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Parks around Witts Springs

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Eufaula Lake National Park

13 Activites Phone: (918)-484-5135 Distance: 146.48 miles

Eufaula Lake is the largest lake located entirely in the State of Oklahoma. It is located on the Canadian River, 27 miles upstream from its confluence with the Arkansas River. With over 600 miles of shoreline and 102,000 surface acres, Eufaula offers a variety of recreational opportunities for everyone. The shoreline ranges from vast expanses of sandy beaches to rocky bluffs. Boaters traveling th...


Clearwater Lake National Park

10 Activites Phone: (573)-223-7777 Distance: 146.62 miles

Clearwater Lake is noted for the grandeur of its hills, natural springs, and splendid beauty. Trails and a watchable wildlife area are a sightseer?s delight. The shoreline is studded with picturesque bluffs covered with sweet william, indented bays, and coves. Experienced sportsmen and beginners take advantage of the excellent fishing opportunities. Parks offer modern camping conveniences around t...


Pomme De Terre Lake National Park

11 Activites Phone: (417)-745-6411 Distance: 147.20 miles

Cool, clear spring waters make this lake the "Gem of the Ozarks."


Dequeen Lake National Park

8 Activites Phone: (870)-584-4161 Distance: 147.25 miles

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes you to DeQueen Lake and wishes you an enjoyable stay at the project. The project offers the visitor extensive opportunities for a memorable outdoor recreation experience. Food, bait, tackle, etc. are available near the lake. Project personnel are available and will be happy to assist in assuring you a pleasant stay.


Mark Twain National Forest Park

14 Activites Email: mailroom_r9_mark_twain@fs.fed.us Distance: 147.35 miles

Welcome to limitless opportunities in Missouri's national forest! The beautifulOzarks serve as the setting for a wide variety of activities, and you have 1.5million acres to roam. Fourteen floatable streams and 16 lakes from 3 acres to440 acres await you. You'll find trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, orFocusing on ecology, aesthetics, wildlife, and recreation has yielded a nationalfores...


Arkansas Post National Memorial Park

Rank: 292 5 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2207 Distance: 149.27 miles

Located at the confluence of two rivers, Arkansas Post has served as a gathering place for many cultures throughout human history - it represents cultural cooperation, conflict, synthesis, and diversity.


Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge Park

7 Activites Phone: (870)-347-2614 Email: glen_miller@fws.gov Distance: 150.18 miles

Wapanocca NWR located 20 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee, in Crittenden County, Arkansas was established in 1961 to provided habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl. The refuge is located four miles west of the Mississippi River and protected from the river by the river levee. Prior to establishment of the refuge, it was the site of the Wapanocca Outing Club which was formed in 1886....


Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge Park

6 Activites Phone: (870)-564-2429 Email: biglake@fws.gov Distance: 152.08 miles

Big Lake NWR was established in 1915 to provide habitat and protection for migrating and wintering birds and is recognized as an important link in the Mississippi migration corridor. Over the years the objectives of the refuge have expanded to include protection for endangered species. Big Lake was important in the recovery of the bald eagle from its endangered status. Eagles came back to nest ...


Arkansas River - Wilbur D. Mills Pool National Park

7 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2291 Distance: 152.27 miles

Lock no. 2 is located on the man-made Arkansas Post Canal that connects the Arkansas River with the White River. Wilber D. Mills Dam is located on the main stem of the Arkansas River. Overnight camping is available in Merrisach Lake Park near Lock No. 2, Wilbur D. Mills Park downstream from the dam, and Pendleton Bend Park upstream from the dam. World-class bass and crappie fishing is found in ...


St. Francis Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (870)-295-5278 Distance: 152.41 miles

The St. Francis Scenic Byway is located atop Crowley's Ridge for more than 21 miles and is part of the designated Great River Road. This winding route, located in the St. Francis National Forest between the cities of Marianna and Helena/West Helena follows Arkansas Highway 44 and Forest Service Road 1900. The St. Francis National Forest lies in the Delta region of southeastern Arkansas with its...


Big Lake Wilderness National Park

1 Activites Distance: 152.50 miles

The Big Lake Wilderness now contains a total of 2,144 acres and is managed by the Fish & Wildlife Service. All of the Wilderness is in the state of Arkansas. In 1976 the Big Lake Wilderness became part of the now over 110 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. In an age of ...


Arkansas River - Newt Graham Pool National Park

7 Activites Phone: (918)-682-4314 Distance: 152.56 miles

The Port of Catoosa, terminal point of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, is nearby.


President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site

Rank: 348 1 Activites Email: tarona_armstrong@nps.gov Distance: 154.18 miles

On August 19, 1946, Virginia Blythe gave birth to her son, William Jefferson Blythe, III. Named for his father who died before he was born, he grew up to become William Jefferson Clinton - the 42nd president of the United States. In this house, he learned many of the early lessons that defined his life and his presidency.


