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Craters Of The Moon National Monument Park

Rank: 177 1 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 12.94 miles

Established in 1924, Craters of the Moon National Monument celebrated its 75th birthday in 1999. The area is managed cooperatively by the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management(BLM). The Monument is a geologic wonder cast in a wild and remote landscape. Its central focus is the Great Rift, a 62-mile long crack in the earth's crust. The Great Rift is the source of a rema...


Craters Of The Moon National Monument & Preserve Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-527-1300 Email: crmo_information@nps.gov Distance: 13.68 miles

Craters of the Moon is a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush. We invite you to explore this "weird and scenic landscape" where yesterday's volcanic events are likely to continue tomorrow...


Fish Creek Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: id_shoshone_fo@blm.gov Distance: 26.77 miles

Primitive camping on the north shore of the reservoir & dispersed camping around the shore. Fishing for trout, hunting for mule deer and pronghorn antelope. Motorized boating permitted on the lake.


Mackay Reservoir Recreation Sites

6 Activites Phone: (208)-879-6200 Email: BLM_ID_ChallisOffice@blm.gov Distance: 34.83 miles

Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site (also known as Joe T. Fallini Campground) is a large campground five miles northeast of Mackay on Highway 93. Fees apply ($6 (tent), $10 (w/water), $14 (water and electric), $16 (double site, +$4 for each pwer pedestal used). Most water-based activities are available at the reservoir including ice fishing in the winter months. This site has a wondeful view of the...


Great Rift Backcountry Area National Park

4 Activites Phone: (208)-677-6600 Email: id_burley_fo@blm.gov Distance: 36.49 miles

The Great Rift is one of only two such features in the world. At 635 square miles, it is considered to be the largest, deepest, and most recent volcanic rift system in the continental United States. Many of Idaho`s most fascinating geological features lie along this potential wilderness. A tremendous fissure extending 65 miles opened up to emit successive lava flows some 15,000 years ago. This vol...


Little Wood River Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-678-0461 Distance: 37.15 miles

Little Wood Reservoir which is formed by Little Wood Dam is a major facility of the Little Wood Project. Managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, this 600-acre impoundment offers a 360-acre reservoir with 9 miles of shoreline. Boating and fishing are the major recreation activities at Little Wood Reservoir, located in southcentral Idaho, about 70 miles northeast of Twin Falls. Fishing opportunities...


Hell's Half Acre Lava Flow National Park

3 Activites Phone: (208)-524-7500 Email: id_upper_snake_fo@blm.gov Distance: 54.42 miles

Visitors who take the time to walk through this approximately 4,000-year-old lava flow can learn how it was created and how plants and animals have managed to adapt to this harsh environment. Interpretive signs are located along the trails.


Magic Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 56.03 miles

Some of Southern Idaho`s best fishing, boating and water skiing. The BLM has 9 semi-developed recreation sites here. This is also a popular ice fishing destination.


American Falls Reservoir National Park

10 Activites Phone: (208)-383-2200 Email: PNinfo@usbr.gov Distance: 56.33 miles

American Falls Reservoir is formed by American Falls Dam, which is a major facility on the Mindoka Project. Managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, Snake River Area Office, Bingham County; and the city of American Falls, this 87 square mile (56,000-acre) reservoir offers 100 miles of shoreline. Built primarily as a water storge reservoir for irrigation, it also provides electric power and flood co...


Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge Park

4 Activites Phone: (208)-436-3589 Email: Steve_Bouffard@fws.gov Distance: 59.94 miles

Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge extends 25 miles along both shores of the Snake River, upstream from the Minidoka Dam in south-central Idaho. Over half of the refuge is open water, with small patches of marsh that attract concentrations of up to 100,000 ducks and geese during spring and fall migrations. Colonial nesting birds, river otters, and mink feed upon the large populations of cold- and w...


Camas National Wildlife Refuge Park

3 Activites Phone: (208)-662-5423 Email: Rob_Larranaga@fws.gov Distance: 60.19 miles

About half of the Camas National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Idaho consists of lakes, ponds, and marshlands; the remainder is grass sagebrush uplands, meadows, and farm fields. Camas Creek flows through the length of the refuge. During migration, which peaks in March-April and October, up to 50,000 ducks and 3,000 geese may be present on the refuge. Tundra and trumpeter swans visit in the ...


Lake Walcott National Park

9 Activites Phone: (208)-436-1258 Email: PNinfo@usbr.gov Distance: 62.87 miles

Located in South central Idaho within the Minidoka Wildlife Refuge. Lake Walcott is administered by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. Created by Minidoka Dam, which is part of the Mindoka Project. Boat fishing on Lake Walcott is permitted from April 1 through September 30 in designated areas. Approximately 5 miles of shoreline are available for...


Caribou-Targhee National Forest Park

12 Activites Email: lballard@fs.fed.us Distance: 66.29 miles

The Caribou-Targhee National Forest boasts rugged mountains, fertile valleys, rivers, varied wildlife, campgrounds, wilderness, adventure, solitude and scenery enough to saturate your aesthetic cravings.A National Forest is more than trees and camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. You can enjoy the magnificence of the mountains; the serenity of the wilderness; the miracles of spring flowers, baby ...


