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Sawtooth National Forest Park

14 Activites Email: snfwebmaster@fs.fed.us Distance: 12.07 miles

Welcome to the Sawtooth National Forest. The Sawtooth National Forest is a place remarkable beauty that has been providing goods and services to the American people since its eastablishment in 1905. This 2.1 million acre forest is situated in south central Idaho and extends into northern Utah. Read Full Article


Sawtooth Wilderness National Park

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The Sawtooth Wilderness now contains a total of 217,088 acres and is managed by the Forest Service. All of the Wilderness is in the state of Idaho. In 1972 the Sawtooth Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. In an age of "...increa...


Jimmy Smith Lake Trailhead National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-879-6200 Email: BLM_ID_ChallisOffice@blm.gov Distance: 27.98 miles

Two miles off of the East Fork Road on Big Lake Creek is the trail head to access Jimmy Smith Lake, a popular year-round fishing hole. Dispersed camping is available along the creek just before reaching the trail head parking and restroom facilities. The trail is a short one mile walk to the lake. Amenities include: Dispersed camping; 1 vault toilet Trail head to Jimmy Smith Lake


Little Wood River Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-678-0461 Distance: 38.03 miles

Little Wood Reservoir which is formed by Little Wood Dam is a major facility of the Little Wood Project. Managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, this 600-acre impoundment offers a 360-acre reservoir with 9 miles of shoreline. Boating and fishing are the major recreation activities at Little Wood Reservoir, located in southcentral Idaho, about 70 miles northeast of Twin Falls. Fishing opportunities...


Magic Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 39.51 miles

Some of Southern Idaho`s best fishing, boating and water skiing. The BLM has 9 semi-developed recreation sites here. This is also a popular ice fishing destination.


Thorn Creek Reservoir National Park

5 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 41.61 miles

Thorn Creek Reservoir is surrounded by Great Basin desert vegetation, with sagebrush and grasslands spreading over rolling hills. In the spring and fall waterfowl and shorebirds concentrate at the reservoir. It provides excellent fishing opportunities through mid-summer and is open to non-motorized craft. Hunting for antelope and deer. To the west is the Gooding City of Rocks, bizarre formations o...


Gooding City Of Rocks National Park

1 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 45.84 miles

The Gooding City of Rocks and the Little City of Rocks have unique rock formations rising from the desert floor. The Bennett Hills, located on the north edge of the Snake River Plain, are composed of welded volcanic tufts formed when intense volcanic eruptions in the region produced dense clouds of ash which fused together on the ground over time. If you do visit, use Leave No Trace hiking techniq...


Anderson Ranch Reservoir Boat Ramps National Park

8 Activites Phone: (208)-587-7961 Distance: 45.91 miles

Anderson Ranch Reservoir is formed by Anderson Ranch Dam which is part of the Boise Project. Recreation on this 7.4 square mile (4,730-acre) reservoir is managed by the Boise National Forest, (Boise National Forest map). The reservoir is approximately 14 miles long, a mile wide, with depths to 315 feet, and 50 miles of shoreline. Hiking, boating, waterskiing, and fishing are the major recreation...


Fish Creek Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: id_shoshone_fo@blm.gov Distance: 47.38 miles

Primitive camping on the north shore of the reservoir & dispersed camping around the shore. Fishing for trout, hunting for mule deer and pronghorn antelope. Motorized boating permitted on the lake.


Mackay Reservoir Recreation Sites

6 Activites Phone: (208)-879-6200 Email: BLM_ID_ChallisOffice@blm.gov Distance: 47.89 miles

Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site (also known as Joe T. Fallini Campground) is a large campground five miles northeast of Mackay on Highway 93. Fees apply ($6 (tent), $10 (w/water), $14 (water and electric), $16 (double site, +$4 for each pwer pedestal used). Most water-based activities are available at the reservoir including ice fishing in the winter months. This site has a wondeful view of the...


Salmon-Challis National Forest Park

15 Activites Email: abaumer@fs.fed.us Distance: 50.71 miles

The Salmon-Challis National Forest is a land of rugged mountains split by untamed rivers. Escape into the backcountry in the Lemhi, Bitterroot, Pioneer, or Lost River Mountain Ranges. Visit the Bighorn Crags within the legendary Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness and see a fantastic collection of granite peaks and alpine lakes. Raft the Wild & Scenic Rivers. Climb Idaho’s highest peak, M...


Boise National Forest Park

13 Activites Email: r4_boise_info@fs.fed.us Distance: 53.69 miles

The Boise National Forest is a land of steep mountains, fast rivers and dense forests making it a recreation destination any season of the year. From biking and hiking through lush green mountains and rolling arid landscapes, to snowboarding in cooler months and swimming or kayaking in the warmer ones, the Boise National Forest is the recreational choice for over 1.5 million outdoor enthusiasts ev...


Craters Of The Moon National Monument & Preserve Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-527-1300 Email: crmo_information@nps.gov Distance: 57.89 miles

Craters of the Moon is a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush. We invite you to explore this "weird and scenic landscape" where yesterday's volcanic events are likely to continue tomorrow...