Arkansas River - Norrell Pool National Park

3 Activites Phone: (870)-548-2291 Distance: 154.70 miles

Located about 50 mi S of Stuttgart. Anglers can fish for bass, crappie, catfish and bream from boats or the riverbanks.The Arkansas River is one of the Mississippi's largest tributaries. It flows 1,450 miles from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, through the Royal Gorge, on through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to its confluence with the Mississippi River. Four hundred and forty-five miles long ...


Broken Bow Lake National Park

10 Activites Phone: (580)-933-4239 Distance: 155.63 miles

The McCurtain County Wilderness Area at the lake's north end retains its primitive, natural beauty.


Pond Creek National Wildlife Refuge Park

4 Activites Phone: (870)-289-2126 Email: felsenthal@fws.gov Distance: 157.80 miles

Geographically positioned in a area where the Central and Mississippi flyways overlap, Pond Creek Refuge provides outstanding habitat for waterfowl. The forested wetlands of the refuge are used by migrating and wintering waterfowl during the fall, winter and spring. Mallards, gadwall, American wigeon and wood ducks are among the over 15 species of waterfowl that traditionally use the seasonally ...


Blue Buck Knob Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (417)-683-4428 Email: mark_twain@fs.fed.us Distance: 158.87 miles

The Blue Buck Knob Scenic Byway travels through Missouri's Ozark hill country within the Mark Twain National Forest. It twists and turns through farmland, open pastures, and densely wooded hillsides.


Little Dixie Highway Of The Great River Road National Park

Phone: 18008771234 Email: tourism@mail.state.mo.us Distance: 158.87 miles

This byway offers an ever-changing panorama as it winds along the Mississippi River. Limestone bluffs provide stunning views in the National Register Districts of Clarksville and Louisiana, home of artist colonies and antiques galore. History buffs, art lovers, and antique hounds find a haven here in a spectacular riverfront setting.


Sugar Camp Scenic Byway National Park

Phone: (417)-683-4428 Email: mark_twain@fs.fed.us Distance: 158.87 miles

The Sugar Camp Scenic Byway travels through farms, pastures, and forested landscapes.


Millwood Lake National Park

8 Activites Phone: (870)-898-3343 Distance: 159.52 miles

Millwood is located in the southwest corner of Arkansas on the Little River, 16 miles upstream from its confluence with the Red River. Nine recreation areas offer modern camping facilities. Millwood Lake provides some of the best fishing in the country, while the surrounding land is prime habitat for nature enthusiasts of all types. Birders from across the nation come to Millwood to get a glimpse ...


Wappapello Lake National Park

14 Activites Phone: (573)-222-8562 Distance: 161.72 miles

Wappapello Lake, MO is a 45,000-acre project nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains on the St. Francis River in Southeast Missouri. Completed in 1941, Wapppapello Lake annually provides an estimated $3.9 million in flood protection to agricultural lands and developed areas along the St. Francis River. In 1996, the mascot Ranger Willie B. Safe was created at Wapppapello Lake as part of a...


Great River Road - Arkansas National Park

Phone: (870)-972-2803 Email: rhawkins@astate.edu Distance: 163.58 miles

The Arkansas Great River Road embodies a fading agricultural past with a growing modern society that utilizes new agricultural technology. From the first settlers who conquered the swamp to the sharecroppers and finally to a community embedded in pastoral rhythms, this rich heritage can be seen all along the road.


Sardis Lake National Park

8 Activites Phone: (918)-569-4131 Distance: 163.98 miles

Sardis Lake is located five miles north of Clayton, Oklahoma, along Oklahoma Highway 2 in beautiful southeastern Oklahoma. The lake covers 14,360 acres, with 117 miles of shoreline, and offers many opportunities for every diversification of outdoor recreation. There are three campgrounds located around the lake offering various facilities including general hookups, restrooms, showering facilities,...


Little River National Wildlife Refuge Park

4 Activites Phone: (580)-584-6211 Email: sherry_burris@fws.gov Distance: 164.13 miles

Containing most of the remaining bottomland hardwood habitat in southeastern Oklahoma, the 15,000-acre Little River National Wildlife Refuge is characterized by low, wet habitat with old oxbows and sloughs interspersed throughout oak and hickory forest. Most of the refuge is forested with bottomland species such as willow oak, sweetgum, cypress, white oak, and holly, but some areas on high...


Oologah Lake National Park

10 Activites Phone: (918)-443-2250 Distance: 164.61 miles

Oologah Lake provides a great getaway for fishing, boating, picnicking, camping or just driftin' and dreaming over the sky blue waters. Plenty of wide stretches of water, perfect for catching the wind, make it one of the most popular lakes in the area for sailing. The forested hills around the lake provide excellent hunting opportunities. Eleven public use area scattered around the lake offer a va...