Thorn Creek Reservoir National Park

5 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 69.00 miles

Thorn Creek Reservoir is surrounded by Great Basin desert vegetation, with sagebrush and grasslands spreading over rolling hills. In the spring and fall waterfowl and shorebirds concentrate at the reservoir. It provides excellent fishing opportunities through mid-summer and is open to non-motorized craft. Hunting for antelope and deer. To the west is the Gooding City of Rocks, bizarre formations o...


Jimmy Smith Lake Trailhead National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-879-6200 Email: BLM_ID_ChallisOffice@blm.gov Distance: 69.35 miles

Two miles off of the East Fork Road on Big Lake Creek is the trail head to access Jimmy Smith Lake, a popular year-round fishing hole. Dispersed camping is available along the creek just before reaching the trail head parking and restroom facilities. The trail is a short one mile walk to the lake. Amenities include: Dispersed camping; 1 vault toilet Trail head to Jimmy Smith Lake


Ririe Reservoir National Park

8 Activites Phone: (208)-539-1350 Distance: 78.84 miles

Ririe Reservoir is formed by Ririe Dam which is a major feature on the Ririe Project . Ririe Reservoir is administered by the Bonneville County Parks & Recreation Department. Access to this 1,500-acre reservoir with 32 miles of shoreline is fair to good. Fishing season runs from late May through November. Available species include rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Reservoir acre feet and t...


Gooding City Of Rocks National Park

1 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 78.85 miles

The Gooding City of Rocks and the Little City of Rocks have unique rock formations rising from the desert floor. The Bennett Hills, located on the north edge of the Snake River Plain, are composed of welded volcanic tufts formed when intense volcanic eruptions in the region produced dense clouds of ash which fused together on the ground over time. If you do visit, use Leave No Trace hiking techniq...


Sawtooth National Forest Park

14 Activites Email: snfwebmaster@fs.fed.us Distance: 79.67 miles

Welcome to the Sawtooth National Forest. The Sawtooth National Forest is a place remarkable beauty that has been providing goods and services to the American people since its eastablishment in 1905. This 2.1 million acre forest is situated in south central Idaho and extends into northern Utah. Read Full Article


Big Sheep Creek National Park

6 Activites Phone: (406)-683-8000 Email: MT_Dillon_FO@blm.gov Distance: 82.54 miles

This isolated, spectacular mountain valley is a narrow canyon with a good dirt road that often provides exceptional opportunities to view bighorn sheep and other wildlife.


Caldron Linn National Park

3 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: id_shoshone_fo@blm.gov Distance: 82.85 miles

At this site near the Oregon Trail, the Snake River is forced through a passage less than 40 feet wide. The Wilson Price Hunt party of 1811 capsized several times here and had to make the rest of their journey on foot. Undisturbed by later farming in the area, it survives as an exceptional natural spectacle.


St. Anthony Sand Dunes National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-524-7500 Email: id_upper_snake_fo@blm.gov Distance: 82.90 miles

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes consists of 11,000 acres of clear, shifting, white quartz sand. Although this is a wilderness study area, the dunes support high off-road vehicle traffic. Dunes up to 400 feet high attract riders from throughout the west. ORV users are strongly encouraged to avoid damage to vegetation and impacts to wildlife so that use of this unique area may continue. Others prefer to ...


Hawkins Reservoir Campground National Park

5 Activites Phone: (208)-478-6340 Email: BLM_ID_PocatelloOffice@blm.gov Distance: 86.05 miles

10 developed campsites with shelters, picnic tables and fire rings. There is also a boat ramp/dock, ADA accessible day-use area with picnic table, vaulted toilets, and trash collection. Pets must be on leash at all times, 14 day camping limit within a 28 day period, No ATV/UTV riding allowed in campground, Fire in fire rings only, No garbage collection- pack it in / pack it out, No Shooting o...


Cottonwood Recreation Site

4 Activites Phone: (208)-879-6200 Email: BLM_ID_ChallisOffice@blm.gov Distance: 87.24 miles

Cottonwood is a fairly large site on the Salmon River two miles south of Ellis on Highway 93. The campground was rennovated in the mid 1990's. It is located down by the river amidst the cottonwoods and away from the highway noise, making it a wonderful place to camp and fish. Amenities include: 15 campsites (including two Accessible sites) with picnic tables and fire rings and grills; Seasonal C...


Blackfoot River National Park

3 Activites Phone: (208)-478-6340 Email: BLM_ID_PocatelloOffice@blm.gov Distance: 87.54 miles

There five primitive campgrounds along the Blackfoot River management by the Bureau of Land Management - Pocatello Field Office. The campgrounds are as follows: Sagehen Flats, Cutthroat Trout, Graves Creek, Morgans Bridge, and Trail Creek Bridge. Nesting golden eagles, prairie falcons, red-tailed hawks, and great horned owls inhabit the cliffs of this steep canyon. Outside the canyon, upland gam...


Sawtooth Wilderness National Park

1 Activites Distance: 93.50 miles

The Sawtooth Wilderness now contains a total of 217,088 acres and is managed by the Forest Service. All of the Wilderness is in the state of Idaho. In 1972 the Sawtooth Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. In an age of "...increa...