Craters Of The Moon National Monument Park

Rank: 177 1 Activites Phone: (208)-732-7200 Email: BLM_Id_ShoshoneOffice@blm.gov Distance: 58.34 miles

Established in 1924, Craters of the Moon National Monument celebrated its 75th birthday in 1999. The area is managed cooperatively by the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management(BLM). The Monument is a geologic wonder cast in a wild and remote landscape. Its central focus is the Great Rift, a 62-mile long crack in the earth's crust. The Great Rift is the source of a rema...


Deadwood Reservoir National Park

8 Activites Phone: (208)-259-3361 Email: PNinfo@usbr.gov Distance: 61.37 miles

Deadwood Reservoir is formed by Deadwood Dam which is part of the Boise Project. Recreation on this 4.5 square mile (3,000-acre) reservoir with 21 miles of shoreline is managed by the Boise National Forest,. Hiking, boating, camping, and fishing are the major recreation activities at Deadwood Reservoir, located high in the mountains northwest of Boise. Available species include Atlantic, Chinook...


Cottonwood Recreation Site

4 Activites Phone: (208)-879-6200 Email: BLM_ID_ChallisOffice@blm.gov Distance: 66.18 miles

Cottonwood is a fairly large site on the Salmon River two miles south of Ellis on Highway 93. The campground was rennovated in the mid 1990's. It is located down by the river amidst the cottonwoods and away from the highway noise, making it a wonderful place to camp and fish. Amenities include: 15 campsites (including two Accessible sites) with picnic tables and fire rings and grills; Seasonal C...


Arrowrock Reservoir National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-587-7961 Email: pninfo@usbr.gov Distance: 66.22 miles

Arrowrock Reservoir is formed by Arrowrock Dam which is part of the Boise Project. The Reservoir is managed by the Boise National Forest, (Boise National Forest map). This 18 mile narrow canyon reservoir of 3,150-acres has limited access to 60 miles of shoreline. Boating, canoeing, windsurfing, and fishing are the major recreation activities at Arrowrock, located east of Boise. The reservoir is...


Payette River National Park

4 Activites Phone: (208)-384-3300 Email: BLM_ID_FourRiversOffice@blm.gov Distance: 68.11 miles

The Payette River Provides white-water opportunities for boaters of all experience levels. The Main Payette offers the beginner a chance to hone their skills on Class I to III rapids. The Cabarton Section of the North Fork (Class II to IV) and the Staircase Section of the South Fork (Class III to IV) allow the intermediate boater to improve their skills. The Canyon Section of the South Fork is ...


Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument Park

Rank: 321 7 Activites Phone: (208)-933-4100 Email: hafo_information@nps.gov Distance: 68.77 miles

Did you know horses evolved in North America? The Hagerman Horse, Equus simplicidens, was the first true horse but its bones most closely resembled Grevy's zebra bones. Hagerman is home to over two hundred different species of fossil plants and animals: including sabertooth cat, mastodon, bear, camel, ground sloth, and many other species. Over 3,000 new fossil fragments are found each year.


Minidoka National Historic Site

Email: miin_information@nps.gov Distance: 68.77 miles

The Pearl Harbor attack intensified existing hostility towards Japanese Americans. As wartime hysteria mounted, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 forcing over 120,000 West Coast persons of Japanese ancestry (Nikkei) to leave their homes, jobs, and lives behind and move to one of ten Relocation Centers. This single largest forced relocation in U.S. history is Minidoka's story.


Lucky Peak Rock Climbing Area National Park

1 Activites Phone: (208)-373-4000 Email: id_so_information@blm.gov Distance: 72.84 miles

The wall face just across from Diversion Dam is a popular place just outside of Boise to practice rock climbing and rapelling.


Lucky Peak Lake National Park

9 Activites Phone: (208)-343-0671 Distance: 73.74 miles

Lucky Peak Lake is located in the foothills of southwestern Idaho on the Boise River, 10 miles southeast of the city of Boise. Recreation opportunities include swimming, fishing, boating, water-skiing or enjoying a relaxing picnic. State Highway 21, which runs alongside Lucky Peak, is a scenic drive and includes historic towns and other sites along its route. Desert and forested federal public la...


Bonneville Point Section Of The Oregon Trail National Park

Phone: (208)-384-3300 Email: lridenhour@blm.gov Distance: 73.75 miles

At Bonneville Point, visitors can see ruts carved more than 150 years ago by the wagon wheels of westbound emigrants on the Oregon Trail and learn about the pioneers' long westward journey and how the city of Boise got its name. The site also features outstanding panoramic views of the Boise Valley and the Snake River Plain.


Montour Wildlife/Recreation Management Area National Park

6 Activites Phone: (208)-383-2200 Distance: 85.38 miles

Managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, Snake River Area Office, this complex of wetlands and ponds cover 1.7 square miles (1105 acres) and is located above Black Canyon Reservoir. Camping (for reservations call 208-398-8211), hiking, and fishing are the major recreation activities for this area, located Northeast of Emmett in northwest Idaho. Fish species include smallmouth bass and rainbow trout...


Lake Cascade National Park

12 Activites Phone: (208)-382-6544 Distance: 86.88 miles

Lake Cascade which is formed by Cascade Dam is part of the . Managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, this 44 square mile (28,300-acre) lake offers 86 miles of shoreline. The most popular Reclamation recreational reservoir in Idaho, Cascade's annual visitation exceeds 300,000 people. Boating, fishing, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and swimming are the major re...