110. The route traverses 16.5 miles of Arkansas State Highway 5 from Calico Rock to Allison, joining Arkansas State Highway 14 for 6.7 miles to its intersection with Forest Service Road 1110, and continuing 3 miles to Blanchard Springs Caverns. This 26.5 mile paved corridor g...


Ozark-St. Francis National Forests Park

17 Activites Email: ozsf-contactus@fs.fed.us Distance: 82.57 miles

So Much To Do & See The 1.2-million acre Ozark-St. Francis National Forests offer endless opportunities for adventure. As one of America's most scenic and picturesque areas, the Ozark-St. Francis provides a lot of the "natural" in the Natural State of Arkansas.A variety of developed and dispersed recreation opportunities await you on the forests. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, floating...


Arkansas River - Terry Lock And Dam National Park

8 Activites Phone: (870)-534-0451 Distance: 84.97 miles

Located on the eastern and western city limits of Little Rock, the recreation activities provided by Pool 6 attract many outdoor enthusiasts. Pool 6 offers excellent fishing, especially in the old river cutoffs and the tailwaters of the dam and Murry Lock and Dam upstream.